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  1. Here we go again, "Afghan Refugees" are the new "Syrian Refugees".


    POOFF! Just like that, the 'pandemic' is over, and its all about 'opening the borders' and 'refugees welcome' etc again.


    The migrants already heading across the channel to the UK will now be 'rebranded' as 'Afghan Refugees' (despite hardly any of them actually being 'Afghan'), and anyone questioning why this is happening will be branded as a 'nasty racist uncaring bigot'.


    I'm not averse to helping 'genuine refugees', don't get me wrong, but you can already see this is going to turn into a 'free-for-all'. And I bet none of these refugees being 'welcomed' into the country will be expected to provide negative PCR tests, nor will they have to spend huge sums of money to stay in 'quarantine hotels' on arrival.

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