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  1. The mainstream media’s ‘subtle’ promotion of OnlyFans


    1. Screamingeagle


      OF is promoted in many places and i would not call it subtle (probably because i am familiar with the branches of those sports)

  2. Seriously, the BBC just closed off a news article with this:


    Covid vaccines can have side effects. A common one is a sore arm from the injection.


    1. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart



      "There is no indication that



      vaccines are required."


      (My Non-Vaccinated/ Non Quote Comment >> they mean hyper vaccination is not the standard recommendation, but seasonal is fine still according to the 1 interviewed lemming, mistaking the jab for intravenous lemonade)

      I changed the word "more" to "immoral".... Now we are ethical again.



      Covid vaccines cannot cause infection but can teach the body how to fight the disease.

      (My Non-Vaccinated/ Non Quote Comment >> they mean your body will fight itself until your immune system is weakened to such a degree, you will most likely die of fatigue)


      So it's like...

      It can also teach the body to lie to itself just like in the brain of a scientist that first had to convince himself that lies are truth, and as homage to this ideology of death by misadventure as a template, we now know this was put forth as an idea by the very helpful anonymous -yet not really anonymous- elves that made the vaccines.


      Resulting we now have vaccinated people featuring not only a facetious mind but also a lying body. Double the self mistrust from within your own biology plus the alienation encroachment of Nano-Particles to unsupport the body... Given as standard to any injected individual wishing for a slow death.


      Yet leading up to that perfect trust in Universities & in the Oh So Noble Science Communities - that between them in united collusion, and also great guilt, share & reside together concocting ritualistic occult experiments ((poorly disguised as noble & gullible unlimited)) keen to take (advantage) of the "insistence" of any willing human guinea pigs to be hyper vaccinated very literally TO HEART, and gather information based on that for testing how much intense a dose is high enough to be a quick lethal dose of vaccine compared to a regular "almost lethal" does of vaccine.

      Nano-bots also to watchout for if present presumed also likely to be in at least some vials as many of us believe too.... Adding to the Nano Other Particles already existent as component of any modern vaccine....

      Nano-bots again--- could they be thriving as we might suppose on the wasting cellular tissues of the body until it is completely worn out, whether that happens slow or fast.  Oh scoff, well whether all of that is related to this article or not, that is not the real question as why would bots need feeding... Well they don't do they, they just are.... they do their ugly business, but unlike principled workers or principled tools of science DON'T get out when they are done, as they are never done until death.

      But are not put in a person's body to act all benign.

  3. Happy New Year to all fellow forum members!


    I know we're all conditioned to believe it will be 2024 tomorrow, but in all honesty, does anyone really know? The way that history has been rewritten over the years, and calendars have been changed and altered, who really knows what year it is?

    1. Anti Facts Sir

      Anti Facts Sir

      Tomorrow's just another day...


      Yes, it's Madness alright!

    2. webtrekker


      I'm retired, it's all the same to me! 😋


      Anyway, hope you all have a good year and keep on fighting the fight.




    3. Screamingeagle


      Happy New Year Grumpy

  4. A very crooked development…

    Bought a property you'd like to redevelop, but don't want the aggravation of planning permission or demolition? Easy, get some arsonists to burn it down and the council to demolish the rest for you!


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    2. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart



      Someone is clearly far too eager, and has been jumping the gun far too soon in an effort to get some wheels in motion, and I hope this will bite them back very severely!

      Here here to that^...


      DID read about the Vale Onslow building, but only remembered about you mentioning Spark Brook area. (which I now I realize is where Vale Onslow is as found in the same sentence), it was this bit here from your site G-owl just past half way down when you scroll for anyone not seen it >


      When I heard about this story this morning, I immediately remembered what happened with the Vale Onslow shop on Stratford Road, Sparkbrook, in January 2018.


    3. alexa



      Someone is clearly far too eager, and has been jumping the gun far too soon in an effort to get some wheels in motion, and I hope this will bite them back very severely!


      Lets hope so, it such a shame to loose an historic building such as the quirky crooked house.

    4. numnuts


      Maybe someone at the council helped out with the arson as well. 🙂

  5. I'm starting to think that weather forecasts are now 'exaggerating' the maximum daytime temperatures, in order to make people 'think' it is warmer than it actually is. It was supposedly 17C this afternoon here in Birmingham according to three different weather apps/websites, well it certainly didn't feel like it! The air just feels really cold, I get home from work now and I have to put a jumper on. Just a couple of years ago, as soon as it hit 15C I could comfortably go round all day in t-shirt and shorts.

  6. "Pause" and "paused" seem to be the latest 'buzzwords' in vogue, usually in relation to suspending or postponing things, or even abandoning them altogether...


    I first noticed this when 'big brands' started announcing about 'pausing operations in Russia/Ukraine', but it is becoming more commonplace now.

    1. Screamingeagle


      soft language....if they call it quiting that might trigger some critical thinking 

  7. Here's how this works:

    1. Covid 'pandemic' and lockdowns destroy the UK tourist industry
    2. Lots of hoteliers face ruin as they have empty hotels, because guests are frightened to travel and visit them
    3. Hoteliers are then offered money by the Government (via Serco) to house illegal immigrants and asylum seekers
    4. UK tourist industry fails to recover because visitors are unable to make bookings because 'hotels fully booked'
    5. The few hotels available that are NOT accommodating immigrants charge a premium for a booking, because of 'supply and demand'
    6. Brits forced to stay at home because there is nowhere available for them to travel to on holiday, or they simply can't afford it.
    1. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      And then, after destroying the tourist industry, the Yanks will buy our NHS, I said this at the start of the 'PLANDEMIC' when Boris Bunter was the puppet figure 'in charge', run the service into the ground and then sell it to our friends the Americans at a 'knock down' price! Big American institutions and investors will milk us dry and spit out the pips! Everything, and everybody is just a commodity to be bought and sold to line the pockets of the likes of Sunak, even more than they are now!

    2. numnuts


      Just like with the farmers being bled dry, then nudged to grow certain crops that don't feed anyone, for a few more quid.

    3. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      Yes exactly right, I used to have the rabbiting rights on a big farm in Newhaven, and the farmer next door { a really miserable and tight man } got paid by the E.U. to grow nothing in certain fields, I think it was officially called' Set Aside Fields'?

  8. Christmas TV - it's the same shit every year! Especially the adverts, and those goddamn 'charity appeals', if you add up all the amounts they ask you to 'donate every month', you'd soon end up very poor and in need of charity yourself!

    1. DaleP


      Don't tell me you pay for the tv license... 🤨


      Did you read about BBC logo rebranding yet again. It costs multi-million pounds....

    2. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      No @DaleP I just happened to spend Christmas with my parents, only time I ever see any 'broadcast TV'. At least I was spared having to sit through Emmerdale and Coronation Street this year...

  9. A shift in the weather is coming... the first tell-tale sign for me is the wind - it's been relatively calm the last few days, but while outside just in the garden having a contemplative cigarette, I noticed the breeze pick up as leaves started to swirl around on my patio again...

    1. Macnamara


      usually when they chemtrail and the sky starts to turn milky the wind then gets up

  10. Communism/socialism is already here: the more 'well-to-do' are being encouraged (and are actively taking part) to 'donate' food and groceries bought with their own hard-earned money to local food-banks, so it can be given away for free to people who can't afford to feed their families because they

    a) don't earn a lot of money themselves,

    b) don't know how to budget or live within their means, or

    c) would rather spend the money they get on Sky TV / Netflix / Spotify / Apple TV etc subscriptions as well as other 'gizmos' and luxury items they could probably live without, and then expect handouts from others

    1. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      I'm not having a pop in any way at people who use foodbanks, but I live on a notorious council estate here in Brighton and the foodbank is on a Wednesday at 11.00 upwards at the church 100 metres from my house. The amount of 'hard up' people who wait outside are usually smoking or using vapes and are usually on their mobile life support machines 1.E.= state of the art mobile phones, some cheeky bastards even arrive by car! Of course there are genuine people who do need help, and should get it, but the amount of 'freeloaders' exceeds them! There should be NO NEED WHATSOEVER for foodbanks in 2022, but that would be in a perfect world of course, and the powers that be would NEVER ALLOW that!

  11. I had it all figured out earlier today, and now I can't remember what it was I wanted to write about 🤪

  12. If you're eagerly awaiting the Black Friday sales, all you do is feed the consumerist corporate beast.


    Black Friday is just an excuse for retailers to clear old stock


    1. Screamingeagle


      and once it was about selling people,real people 🤪

  13. Considering the current "cost of living crisis", its remarkable how so many people still have money to waste on buying fireworks 🤔

    1. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      I also notice that people living on state handouts { a modern version of 'living off the land' I suppose} always seem to have the latest, all singing, all dancing mobile phones!🤔One girl I know has never had a job since leaving school fifteen years ago, but is always well dressed and carrying the latest 'must have' phone! She must be in debt up to her ears { and she's a tall girl🤭}

    2. TetraG


      I can't even afford the steel & flint that lights the fire that lights the firework!! 😋

  14. "If you want to be treated equally by others, then stop seeing yourself as being different"


    Equality > "Diversity"



    1. alexa


      I'd hate to be classed as part of the sheeple, if I were I'd have taken their poison & believed every word that NASA & these so called scientist have told us.


      Baa 🐑 :classic_biggrin:

    2. TetraG


      In case anyone interested, I wrote in response to "Equality > Diversity" in DRAFT, but I am not sure I will post it, not because it's massively offensive or anything, but we'll see... I just don't necessarily agree  in practical terms & whatever.... It might seem like common sense but really how practical is such as that knowing what humans are like?


      anyway, in the meantime, found an interesting title for a video, (but have not seen as yet)....Bell's Inequality: The weirdest theorem in the world | (Nobel Prize 2022) = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OM0jSTeeBg


  15. This place is getting a bit much for me now, so I'm going to retreat back to my nest for a while to rebuild my postivity levels.

    If anyone wants to stay in touch, please come and visit my owls nest at https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/

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    2. Campion


      Best wishes Grumps, self-care is so important. Take care and I'll look forward to seeing you again when you're good and ready. Maybe you can share some positivity with the rest of us, we sure need it. 

    3. alexa


      Although we haven't always seen eye to eye I would still like to wish you all the best & don't be long in coming back.


      Alexi (the flat earth nutter):classic_biggrin: 

    4. TetraG


      Although I am not of course in harmony with everything here, one can think of ANY place as it may occur to us sometimes as "I don't even know what this place here is" in a sense, like nobody knows what universe this is in line with what other universe. 


      Not all life exists only inside of a pin-head or matchbox or thimble, but if we must exist in a bubble, let's at least make it a decent and fair place to exist in for everyone! (*just a general wisdom*)



      Good to see Grump talk of positivity... Never witnessed that before or not explicitly. Times are changing!??

      Nevertheless positivity is as much an inside job, as much as giving off good vibes of good will to others...
      I mean we all need rest, by some means anyway and to rest usually means not mixing with others!... (I need rest right now for example b/c of stress offline)


      To Grump personally all I can say is, GOOD CALL, when you sense it in your bones that you need rest in any way!... Much as I say above really.


  16. If there is one thing I have learned from experience, you cannot simply 'borrow' your way out of debt.

  17. See, now when new members come along and start new topics about stuff thats already being discussed on this forum, that to me is a 'flag' that something is being pushed elsewhere that isn't all it seems to be, and my instincts tell me that misinfo/disinfo is being sowed, for the purpose of distracting us 'alternative thinking' folks.

    I will now state with some certainty that I don't believe anything 'of note' is going to happen on September 23rd/24th, and I am confident that I will not be the one ending up with egg on their face.


    1. EnigmaticWorld


      Some people just need to use search more, but forum sliding probably is a factor too. Not really sure about Sept 23/24th, it's all just speculation in my opinion.

    2. Beaujangles


      Seems to me that so long as the forum stays rather benign and doesnt encroach into areas that the 'ptb' doesnt want light to be shed on, then the forum stays somewhat slow. Once a subject that causes them to be 'alerted' you tend to see an onslaught of posts (?sliding). Some of the ones joining in with the slliiidde are older posters. Never surmise that the disinfo or forum sli i iding is due to new posters..or that older posters dont have more than one account. Ive noticed that some on here have old accounts and are often the ones that push buttons, claiming the higher ground. Whereas many newer posters spend a lot of time not posting but using other facilities of this forum... Need eyes wide open...

  18. What do you believe?

    If you believe the world is going to shit, then don't be surprised if the world goes to shit.


    Take a step back, and think about how you are being influenced by the people you follow.

    1. TetraG


      Had to comment this, having noticed it for a few days.... It may seem obvious but so it goes to say, thinking about our everyday lives too in much the same way, counts in how things turn out more widely as the same applies in that we are the world. This is not egocentric, but it starts with us to not make more ""sh*t"" than there already is... It's the people that make it and have to live in it.... (and on a different but holistic narrative, the wildlife in nature that has to put up with our taking of their land on which they live)

    2. TetraG


      Oh and for us insatiable humans with drives like a leaping gazelle or road runner, yes it is never bad advice "to take a step back a bit" when there are more cross-roads of all types in life than even false narratives; (and there are a lot of false narratives in convid b/c that's what it's intended for of course) ...

      Similarly to step back now & then when our senses become bloated or incensed is also a good time to reassess things... to be sure whichever direction we step in, mentally and physically.....is actually good for us, at least in the long term.

  19. Well, what a week that was! First, we got ourselves a new Prime Minister. Then, we got ourselves a new monarch!

  20. When Iceland refund you for one 18 pack box of Carlsberg out of three that you ordered, and the driver delivers three boxes. 😎 🍻

    OK, the 'free' box was missing one can, but that's still 17 free beers on Iceland.



  21. I remember the days when people would look forward to and enjoy hot weather...

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