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  1. That much I can agree with, and I note that in the context of this topic, the subject of "The Great Replacement" and the Kalergi Plan have been brought back into the mix. And no doubt this is the path that Nigel Farage is going to start going down again, and use of the word 'invasion'. This is hardly an 'invasion' if British and French ships are working together to ferry these 'illegal immigrants' across the Channel, for the British authorities to then 'rescue' and escort by luxury coach to plush hotels where they are treated as guests. On the surface of things - as I've said there is no doubt much more to this whole story, due to the amount of money being awarded in 'contracts' and all the secrecy surrounding it - it would appear to me that the British and French governments are actively involved in people-trafficking. Modern day slavery?
  2. Just interjecting here... This is obviously an emotive subject, and especially for me as I know someone who was a victim of child sex abuse when they were young, and I've read their outpourings from when they bravely came forward to seek justice. It didn't make pleasant reading. I have read through Eldnah's reported posts, and while they make uncomfortable reading, there is some truth in there, a very uncomfortable truth, and I certainly do not see any endorsement or justification for paedophilia or child sex abuse. If other members are misinterpreting what Eldnah has posted, then I ask you go back and read their posts again. Now perhaps we could go back to discussing the OP?
  3. Lebanon: Why the country is in crisis https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-53390108 The hidden message you get from 'reading between the lines': "TIME FOR REGIME CHANGE!"
  4. Police stop RT interview with asylum seeker as we investigate the controversy of migrants living in hotels all around the UK https://www.rt.com/uk/497417-illegal-migrants-hotels-government/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Email
  5. Try: https://davidicke.com/contact-us/
  6. I've just been going through this guy's website, and found this interesting nugget: https://www.kingof.uk/abdications Kind of puts Brexit in a new light now. Wonder how exactly this all fits in now?
  7. I would like to try and reassure you that the 'stories we hear' of people being harassed and abused for not wearing a face covering are situations that rarely happen in reality. Once you realise and accept this, the anxiety soon disappears. First time I went into a shop not wearing a mask, I must admit I was a little apprehensive, but when neither the shopkeeper nor the couple of other customers said or did anything, it emboldened me. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the videos that 'go viral' and circulated on social media (with some even making the mainstream news) showing people being harassed and attacked, are actually 'staged' (ie faked) in order to achieve the purpose of going 'viral', to psychologically 'assault' the masses.
  8. It wouldn't surprise me at all. This is nothing to do with 'Covid-19' any more, its about having the power to destroy and rebuild cities and towns in line with Agenda 21 / 2030 goals.
  9. Just learned of this from Andrew Johnson's "Check The Evidence" website: https://www.checktheevidence.com/wordpress/2020/08/03/vaccine-messaging-study-paula-realises-birmingham-uk-15-aug-2020-gates-and-epstein-reason-for-hcq-crackdown/ Birmingham Gathering – 15 Aug 2020 – 12 Noon “The disproportionate Government response to COVID and the torrent of fear-based reporting , is destroying lives, our businesses, our economy and mental health. Stand up for freedom. Stand up for our rights. Say no to: Unlawful lockdowns — Mandatory masks — Track, trace & test — Health passports.” Been looking for an excuse to go and have a look around the city centre as I haven't been there since before the lockdown started.
  10. Welcome back! I've moved this to a new forum board we created for this purpose.
  11. Its gone a bit quiet on this front, but I believe one of the features that will be available in the 'new' David Icke Social is the ability to create groups, same as on other social media platforms. So members there would be able to do this, create 'local groups' and come together. (Note the 'new' Social will not be replacing this forum any more, the two will sit side-by-side)
  12. I hope you're not pretending to speak for David Icke here
  13. Please use the Suggestions board for requests like this, thanks! https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/forum/49-suggestions/
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