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  1. This is genuinely what I have received from Google just now (the business I work for is listed on Google My Business) We're an online-only ecommerce retailer, and we do not have any premises open to the public. What difference does it really make if we're 'women-led' or 'LGBTQ-friendly'? If you want to buy stuff from us that we have for sale that you want and is a good price, then you're going to buy it. Are people really going to start basing their purchasing decisions on whether a particular company is 'woke' or not? "Oh I absolutely love
  2. Nicely put there. From: https://thegrumpyowl.co.uk/2018/04/15/the-liblabcon-why-we-live-in-a-fake-democracy/ With regards to US politics, its even more obvious, with the two parties there being Republicans and Democrats. One is from Latin, the other from Greek, but they both mean the same thing, 'rule by the people'. To the uninitiated they are 'different' but in fact they are both the same.
  3. Questions to and requests for David Icke This is in addition to and expands on what has been stated earlier in this thread. Although this is the "David Icke Forum", David Icke himself does not participate in these forum discussions, and is not involved at all in any way with the running of the forum. We get lots of new members signing up here, and the first thing they want to do is ask for David Icke to contact them, or ask how they can get in touch with him, usually because they have 'something to share'. Usually in most cases, these members nev
  4. @Juli please don't start multiple topics with the same content. Also, paste Youtube links as plain text so they can be embedded.
  5. Do you have a link to this document? Are you sure it is not just originally 'dated 2015' but subsequently updated later on?
  6. See the OP Regarding videos, the only ones I know of that will embed here are YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo. The forum software does not support entering 'custom HTML' in this way (for security reasons).
  7. So it seems all the online news outlets are still running their stories about Old Dead Phil, they're going to get all the mileage they can out of this one. It's probably 'too soon', but I reckon give it a few weeks, at least until the funeral is out the way, then we'll start seeing people 'come forward' with their stories about what a vile horrible person Prince Philip was. As with Jimmy Savile et al, once the corpse is cold and buried/burned, thats when people will start speaking up with their allegations, and that will trigger the next round of 'anti-Royal sentiment',
  8. Has Anyone Else Watched This POWERFUL Documentary? THE CORPORATION No. Have you? Its nearly two and a half hours long, could you perhaps provide a summary or some context to get people interested? What are your thoughts on this documentary?
  9. The thing is that anyone can make unsubstantiated claims, but without 'solid proof', those claims soon fall apart. That Twitter thread 'analysing' that book cover probably doesn't take into acount that David Icke probably didn't even design that image. Yes, I've seen a few things posted here from Twitter in the past making claims about Icke being a freemason, but it seems many claims are baseless and in this case merely clutching at straws. Equally, during his time at the BBC, David may have 'suspected' that something was not right with Savile, but suspicion
  10. No shopping or pub for me today, just another ordinary day, because I GO TO WORK šŸ˜„

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  11. That was my thinking also. I guess that as these elections have 'rolled-over' from last year, they didn't want to draw much attention to the fact. They of course need to keep the public 'feeling' that their vote actually makes a difference. And of course 'measures have been put in place' so that voters can 'feel safe' and be 'protected'. I do myself feel it is deeply ironic that voters are being positively encouraged to register for postal voting, as the 'safe way' to vote. And it is also ironic that voters who choose to turn up in person to
  12. There is no 'general election'. There are local council elections, as well as some Metro Mayor elections, and Police & Crime Commissioner elections, and assembly elections in Wales and Scotland. I believe there is at least one MP by-election that has been called in Hartlepool. No general election though, sorry.
  13. I only saw this clip in Hugo Talks' video last night. Yes, it looked contrived to me too. I find it bizarre that the BBC has been pumping out propaganda of late regarding 'white privilege', 'anti-racism' etc etc, yet can on a whim start fawning over - and expect its viewers/listeners to do the same - an 'actual' racist white person who is one of the most privileged people in this land. The mind boggles...
  14. I don't watch TV so I can't say I've noticed any wall-to-wall coverage
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