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  1. Dear members, may I please remind you of the Forum Rules here: If you disagree with anything that someone posts here, then criticise what they have posted, rather than attacking who has posted it.
  2. Reshuffle: Boris Johnson fires Gavin Williamson as he rings cabinet changes From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58571935 Also see: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-politics-58564999 Ultimately, I don't think it really matters who fills these roles - and I don't think the majority of the public really care - they are just themselves 'pawns', figureheads to present to the public, I don't think these people really are 'in charge' of their ministerial departments. But one thing you notice, its always the same people being shuffled in and out of these roles. It just becomes another 'distraction' for the media to obsess over for a couple of days. And it also helps to give the impression that Boris is in charge, if one or two ministers get 'sacked' from their positions, with others getting 'promoted'. Nothing will really change, but some of the appointments may 'raise some eyebrows'. For instance, Gavin Williamson did come under some flak from the teaching unions, who will gladly see the back of him, but really, do they expect any better now the former 'minister for jabs' is 'in charge' of the education system? (You can probably easily guess what one of the new 'policies' to be rolled-out will be...) The other key takeaway is who DIDN'T lose their job - namely Priti Patel and Sajid Javid.
  3. Its only confusing if you don't understand what I am asking. (Or don't want to answer the question) What is 'level', and level to what?
  4. Yes, and I said as much. But what defines what that 'level' is. Level to what?
  5. There I have highlighted the key point where you are exactly correct. But the problem is that the 'indigenous population' have become trained to complain, moan about, and attack the people who have taken advantage of the opportunities befitted to them, rather than do anything about the globalist politicians who have facilitated this. If I was a dentist living in Poland, and had an opportunity to work in Britain as a bricklayer earning twice as much as I would back home, I'd probably welcome that opportunity. If I was a poor goatherder in Sudan, promised a 'better life' with everything handed to me on a plate, I'd probably risk that crossing into Europe. But the truth is that these people are being exploited too. That's what I'm thinking too, considering the OP has made no further comment on this subject. And I'm sorry to all, but judging from some of the comments here, I wonder whether this is the David Icke Forum, or the Britain First Forum.
  6. Yes, it is true, when in a container, water does level out. Whether that container be a glass, a bowl, or a giant pool or lake, water takes a 'flat' surface. But ever notice circumstances where water appears to 'defy gravity'? And yeah I know, "surface tension", and yes as the droplets get bigger, their 'weight' causes them to 'fall' to the ground. But water here has found a level relative to a centre of mass, in this case my humble washing line. That's why the 'oceans aren't pouring off the bottom of the ball earth'. Because everything is relative to the centre of mass.
  7. Yeah, the 'deadly pathogen' that the vast majority of people somehow 'recover' from.
  8. That's a bit of an unfair comparison. With regards to immigration, I have never had a problem who comes to this country and makes some valuable contribution. My objection has always been to the 'freeloaders', who come to this country and contribute little, apart from towards crime figures. With regards to this young lady, although she wasn't born here, and neither were her parents, she has lived here since the age of two, so she has grown up in this country and spent most of her life here. She chose to represent Great Britain in her sport as a professional. As it happens, she's pretty good at tennis, and has won a major title. I find it appalling that her victory, which our country should be celebrating, has become 'politicised', and she has become a 'pawn' for those pushing their own agendas - whether that be the 'celebration of diversity', or those pushing a 'ethno-nationalist' angle.
  9. MOD NOTE Can I remind everyone to keep this topic as civilised as possible please?
  10. I believe that website has been linked to here previously with a similar story. Just look at the other 'top stories' on that site, that should tell you all you need to know, its all fabricated bullshit fake news.
  11. Certainly within the UK, it creates a 'two-tier' society. What would be interesting to see, is the 'ticket uptake' for any major band that chooses to tour the UK, to see if there is any difference in attendance for gigs played in Scotland, compared to the rest of the UK. The concept of 'vaccine passports' for such events in England (and possibly Wales too) has been 'knocked back' twice now by our Government, so maybe it is the case that Scotland will be used as the 'experiment' to see if it can work 'in practice'. It is the ultimate 'endgame' though, and no amount of dithering or backsliding will prevent this coming into force in the future, 'they' just need to psychologically manipulate or encourage more people to accept this as 'normal' before they try and enforce it.
  12. "Who was to blame?" "Why was Asiah Left To Die?" The mother was to blame. The baby was left to die because her mother was an irresponsible person unfit to be a mother. It makes no difference to me the colour of her skin. Bad irresponsible parents come in all skin colours. Same goes for people who don't give a shit about others, only whether they are having a 'good time'. But as always, there needs to be 'someone else to blame', because its always 'somebody else's fault'. This is what is destroying society, the culture of 'victimhood', where people just can't accept responsibility for their own actions any more, its got to be 'someone else's fault'.
  13. Actually, listening to the dialogue in that clip, it is quite chilling...
  14. From what I've read in Icke's books, I think he did once believe that some people were 'shape-shifting lizards', maybe back in the 90s, but he has long since moved on from that, to the concepts of extra-dimensional beings that can on occasion manifest themselves as reptilian due to their bloodlines. But people do still use the "Icke thinks the Queen is a lizard" thing to beat him with.
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