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  1. I still like to think as has been pointed out already that this is perhaps the body's way of disposing of the 'toxin' that was imported with the vax injections. And perhaps this is another reason why these Covid jabs need to be 'boosted' every six months or so. Not because they start to 'wear off', but because after a period of time the human body and its amazing immune system works out that 'something is wrong' and tries to do something about it. There are no viruses, just exosomes. Maybe there is some hope for those that have been 'jabbed' and they can still be saved, just as long as they don't get anymore jabs, and have a god healthy immune system.
  2. Bit like what was said about Covid in March 2020 then:
  3. E.On UK boss warns 40% of customers face fuel poverty From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-61541294 Umm, this is YOUR fault and you want the Government to help bail out YOUR customers? How about YOU reduce your prices? And where has this "£22bn" come from that the Government suddenly has to "help those who need it the most"? The idea of a "windfall tax" sounds great to the communists and socialists, but in practical terms, the oil and gas firms would just increase their prices further in order to offset this 'tax' and maintain their profit levels. So in the end, nobody really benefits, apart from the Government and the oil and gas firms.
  4. Ukrainian mum thought she was being scammed due to UK being 'too good to be true' From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/uk-news/ukrainian-mum-thought-being-scammed-24028961 It's nice to hear that she's having a lovely life now she has escaped from this war in Ukraine. It's easy for anyone to have a nice life when everything is handed to them on a plate. But mark my words sweetheart, when the handouts stop and you have to start paying for things with your own money, that's when you'll realise what a scam this country is. The only people being scammed in the UK are the good decent honest citizens who were born and raised here and have spent their whole lives working hard to try and earn enough money to get by, pay the bills, and save money to buy their own home.
  5. For several weeks now, Birmingham Mail has been running articles about the lengthy queues to get through security at Birmingham Airport, due to 'staff shortages'. Distraught mum flying for cancer treatment slams 'Birmingham Airport queues after missing flight' From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/distraught-mum-flying-cancer-treatment-24002230 So despite the incessant stream of news articles in the Birmingham Mail of late, telling of passengers who missed flights due to queues to get through security checks, this woman chooses to arrive 90 minutes before her flight is due to leave, and its the airport's fault? It's always been the case that the advice gven to travellers is to arrive at least 2 hours before your flight departs, and from my own previous experience, its usually ended up with having to sit around in the departure lounge for an hour or more. (I've always believed this 'advice' was given so that flyers would be tempted to spend money either in the duty-free shop, or at the other numerous over-priced shops, bars and restaurants around the departure lounge) Now one would think, that with all these numerous stories about lengthy queues to get through security, one might think "hmm, perhaps to be on the safe side I should get there extra early, maybe three hours, just to make sure I don't miss my flight". I certainly would. I can sympathise if she paid extra for 'Express Lane' tickets, but ultimately its just a waste of money.
  6. I read that same article yesterday. It reminded me of a recent trip to Matalan, first time I had been since before the 'pandemic' started. They didn't give you any choice. Unless you're paying with cash, you're FORCED to use the 'self-service' checkouts. It wasn't a very user-friendly experience, so I doubt I'll be shopping there again.
  7. Nobody has mentioned the huge number of African migrants arriving daily across the Channel into the UK? Is there a link? Maybe not. Could just be a coincidence of course. As has been pointed out already in this topic, it sounds to me like something is being blown up out of nothing. And once again the medical dictionary is being rewritten, as I've seen elsewhere how patients with monkeypox are being 'treated' with a smallpox vaccine. Umm, vaccines are meant to be 'preventative', since when did they become a 'treatment'? I've seen various images being used to 'illustrate' articles about this story, this is one being used by the Birmingham Mail: I don't know what the medical name is for these ("pustules"?), but they look like larger versions of these 'pinhead' blisters that one might end up with in a rash, when one is having some kind of allergic reaction to something. Which I do get from time to time and have done for many years. Either way, its the body's way of removing toxins. A few years ago now I was on holiday in Gibraltar and on my last day there, while walking around the east side I must have been bitten by something, as by the time I got back into the town I had these large blisters on my arms, not too dissimilar to the above pic. Looks unsightly and is a bit uncomfortable, but certainly not life-threatening. Pop the blisters, clean up the pus that comes out, and the skin soon naturally heals itself. Job done. So the question to be asked about 'monkeypox' is the one about how 'lethal' this is? Certainly the media are starting to ramp up the 'fear narrative', and surely at some point the cue to start sanitising everything is going to come. At least this condition has clear visible symptoms, but I'm also sure that at some point the concept of 'asymptomatic transmission' will be rolled out again.
  8. I've seen shit like this before and it always gets the same reaction from me. You may pay £7 for this 'limited edition' 50p coin but at the end of the day, as legal tender, what is it worth? 50p. That's all. What a fucking rip-off and the saps fall for it every time.
  9. "How is this encouraging an 'open free and honest global conversation' if its only available to people in the USA?"
  10. That is probably more likely. I don't think it helps things with people like Barrie Trower saying what they claim, as they are potentially 'muddying the waters' with partial truths and diverting people from what is really happening.
  11. The 'old' forum has become 'lost' and this current forum is the 'new' one. There are plenty of topics here concerning Reptilians if you do a search for them or have a browse around.
  12. While I'm still on the fence regarding "chemtrails", I do believe weather modification is highly plausible and is being used to do as you say. Seeding clouds means they are not forming naturally and I believe this can offer some explanation as to why we have more torrential rain downpours than in the past for example. As I said earlier, nature works in balance, and when scientists start meddling with nature, that's when disasters happen as natural processes spiral out of control. Sorry but this is where I become sceptical of such claims, because if you look at the German New Medicine (GNM) and Terrain Theory approaches, then there are no such things as viruses as we are led to believe, therefore there is no such thing as a 'dormant virus' that can be activated via microwaves, and certainly such viruses couldn't be sprayed in the air. I agree that this is a possibility, and certainly all these radio and microwave signals can't be good for one's health, considering we are all beings of energy, frequency and vibration ourselves.
  13. Today's high was supposed to have been 21C here, but I doubt that happened very much. It was lovely in the sunshine this morning and I was out in my t-shirt and shorts in the garden, but after about 11am the clouds started thickening, and then the temperature started dropping. Feels quite chilly now outside, I already changed back into trousers earlier, considering putting a jumper on now! Nice work cloud makers!
  14. Mum calls in police after Birmingham ICC security guard 'racial profiling' bag check row From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/mum-calls-police-after-birmingham-23920117 Oh dear, so black people should be exempt from having their bags checked because 'racism'? Here's the thing, I attended an event at the ICC a few years ago, and I had my backpack checked, no big deal. I had nothing to hide, just contained a rolled up jacket and some packed lunch and a bottle of water. I didn't make a big deal out of it, I just showed them the inside of my bag, and the guard let me through.
  15. I remember reading about Venus when I was younger, and yes despite being further from the sun, it does have hotter surface temperatures than Mercury does. The principle is the same, Venus is covered in thick clouds which does cause a greenhouse effect. However I may be wrong but I believe in the case of Venus, the clouds are actually sulphur dioxide, and any rain that falls is literally 'acid rain' in the form of sulphuric acid. I do believe it is entirely plausible that Venus was once habitable, but something catastrophic happened there.
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