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  1. While gematria is interesting, it is of course open to interpretation. Can you interpret my name @YESHUA YHWH? https://www.gematrix.org/?word=grumpy+owl What does it all mean?
  2. You'll have to forgive me, this was a while ago now! I remember he made some wisecrack about not being able to join UKIP, which was true at the time. As I've said previously, despite my own current feelings about TR, that book is worth a read if you can get hold of a copy. TR himself is a sell-out to another cause, but I recall the opening chapter being quite enlightening as to how others also sell themselves out for other causes.
  3. If you want to be a true "independent investigative journalist", in my opinion don't waste your time enrolling on some course or becoming a 'trainee' at some mainstream media company. Journalists who go to university or college, or otherwise go through some apprenticeship scheme at a media company just end up getting 'programmed by the system'. Just get 'out there'. Go to the scene of an incident. Talk to people. Ask questions. Start researching and looking into things. Based on what I see/read in my local news rags, most 'journalists' just sit in an office,
  4. I read TR's biography "Enemy Of The State" and I did find it a fascinating read. I can well believe he started out with "good intentions", and I can understand his reasons for starting the EDL (English Defence League) based on what he could see happening in his home town of Luton. I can also understand his reasons for wanting to walk away from the EDL, as he lost control of it, no doubt as 'inflitrators' got involved to push their own agendas. But I do think at some point he was 'got to', and then recruited himself in order to push a different agenda. And I think that w
  5. David Icke does not participate in these forums, so he won't see this. However if you have information to share, then please do post it here.
  6. Excuse me? Yes, I soon found about TR's 'pro-Israel' stance, and that was what got me questioning his motives. I found it questionable that all the time he was (admirably) pressing on the issue of Muslim grooming gangs in the UK, he had nothing to say about other human rights abuses being carried out, namely the treatment of Palestinean children by Israeli armed forces. Nor the abuse of UK children by those within the Catholic 'church'. The 'Tommy Robinson' question became a big talking point within UKIP (which I was a member of until April this year) and in my opinion
  7. Yes, Tommy Robinson was employed by Rebel Media for a while (and made some interesting videos to be honest), but then 'left' under some acrimonious circumstances to 'go it alone' as an independent 'citizen journalist'. When TR got himself into 'trouble' with the UK authorities though, Levant and Rebel Media were very quick to start up their crowdfunding 'campaigns' and appeals, to help 'support Tommy'. It would appear that Rebel Media are able to 'train' their operatives in the necessary 'techniques', with regards to extracting money out of 'ordinary people'. (I doubt m
  8. Here in the UK, Amazon isn't really established as a 'grocery retailer' (yet) as that service is not yet widespread here. But I think they would be happy if the 'big supermarkets' here (Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons etc) were forced to cut back their own ranges of 'non-grocery' products, thus forcing those shoppers online.
  9. I find it almost laughable that the BBC has 'specialist disinformation reporters' (aren't they all?) I found the 'Related' section to the right most telling: Well they just had to drop 'Flat Earth' in there, didn't they?
  10. I must admit a few years ago I got sucked into the 'Tommy Robinson' hype, but given time I started to figure out what the game was. I certainly don't trust Ezra Levant and I don't trust Rebel Media, or Rebel News whatever they're calling themselves now. They are the "controlled opposition", manipulating the 'right' and antagonising them against the 'left'. Levant is a scam merchant, who has mastered the art of 'crowdfunding' to swindle money out of people, people who may not have much money themselves but have been co-erced into 'donating' to 'support' peopl
  11. Actually the phrase is "game player" But in a way I think you're right. There's a 'game' in play, and this fella is 'playing the game' in order to suit himself, and to no doubt try to benefit 'financially' for their 'reward'.
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