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  1. Most likely 'fake news' I'm afraid... Rebel News (Rebel Media) are shit-stirrers. Your News Wire is fake news junk site, hardly 'reliable'. The link doesn't even work FFS.
  2. But this is the 'thing' - there is 'science' and then there is 'science'. It's all so very one-sided though. It is a 'certain' type of scientific 'research and expertise' that has got us into this mess in the first place. Any other scientific research that counters this narrative is instantly dismissed as 'bogus' or just outright ignored. Sadly there's no place for honesty in science, not while money calls the shots.
  3. See the 'pinned' topics in the David Icke Discussion area for all the links: https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/forum/33-david-icke-discussion/
  4. Thanks, but those links are already within the 'pinned' posts in this board.
  5. I don't have any TDS, but I would like to know when Trump is actually going to do something about all of this? Four years of promising to 'drain the swamp' and 'take down the Deep State', well we're all still waiting. While as I understand it he is still technically the President, it is time for action not words.
  6. You're welcome! This forum is seperate from the 'main' site, so us forum moderators have no control or involvement in what appears there. But I will raise this as a concern with the webmaster/admin of this site, as I do think it 'looks bad' to have such adverts displayed prominently, though I do appreciate that they may wish to make additional revenue from advertising, beyond which they select themselves.
  7. OK fair enough, while there are some adverts on the main DavidIcke.com site which are carefully selected, the ones provided by 'RevContent' are a bit suspect. If such bogus ads are a nuisance, then this is what AdBlock Plus is for: https://adblockplus.org/ But just to reiterate, there are NO adverts running on this forum, none that I can see anyway (thanks to Adblock Plus!)
  8. Which adverts are you referring to and which site? There are no adverts on this forum.
  9. I think there is some merit in what you are saying. I do think that a number of 'alternative' sites such as Bitchute and BrandNewTube will be shut down, and many others such as DavidIcke.com will be 'targeted' for removal by web hosting companies. Including this forum. There are still however a great number of hosting companies out there offering hosting services, so I don't think it would be feasible at this stage to 'shut them all down'. But what I think is more likely is that only 'approved' websites will appear in major search engine results - and these 'approved' sites will be
  10. See the 'pinned' topics in this board... And of course, see https://www.davidicke.com/
  11. He has a touch of Davros about him too... Now THAT'S what I call a Great Reset!
  12. Welcome to the forum! Can you tell us a little more about what your role as an 'NHS worker' entails? What can you tell us about what is really going on based on your own observations? If you fancy a little whistle-blowing here then go ahead, you're completely anonymous.
  13. This is where 'they' were clever about this potential outcome - if you look through the Coronavirus Act 2020, all elections are essentially 'suspended', hence why there were no local or Metro Mayoral elections held in May. And it is looking doubtful as to whether there will be any next year if this Act continues to remain in effect. Democracy has basically ended in the UK. Though many like myself will argue that we haven't had any democracy for years.
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