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  1. I didn't know Rod Stewart had had the vaccine The way things are going right now with this 'fake virus', is there any need to unleash a 'real' one?
  2. The "calls" for the guidance to become stricter are only coming from the media reporting on the 'chatter' from social media. Its all part of the psychological warfare being waged against the general populace via the 77th Brigade mob, in order to pressure or 'bully' more and more people to force themselves to wear these silly face coverings and masks against their will. Or "the sheep shepherding themselves"...
  3. Nice, but we already have a Graphics/Memes section and a thread on this subject, please continue here:
  4. As BrandNewTube videos can't be embedded here, please provide a summary of what the video is about, so members can decide for themselves before clicking through if it will be of interest to them. See: Also, this New Members area is for members to introduce themselves, please try to find a suitable category area to post in, thanks!
  5. Forget the UK, we got off lightly again... how about this for unprecedented? Central Spain records temperatures of -25C after snowstorm https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55632791
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_of_Tippecanoe IMO, George W Bush 'got lucky' because he was "the right man at the right time".
  7. Please continue this discussion in the following topic:
  8. It's psychological warfare being waged by governments against their own people. A virus that is only 'deadly' to a small minority of the population, yet the majority of the population has to act like EVERYBODY has it because it will 'kill everybody' otherwise. It hasn't twigged yet with most of the normies, just why so many 'asymptomatic' people are being tested 'positive' for this virus. That's what is driving up the number of 'cases', which in turn is driving the media agenda to put the 'fear of death' into the general population. "Fear of deat
  9. Yes, I agree his website is quite old and a throwback to the golden years of the internet where someone could set up a website which didn't need a backend database or CSS styling in order for it to display nicely on small screens. Actually, with some snippets of code, he could display his vdeos there. At the end of the day, this is what it is all about. Content over style. While it is quite pleasureable to watch and listen to him in his own inimitable style, sometimes you can't beat sitting and reading the written word. The website migh
  10. Sadly no, otherwise I wouldn't be here. But seriously, you don't have to be a prophet, you just need to step back and look at the bigger picture. The Elites pulling the strings in the USA have been biding their time (or 'Biden' their time ) and the endgame is becoming clear. All the time Trump has been President, divisions have been stoked up, and these divisions are going to become even more apparent. With creepy Old Joe out the way and Harris in power, things will just get worse and the way that the 'woke culture' has been fermenting, no-one will be all
  11. That's an extreme outcome, but could provoke some major fallout, with regards to demonisation of 'Trump supporters' and further crackdowns on social media. I'm going with "Covid victim" - Biden falls ill, tests 'positive', then dies 'with coronavirus'. "The best way to honor the legacy of our fallen president is ensure as many Americans get vaccinated as soon as possible"
  12. I don't know why Biden was chosen, but he is not the 'preferred choice'. Kamala Harris will be the next president, but if she had stood directly against Trump, maybe she would have not done as well - with regards to 'genuine votes' of course, which would have made rigging the election results much more difficult. Basically if you hated or couldn't stand Trump you'd have voted for any Dem candidate. (I'm not suggesting by the way that people wouldn't have voted for Harris just because she's a woman, so please don't accuse me of being sexist, but it is entirely possible that a lot of
  13. Expect an announcement from Boris in the next week that football will be suspended (as well as other 'elite sports')
  14. I agree, she is being used and abused. The thing is like Greta herself, millions of children around the world have already been conditioned and subject to the same kind of programming via the education system. Simple fear, the fear that their 'future is in peril' and that they only have "X years to save the planet" etc etc. As well as all the rhetoric about "stealing our future". Its all lies and propaganda.
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