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  1. Evri doesn't actually employ any drivers, they are either franchisees or self-employed contractors. In your case, it's probably her husband helping out if she's off sick or otherwise unable to work.
  2. And to add to the above, as much as Starmer may want to present himself as a 'man of the people' compared to the 'rich millionaire' that Sunak is, let us not forget that Starmer is the one with the 'title', the knighthood, and not Mr Sunak.
  3. This is the thing, I don't really care about 'back story' or anything like that, this isn't the X-Factor or any other reality TV show... It's been mentioned elsewhere in this forum, but I believe that mentoring = "manipulation". In the case of Starmer, just get on with the fucking job, no-one really cares about his mum or his dad. Is this about "telling" a story, or "selling" one?
  4. Don't forget the queues to get through security, which mean you might miss your flight even if you arrive two hours early!
  5. A good few years ago now, a family member started working at a charity shop as a volunteer. They were unemployed at the time, and thought it would be a good way to gain some 'retail experience', as well as helping out what they thought was a 'good cause'. They were at the shop pretty much full-time, working most days a week, and having to pay for their own bus fare to get there and back every day. One of the 'perks' of the job was that the staff got 'first dibs' on the donated stock, so they could take anything they liked as it was sorted before it went out onto the shop floor for sale. Still had to pay for it though, mind, even if it was just a 'few quid'. This family member soon got fed up though, as their manager - who was paid full-time for their role - did hardly any work in the shop, leaving the volunteers pretty much to run the place, and was then found to be helping themselves to any 'good stuff' that was being donated, without paying for it. They soon realised what a piss-take it was - doing nearly a full days work without being paid or remunerated.
  6. Oh, its that time of year again then... Western US bakes in heatwave from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cx02ykx5wp5o
  7. It does make you wonder how much all of this political theatre is 'staged', just as much as how much supposed 'reality TV' involves paid actors playing a role. X Factor star stuns fans with 'unrecognisable' appearance on BBC Question Time from: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/x-factor-star-stuns-fans-29490011 I know that Nigel Farage made some accusations of the BBC Question Time audience he faced being made up of BBC employees and other 'stooges'. Now I don't watch the X-Factor so I wouldn't have recognised this person at all. And I also stopped watching Question Time many years ago when it became obvious that it was all being stage-managed somehow, with the 'debates' just spiralling off into scripted monologues from the participants. It's all just scripted propaganda.
  8. Very little of the money 'donated' to any of the 'big charities' actually goes towards the causes they are supposed to represent. I remember a few years ago reading about one (or both) of the BBC's "Comic Relief" or "Children In Need" charities. Donations from the public were being used by the charity to 'invest' in hedge funds, which were found to be being used to finance arms and tobacco manufacturers. There was a little bit of outrage at the time, but it was swept under the carpet and by the following year people were still "giving what they can" to these charities. "Big charities" that employ chief executives and other managers on huge salaries are just scamming the public, fleecing them of money which is then laundered tax-free via other associated organisations providing 'services' to these charities, whose owners and shareholders benefit themselves in kind. Then of course you have those charity shops, those that enjoy discounted business rates and rent while the rest of your High Street turns into takeaways, Turkish barbers and dodgy 'convenience stores' and vape shops. The stock held within charity shops has zero purchase cost, as it is 'donated' to them for free, and as most staff work as volunteers, there's also no labour cost involved. People shop at charity shops because they are 'cheap', and to be fair one can sometimes grab a good 'bargain' if you're prepared to hunt for one. But at the end of the day, most of the stock is 'second-hand tat' being sold at a decent mark-up. It's surely no wonder that genuine independent small businesses feel at a disadvantage on our High Streets.
  9. I was close to not bothering to vote. Here in Birmingham Selly Oak, we did have an independent, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for them as they were one of these pro-Gaza types, as well as ex-Labour, and supported by some organisation 'backed' by Jeremy Corbyn, so some kind of closet-Communist. It was a nice morning and the polling station was less than five minutes walk from my house, so in the end, despite my reservations, I went and voted Reform, simply because I'd rather cast a vote for someone than not bother at all. In the end it didn't matter because the 'unknown' Labour candidate that had been parachuted in at short notice - some ex-army 'Colonel' that wasn't even from the area - won the seat with a large majority of the vote.
  10. So the UK has a new prime minister who has already formed his cabinet. Meanwhile the people in Inverness, Skye and West Ross-shire still don't have an MP... The new UK cabinet has already met while Inverness, Skye and West Ross-shire is yet to declare a winner https://www.ross-shirejournal.co.uk/news/the-new-uk-cabinet-has-already-met-while-inverness-skye-and-355022/ It surely can't be that difficult to count a few thousand votes. In the grand scheme of things, this isn't going to make any difference to the overall election result, but I do wonder what on earth is going on here.
  11. It was more likely that she had the umbrella just in case it started pouring with rain while he delivered his speech.
  12. Common Purpose stooges who have been trained how to exploit the whole 'charity' system in order to financially enrich themselves. The good thing here is that these people got too greedy and let themselves get 'caught'. But it ends up being a distraction and diversion, as no doubt there are numerous other so-called 'charities' operating successfully under the radar, ripping people off in the process.
  13. OK, so I was at least right about one thing - namely that Labour won the election. I'm almost glad that the Workers Party failed to win any seats in the end, and that George Galloway's time as an MP was a very short one. Do pay close attention to those 'independents' who won seats as MPs on the back of their stance on Gaza, it will be interesting to see if any of those do end up defecting to the Workers Party. As for Farage and Reform, I was right in that they ended up with the third highest overall vote share, yet won far fewer seats than the Lib Dems did. I wasn't expecting Farage to actually win Clacton so that was a bit of a surprise to be honest. Though I guess that now he's planted himself firmly on the House Of Commons gravy train, I do hope that all his supporters in Clacton will pay close attention to his Parliamentary attendance record over the next few years. The one thing that Reform did achieve though, was to completely nullify any chance of success that some 'real' alternative grass-roots parties had, namely the likes of UKIP, English Democrats, Heritage Party etc. But then that is what well-funded 'mainstream alternative' political parties are all about.
  14. Speeches on their own don't achieve anything though. Trust me, I was there in London at some protest, where Tommy Robinson gave some 'excellent speech' which concluded with him urging everyone present to join UKIP. The expected membership increase just didn't happen. Trust me, as a former UKIP supporter and member, Farage doesn't regret anything, he was and still is 'controlled opposition'. The media circus surrounding him and Reform is just a massive distraction, because Labour are going to win this election despite having any real meaningful manifesto promises or pledges.
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