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  1. Reality is not as black and white as we are led to believe our universe multidimensional with many infinite levels of reality within the quantum field one reason why many organizations including government/political only use between 1-3 levels of reality is the cost if you use Newtonian physics and only have 1-3 possible solutions to a problem its far cheaper than multiple quantum levels which give many different possible solutions to a problem another reason is so called Red Tape and other paperwork its often easier and quicker to have a more standardized version of reality so having 1-3 levels of reality cut or satisfy Red Tape and other paperwork and cuts time they claim its far cheaper and easier to have a one size fits all policy than to mess about with more individual methods of doing things funny how they managed under the original Thatcherite Era under both Margaret Thatcher and John Major things were more individual more free choice more free will more free speech although even back then we probably were not told the whole truth there is nearly always far more to almost every event or incident whether good or bad than we are told or led to believe whether its Hillsborough incident or The Harold of Free Enterprise or The Lockaby Air disaster or the Kings Cross Fire or the Moorgate Tube Crash in 1975 in fact we are very rarely are we ever told the whole truth and sometimes quite rightly so it can be upsetting to victims of disasters to have too much information continually broadcast on TV Radio Newspapers and Magazines and now online as well I have always felt for a long time that there must be far more to so many different topics ideas incidents or events etc. than we are ever told I do agree to a certain extent with David Icke claiming there is far more to the News Than we are led to believe and that a lot is not the true version of it and as stated earlier quite rightly so an example in public buildings during a fire or a fire drill they do not ever say fire instead they say can Inspector Sands please report to the managers office immediately
  2. While many protestors both in the USA and The UK are protesting or rioting over George Floyds death I also think many are using it as an excuse to protest about the draconian lockdowns most won't admit it yet the lockdowns and restrictions went too far and just keep going on for months on end almost seeming to never end I am surprised we haven't had more riots and even terrorist attacks they forced the lockdown and other restrictions on everybody we weren't given free choice free will its asking for riots its asking for terrorist attacks not that I approve of either they closed all places of worship they closed or restricted every business or organization they could or limited opening hours and criminalized socializing the Tories are not what they used to be they were pressured by the leftwing organizations including the care and health industries lockdowns draconian restrictions being hell bent on health and hygiene is more of a leftwing party policy something I would expect under Labour the original Tory policy has always been think for yourself free speech free choice free will and being allowed to choose to take risks under the original Thatcherite Tories under both Thatcher and Major from 1979-1997 during outbreaks of pandemics people were allowed free choice and free will and to be able to do things at their own risk even those who did have infectious diseases were only advised to isolate or be in quarrentine etc and if a person decided not self isolate or quarrentine etc it was there free choice had the coronavirus COVID 19 outbreak occurred under Margaret Thatcher there is no way she would ever have agreed to such ludicrous draconian restrictions its immoral and undemocratic even forcing people to wear masks is wrong its undemocratic lockdowns and other draconian restrictions are something I would expect under Labour I found Labour and many leftwing groups to be so hellbent on looking after people they denied freedoms they were so hellbent on health and safety and health and care and safeguarding and even security that they took freedoms a way people had under Thatcher and Major so I am not at all surprised we are now having riots it would have happened in time anyway I know so I may have high functioning autism/mild learning difficulties yet I am not stupid I have hidden psychic powers I have done spychic/spiritual awareness training in open circles in spiritualist churches and centres so know not everything is what we are led to believe David Icke is right to some degree the media and governments do cover up some truths and try to control people they think people are stupid they are not they get wise to it
  3. Yes I did start a campaign on change.org I think ban card only payments I did post it on facebook I only got 3 signatures for some unknown reason
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