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  1. Reality is not as black and white as we are led to believe our universe multidimensional with many infinite levels of reality within the quantum field one reason why many organizations including government/political only use between 1-3 levels of reality is the cost if you use Newtonian physics and only have 1-3 possible solutions to a problem its far cheaper than multiple quantum levels which give many different possible solutions to a problem another reason is so called Red Tape and other paperwork its often easier and quicker to have a more standardized ver
  2. While many protestors both in the USA and The UK are protesting or rioting over George Floyds death I also think many are using it as an excuse to protest about the draconian lockdowns most won't admit it yet the lockdowns and restrictions went too far and just keep going on for months on end almost seeming to never end I am surprised we haven't had more riots and even terrorist attacks they forced the lockdown and other restrictions on everybody we weren't given free choice free will its asking for riots its asking for terrorist attacks not that I approve of either they closed all places of w
  3. Yes I did start a campaign on change.org I think ban card only payments I did post it on facebook I only got 3 signatures for some unknown reason
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