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  1. Vaccine Apartheid begins in Austria tomorrow them.
  2. What happens when you moon at a speed camera Don't fuck with West Mercia Police...
  3. Here we go... Covid: Austrians heading towards lockdown for unvaccinated
  4. Told someone on tv or YouTube did John O'Groats to Land's End (possibly a round trip) in an electric car & the cost of charging made it more expensive than diesel.
  5. Bit of a random waffle... My youngest nephew is 10. Every year history at school has a theme...Vikings, Romans...he loves all of that, horrible histories etc. This year he's not mentioned anything. Turns out this years theme is 'medical history'...& all of the 'advances' of modern medicine no doubt. His school trip this term was to a medical museum. Is this happening elsewhere?
  6. Just reading about the sad events at the Texas concert. All 8 fatalities suffered cardiac arrests. I'd imagine it would be quite a young-ish crowd as well.
  7. Met someone today with MS. Very noticeably impaired & quite distressed. Diagnosis was some years ago, care was transferred to a specialised part of the NHS 4 years ago. Since then she's only had telephone appointments. They keep prescribing her painkillers. State of this country.
  8. Maybe the con just got the right age group? The mask compliance amongst the older generations still seems very high.
  9. Ah, you do have a point there. Thought there was a lower cosplay element than normal tbh...guess it depends on the event.
  10. I actually had the opposite experience at a comic con a couple of weeks ago...I'd estimate no more than 10% were masked. Not convinced it'll stay that way unfortunately.
  11. Aguero to recieve treatment & be monitored for the next 3 months
  12. Ground source heat pumps are good but expensive & they're not really a retrofit application, more new build. Air source heat pumps are expensive to run compared to gas boilers, never mind the installation & maintenance costs.
  13. When I was at school if anyone got sick you were sent round to play with them. Kids are programmed to catch stuff. Parents used to understand that.
  14. What's going on with this climate conference? The huge security seems OTT. I've done several jobs where the property owners were receiving specialist training to go to Scotland in the Autumn. Clearly it was for this. Think they were all Police, one of them was special ops of some description.
  15. She just makes my blood boil... I get abuse & threats online - why can it be stopped?
  16. Found out my 10 year old nephew is spending his school week outside. Lessons have been ditched for building dens, treasure hunts, sports...anything team building or activity related basically. Apparently the kids haven't just fallen miles behind where they'd be expected to be at this age, their focus & ability to learn has slipped significantly & they're not showing any signs of snapping out of it...& it's been noted they're not socialising properly either. Not sure if this kind of thing is happening elsewhere. Think it's a roll of the dice by the school tbh. We'll never be able to measure the real damage this shit storm has caused.
  17. Been listening to Guns n Roses today... 'I don't need your Civil War Feeds the rich & it buries the poor'...
  18. 'All we want is equality...so here's a list of ways we demand to be treated differently'
  19. Less than 24 hrs on & BBC have everyone's favourite disinformation reporter involved in the coverage. That makes me think something's amiss.
  20. More digital surveillance & censorship will be required then.
  21. It was probably one of the parents that filmed it & put it on social media as well. If that doesn't make your heart sink I don't know what will.
  22. Not for anything else, obviously... Apple to scan iPhones for child sex abuse images
  23. How a fake network pushes pro-China propaganda
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