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  1. Saw a list yesterday? of the areas with the lowest jab compliance. A lot of them were in London. I'm guessing a low uptake in non English communities is a big part of this. I visit properties. People working from home is still an every day occurrence. A lot have never gone back to the office as far as I can see, certainly not full time.
  2. Almost missed this... Daily tests?... Daily? WTF?
  3. Mandatory vaccines?... "There may have to be discussions"?
  4. 5, 6, 7, 8 jabs... I'll get my coat...I'm already disgusted at myself for remembering the song
  5. Merkel tightening the noose...this is all happening quickly now.
  6. Pfizer boss: Annual Covid jabs for years to come
  7. Watford & Chelsea players taken off due to medical incident in the crowd... ...cardiac arrest.
  8. Time to think about mandatory vaccinations... Says the head of the EU.
  9. Forget getting a GP appointment anytime soon
  10. So the FDA seek not to disclose their jab data for 55 years & barely a week later a new version is already in the pipeline. Another coincidence?
  11. Who the hell are the UK Health Security Agency? Sounds like more invented out of thin air bollocks.
  12. I'm gradually coming across more & more people that don't believe any of this & I can have a proper conversation with. That's awesome, but none of them are converts...they've all been onside from the start, but have just kept a low-ish profile. What irks me is that I don't know a single person that fell for the narrative that has changed their mind. Not one. Even those that have suffered as a result. A few started to ask questions, but the masks stayed on & as soon as the boosters arrive they're straight back in the queue. We used to have a Betamax VCR. It was shitloads better than VHS but it was a 2 horse race & the tipping point was reached. We need some of the sheep to start turning.
  13. Oh no, 1st cases of Omniscam are already here! Like all sequels the storyline keeps getting weaker so they just go straight for the action.
  14. Something's hit the fan, we've jumped forward 6 months.
  15. Very recent post on totally unrelated site. Another place I won't be visiting soon...or ever again?... ...a frequent traveller, has just spent a few weeks in various places in France and reports he felt safe there. Says masks are mandatory at all indoor places and on public transport and they are frequently checking proof of vaccinations even when sat outside cafes etc. No one allowed in the country without being fully vaccinated (and that includes booster if required) and NHS app needs to be set up on phone. along with a download of the Tous Anti covid app which is the French equivalent...
  16. Not long ago I wasn't coming across many people that had actually been ill. Now it's frequent. I hear 'Lucky I've had all my jabs, or it could've been a lot worse' or words to that effect almost every time. The number of people for whom the penny just isn't dropping at all is frightening.
  17. My partner was asked at work to rate 1-10 how racist she felt the colour coding scheme on the fire extinguishers was. Father Ted got it right!
  18. I wondered how BBC, Sky etc would spin these marches...no need as it happens, they just haven't reported them at all.
  19. Some people you haven't heard of for 20 years are the same people that want passes.
  20. Sorry, rhetorical question...it's a reference to how the Nazis processed data.
  21. How Covid conspiracists are shifting to climate change denial
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