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  1. Not many people at work, kids aren't at school...who's taking them?
  2. Boris Johnson - "90% of the patients in the ICU are people who are not boosted" Love the way he mumbles 'ventilation' through his mask as well.
  3. I flush things I have more respect for than Andy Murray.
  4. Point taken! My posting abilities are limited, but I will investigate...thank you!
  5. Another dead footballer Heart attack on the pitch.
  6. It works left to right...healthy to fucked in 4 jabs.
  7. Booster less effective against Omicron after 10 weeks... Wasn't it discovered 4 weeks ago?
  8. Approved for primary school kids. Merry Christmas.
  9. In my experience the parents of school age kids have shown some of the least resistance.
  10. A good friend did sponsored triathlons. He got pneumonia & was very unwell...think he had blood sucked out of his lungs? Another friend had started running half-marathons. He got flu & died in his sleep. Both in their 30s. People used to get ill before this Covid cover story was created.
  11. For the most part I think Piers is genuine, though sometimes misguided. The controlled opposition cap does fit nicely at times though. It's getting increasingly difficult to see the wood for the trees.
  12. Piers Corbyn arrested after London demo...
  13. Before I went self-employed I didn't have a cell phone or a computer. I miss those days.
  14. ...& another. This is getting ridiculous. 4 jab messages from my GP in 2 days now.
  15. ...& another today. 3 text messages inside 24 hrs.
  16. There is something unnatural about Whitty. When he speaks his jaw moves but nothing else. No eye movement, no facial expression...it's like he's wearing a helmet.
  17. 2 texts from my GP this afternoon. 1st informing me they were focusing on the boosters, so unless it's urgent forget it. The 2nd pushing the jab barely an hour later. This is definitely speeding up.
  18. Probably wrong forum, but just seen photo of Hamilton being Knighted...shouldn't the Queen be doing that?
  19. German raids on Covid extremists... 'Far-right anti-vaccination activists' no less...
  20. I have a feeling one of those facilities isn't too far from me...Full Sutton?
  21. The breakfast of Champions. That'll give the scissors kicks a bit of extra momentum. My mate had spinach curry on a match night. It sounded wet. Nobody wanted to give him a lift home after.
  22. One of my snooker teammates has a particular fondness for cabbage & recently spinach. He can empty quite a large room in 2 shots.
  23. Anyone not jabbed at this point isn't going to get jabbed...unless it's by force. This shit's been going on for a year now, so everyone that was going to cave in has already done so. The line in the sand feels like it's getting close now.
  24. Is this my imagination, or did somebody post a screenshot months ago of a bookies site giving odds to replace Boris early in 2022, then it got pulled?
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