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  1. BBC Sport headlines... Racism in cricket...lack of black managers in football...Russians banned from tennis...transgender rules in athletics...gay rugby player...tennis player pushes ex-girlfriend. Surprising lack of women's football today. Wall to wall campaigns. Less actual sport.
  2. Family member has acquired a new Tesla. 1st motorway trip & estimated range was enough to get home, but only just. On the return journey the was a charger not far off the motorway. Rolled up, plugged in...quick charge takes 20 mins, so they went for a coffee. When they returned there were 5 Tesla's queued up behind them & a 6th approaching. Imagine being at the back of that.
  3. Within 15 mins walk again... Everyone to live 15 minutes from green space or water in England under plans
  4. My sister's school. The youngest lad became ill then got sepsis, the older one just dropped dead. There was another a few months back as well... Family's tribute to talented footballer, 13, who died after sudden illness
  5. 'Electricity prices in the UK about to explode'. This is a Norwegian article from September 2021. Did someone jump the gun?... https://www.europower.no/kraftmarked/ny-nordisk-prisrekord-priseksplosjon-i-england/2-1-1067464
  6. Bit of a waffle coming up, but some weird goings on at home. This happened about three weeks ago... We're a fairly low tech household. One tv (twelve years old & no aerial, we watch free stuff via an Amazon stick) two desktops (mostly used for work) & two ageing smartphones (again, mostly used for work). No streaming (other than the tv stick) no gaming, no social media, nothing voice controlled...even the sat nav in the car runs off a disk. One thing my other half does have to hand when she's on the computer is some noise cancelling headphones...the neighbours can be loud! These are fairly standard headphones I'd guess, they have no recording or storage facility, but they're blue toothed to her computer so she can listen to music & mobile in case of a call. So, we get home one day & the neighbour noise is already happening, so the headphones go on...& there's a conversation playing. Slight background-ish, like it's been recorded from a few feet away. Then we realise it's us talking! Just waffle, shopping etc....not a recent conversation either...few months old I reckon. The only things the headphones can connect to were both completely powered off at this point...so what was playing for the headphones to pick up?...& what the hell recorded us in the first place?...& why?
  7. Excess deaths in 2022 among worst in 50 years Nothing to do with the vaccine though. Feel a lot better now. BBC appoints first specialist health disinformation reporter
  8. Quick glance an the headlines & I genuinely thought the new variant had been called 'The Karen'...really disappointed now
  9. So, if his heart basically went into shock as a result of the impact why would he be under sedation & in a critical condition the following day?
  10. Ah, thank you!...on my phone & I've hashed up links a few times!
  11. Lords of the New Church - Open your eyes ...not sure I've done the link correctly?
  12. My sister's a GP. These early jabs were supplied in batches of 7...don't know if that's standard practice?...& only 5 were used. They were under instruction from the off to dispose of the last 2 doses.
  13. Don't watch much tv now, but just seen the Virgin Atlantic ad. FFS.
  14. BQ1? Did I miss new variant day?... Thousands of triple vaccinated Britons reporting same Covid symptom - 54% of all cases
  15. UK sleepwalking into food supply crisis, says farming union
  16. Dumbed down you say?... Oxford word of the year 2022 revealed as 'goblin mode'
  17. I remember the crowd photo conveniently taken before the Bataclan shooting looking like a kiddies art project.
  18. How you're born alters vaccines' power "This study raises the possibility that it may be possible to treat infants...to enhance their responses to certain vaccines..."
  19. Other half has received text message from her GP saying the face nappies are mandatory again at all appointments.
  20. Other half has received text message from her GP saying the face nappies are mandatory again at all appointments.
  21. Sowing the seeds... Blackouts would be last resort, says National Grid
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