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  1. Where's are all footage of the cowards arresting thousands of Rangers fans then?
  2. From my favourite Dire Straits song... 'I have legalized robbery, called it belief I have run with the money & hid like a thief Re-written history with my armies & my crooks Invented memories, I did burn all the books'
  3. Really grown to like this guy over the last few months... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-56278140
  4. Cheers mate. This is one of those situations where being self-employed doesn't help a lot. I get by, but that's about it & don't have contacts, just goodwill really...the nature of the job. If I was in & out quickly it would be easier, but I'm in a property for maybe 30 mins & in every room. It's what it is at the moment. Most people are scared.
  5. I appreciate the input. Everybody's situation is different. I have no real knowledge or skills to bring on here, just experiences. I get to see plenty of different people & get a grasp for the general mood & how people are coping. It's not good.
  6. Work in property mate, doing EPCs mostly.
  7. I would love to, but I'm self-employed & it just wouldn't be practical I'm afraid. Luckily I'm not in any single location for too long. My experiences with people are quite disheartening at times & a high percentage just wouldn't let me inside.
  8. The bit about mirrored sunglasses dehumanising the guards is interesting...masks must have a similar effect. My work takes me to a lot of properties & have to wear a mask (if I'm told I don't need to bother when I enter it's straight off...doesn't happen enough though). Every day I visit properties with dogs & the difference in reactions between wearing or not wearing a mask is night & day. Dehumanising is a good description.
  9. Speaking to someone with family in Canada. They've been told their daughter has to keep her mask on whilst she's at school. She's 4.
  10. Forgot to post this... Was at a property a couple of weeks back, the owner was in her 70s but a bit of a character & she definitely wasn't having any of this Covid nonsense. As I was moving around she was reading & replying to messages on her phone...out loud One message was "Both my daughters are scientists & they say the jab's safe, so I'm having it, up yours"...or words to that effect. The response was "Suit yourself, but working behind the counter at Boots doesn't make you a scientist"
  11. So, lockdown 4...what's your guess? The flu stabbing will back by October, so I'm going 1st week in November to 'save Christmas'.
  12. 21st June. That sounds like a randomly picked date.
  13. BBC propaganda about how lovely it will be to have AI bosses... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56023932 The last line of the article...'This will enable the sentient homo sapiens bosses to concentrate on being better team leaders'.
  14. If she's okay she'll be getting wheeled out for the media for her 2nd dose soon won't she?
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-55158319
  16. I thought the post MTV generation had short attention span...looks like it's down to 15 seconds now. Social media is poison. Smartphones are the new pitchforks. #witch
  17. I love Van Halen (bit of a clue in my username). Eddie was my hero. He wasn't just another guitarist. He moved the goalposts in a way that nobody has ever done since. They started playing the LA clubs. Word spread quickly. A who's who of the leading guitarists turned up to see this kid play. Eddie would turn his back on them so they couldn't see what he was doing. 'Van Halen I' was like nothing before it, especially 'Eruption'...in the days before video nobody knew how he could do that. Check out 'Cathedral' from 'Diver Down'. That's just Eddie &
  18. Had to pop in to estate agents a couple of days ago. The looks I got for walking 300 metres or so down the High Street without a mask...I might as well have been carrying an axe & a severed head. This is getting bloody ridiculous.
  19. Just found out a friend of my mother received a letter informing her she'd been selected to be part of a vaccine trial. I thought they were voluntary? She's 72 & think she's bought into all of the fearmongering. I know she's taken part.
  20. I came across 2 unconnected people about a month apart who worked in PPE / medical supply. They told almost identical stories. Locating / purchasing PPE wasn't the problem it was being made out to be in the media, but virtually everything they'd imported was stuck at customs.
  21. Maybe her releasing certain information / disinformation into the public domain via a staged trial is part of the deal?
  22. Quality from the Guardian, maybe she's just a 'photo-bomber'?... https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/jul/08/ghislaine-maxwell-celebrities-instagram
  23. She might be a billionaire but she is not a hobbit ?
  24. Very weird. 'The recovered items were a khaki rucksack containing a Lenovo laptop and a copy of the book 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson' Why would you include this? Is there some relevance or meaning here?
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