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  1. Found out my 10 year old nephew is spending his school week outside. Lessons have been ditched for building dens, treasure hunts, sports...anything team building or activity related basically. Apparently the kids haven't just fallen miles behind where they'd be expected to be at this age, their focus & ability to learn has slipped significantly & they're not showing any signs of snapping out of it...& it's been noted they're not socialising properly either. Not sure if this kind of thing is happening elsewhere. Think it's a roll of the dice by the school tbh. We'll never be able to measure the real damage this shit storm has caused.
  2. Been listening to Guns n Roses today... 'I don't need your Civil War Feeds the rich & it buries the poor'...
  3. 'All we want is equality...so here's a list of ways we demand to be treated differently'
  4. Less than 24 hrs on & BBC have everyone's favourite disinformation reporter involved in the coverage. That makes me think something's amiss.
  5. More digital surveillance & censorship will be required then.
  6. It was probably one of the parents that filmed it & put it on social media as well. If that doesn't make your heart sink I don't know what will.
  7. Not for anything else, obviously... Apple to scan iPhones for child sex abuse images
  8. How a fake network pushes pro-China propaganda
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-58045787
  10. Years ago I had a car sticker that said 'I voted B'Stard'...could've done as well, in the show his character was MP for my constituency lol
  11. More crazy shit from Australia, the bloke / woman from Qld this time... https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/nrl-news-the-mole-drone-spying-on-families-queensland-hotel-quarantine/77404074-2fe8-43ed-9bad-a54124447afc
  12. Who can guess who wrote this bile?... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57962675
  13. Population where I live is quite elderly & there are a 2-3 retirement sites, so I reckon there was a high jab take up early on. On the ONS Covid deaths map December still accounts for more than half of the total to date.
  14. Have any of the 'scientists' managed to explain why every single 'anti-vaxxer' appears to be asymptomatic? I mean, what are are the chances?
  15. This is what we're up against. The numptys posting this genuinely believe it.
  16. Every UK adult offered the jab now, 46m according to BBC, 88% take up. Even using their bs figures, that's 7m people that have said no. At least. That's a big voice.
  17. Missed a call from 'NHS Immunisation Management Service'. Left a voice mail though. They'd like to 'discuss my vaccine plans & help me to book an appointment'. They're ringing back...hope they've got a different number, that one's just been blocked!
  18. Circus moves to Tokyo, no spectators at the Olympics... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-57760883 Love the photo of the protesting guy...why is his sign in English? lol
  19. My Mum popped into town this week. Wherever she went to (it'll be one of the major retailers, it involved shopping so I was only half listening lol) was giving away hand gel bottles at the tills & exits. She took them because they were free! Why would they do this? Do they know something we don't?
  20. Definitely speeding up now... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57733276
  21. Working in a property recently, had to leave my shoes outside, gloves, mask, sprayed with disinfectant when I entered...opened one of the doors & there was a woman's scream..."You've put me in danger, I'm vulnerable, I've only had one jab, waaah"...proper panic attack & loud too. She shot out of the already wide open patio doors & down to the bottom of the garden & I could still hear her..."I might be infected now, that could be it, that could be it, waaah". Retired-ish & terrified. That's the nearest I've ever been to downing tools & walking out of a job. Fortunately I'd nearly finished. Couldn't look the husband in the eye, just left. I've not lost it with anyone yet, but it's coming.
  22. Probably the wrong section & a bit random, but...has anyone else noticed a lot of very low flying birds recently? I'm talking pedestrian / car height. Can't say I've ever noticed this before. There must be a reason?
  23. Echoes of John Major / Edwina Currie. Obviously staged, feels like a warning shot to me...step out of line & this could be you. Wonder who it's aimed at?
  24. Small local tv piece on care worker situation a couple of days ago. Whoever was interviewed (spokesperson for the local care homes?) said jab take up amongst staff was high. When asked the reasons some staff hadn't had it she rolled out the stock speech, unfounded conspiracy theories etc, right up to the last sentence..."& some want to have families".
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