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  1. Cyber security: Global food supply chain at risk from malicious hackers Food shortage stories are starting to creep out.
  2. Buffalo shooting: Supermarket attack victims' names released The accompanying background stories for most of them seem a bit odd though...or is that just the reporting?
  3. Bit of a stretch to call a darts player an athlete, but 39 years old & those symptoms seem familiar... World number five darts player James Wade is recovering in hospital in Germany
  4. Graham Thorpe: Former England batter 'seriously ill' in hospital
  5. The MSN news page headline a couple of hours ago was 'Ukraine bombing their own people & blaming Russia'. Can't find any reference to that now.
  6. Anyone seen footage of Jon Bon Jovi singing in the last few days? WTF? Result of being jabbed?
  7. Young woman in coma for 12 days after mystery illness - family says doctors have not ruled out link to Covid vaccine... I'm amazed this made it to print. Reach are as pro-Covid as it gets.
  8. 4.9 million in the UK would test positive according to the ONS... WOULD test positive?
  9. Nobody I know has actually turned. Not one. The believers start to listen & question things & you think they're seeing the light, but as soon as new propaganda comes or or a new jab is mentioned they're straight back in line & become defensive again.
  10. Found out some of my Mum's friends test themselves every day, then log the results. They feel it's their duty.
  11. Cyclist collapses & requires defibrillation Probably caused by a cracked rib.
  12. Rafael Nadal suffers from breathing difficulties during match Wonder how long he's had this?
  13. Arnold Schwarzenegger's anti-Ukraine war video trends on Russian social media How 'Running Man' is this?...except Arnie's the host.
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