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  1. Smartphones are just 21st century pitchforks...#witch!
  2. Something's definitely playing out. I'm not a religious person, so it's not somewhere I'd seek answers.
  3. Aren't followers of religion the original 'sheeple'?...all story, no evidence?
  4. More 'do not resuscitate' decisions heading to a hospital near you? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55689388
  5. It was reported yesterday surgeries medically required within 28 days have been stopped in some (possibly all) London hospitals. I have a family member who's had surgery pulled at a few days notice. The surgeon protested, but to no avail.
  6. Does anyone know any NHS staff that have refused to be vaccinated? Just wondered what kind of response they've had. I'm sure there'll be repercussions.
  7. Notice Piers starts to talk over him as soon as he mentions 'your route to liberty'...grinding my teeth watching that.
  8. I posted briefly about this figure. Crudely dividing population by deaths this would make life expectancy 130 odd wouldn't it? Just doesn't seem quite right.
  9. She was very interesting. The BoE 'losing' 80% of the cash ties in nicely. Wonder if there's a similar pattern of cash disappearing in other countries as well?
  10. Economy thinners. Bring tears to your eyes if you had any nicks or cuts, but the best hand cleaner imaginable. Nothing could survive that.
  11. A glance online tells me around 500k people die in the UK each year. Forgive the rounded figures & quick man maths, but if the population's around 70m & life expectancy is 70-odd, this figure doesn't seem quite right. Am I missing something?
  12. Found out each container carrying the vaccine has seven doses, but only five can be used & the last two are disposed of. Not sure why, temperature maybe?
  13. I was thinking a mask with a message along the lines of 'Virus? I just thought it looked grubby in here'.
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