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  1. Happened across an interesting post on a non-related site. Poster used to live in Spain & has many ex-pat friends there. A conversation with one of them revealed that not only had they not been stabbed yet (they're retired) but they don't know of anybody that has.
  2. Didn't know about either of these...cheers! I wonder how you achieve 'difficult to test' status? I have a strong feeling I'll be difficult to test. I'm a complete techno muppet, but the app code things...could you get one that screws up the scanner?
  3. I've got a book somewhere about IBM & the Nazis. Information is the weapon of choice now.
  4. Heard a sad story today. Guy finds out he's terminally ill & worried about his family contacts his insurers. By all accounts they were very good & a minimum sum was to be paid out when the worst happened. That day came but the insurers offered a fraction of the stated amount because his death certificate has Covid listed as the cause of death, not his terminal illness & has therefore invalidated any agreements. Understand this is being challenged but unsuccessfully so far & even if the family win eventually how traumatic must that be?
  5. That'll be the one! My Dad's sister decided trains & cars were too boyish & went for collecting house numbers instead. One walk down the longest street in town & she was done...didn't really think that through lol
  6. My Dad's mate at school collected car registrations...just different to train spotting I guess? He carried a book that had every car registration in the UK. About 1961 I reckon.
  7. What's this about then?... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56472655
  8. Right on cue... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56475807
  9. Had to replay this to make sure I hadn't misheared it...1:02...'in the history of vaccinology you don't see effects that occur years later'...
  10. Need that printed onto some t-shirts.
  11. Where's are all footage of the cowards arresting thousands of Rangers fans then?
  12. From my favourite Dire Straits song... 'I have legalized robbery, called it belief I have run with the money & hid like a thief Re-written history with my armies & my crooks Invented memories, I did burn all the books'
  13. Really grown to like this guy over the last few months... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-56278140
  14. Cheers mate. This is one of those situations where being self-employed doesn't help a lot. I get by, but that's about it & don't have contacts, just goodwill really...the nature of the job. If I was in & out quickly it would be easier, but I'm in a property for maybe 30 mins & in every room. It's what it is at the moment. Most people are scared.
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