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  1. https://www.sott.net/article/384811-Richard-Branson-hosted-NXIVM-sex-trafficking-cult-events-on-his-private-island
  2. you are right about that nazi occult practice , which i think is bloodthirsty ritual of ancient political imperial structures starting with Pharaos caesarian interests thinking to be genetically prior versus rest of enslaved humanity , Pharao thought that he is God just like unelected Saudi Mode , Caesar Emperor or todays International Monetary Printing Fraud , so Pharao , Saudi Solomon , Roman Emperor or International Monetary Printing Fraud were and still are afraid of political changes , social intellectual revolutions and working class prosperity which leads to human independence and freedom of information or opinion . Pharaonic System got converted into babylonic Roman Empire and it had its business concept managers. After fall of Roman Empire those business managers were venetian or phoenican oligarchy families which became banking monarchies and dynasties around world like brussellian warcriminal King Leopold or jesuitic Habsburg . They were rich oligarchies operating under conduct of criminal babyloanic paedophilian Vatican . Those jesuitic criminals advertising themselves as higher class genetically prior over others as usually slaveowners traditionally think they are and they think they can do what they want , so their private pharaonic imperial slaveownership business system kept rest of humanity undeveloped , poor and disinformed . I call them United Slaveowners .Those slaveowners have trained brainwashed mad dogs and those dogs are KuKlux , SS Nazis and ISIS terrorists to attack and torture enslaved humanity , torture children and destroy any political change potential for revolution , they kill intellectuals like Jesus , journalist Khashoggy , they imprisoned Julian Asange . They destroyed social and scientific prosperity development of Europe and Middle East as well Africa and entire world , as any other criminals they integrate into anything which is good and there they start to corrupt , exploit and control , they integrated into religious operating systems and started programming humanity as gods lambs into faithfull slaves by the order , saudi kings servants and on cross sacrifices , United Slaveowners are politically organized criminals and they design , organize and finance nazis and terrorists and do everything to enslave , border and limit humanity in every sense and destroy economy , prosperity freedom , destroy social equality and true independence of working class. United Slaveowners wants their system globally digitalized , because when all humanity is dependent on source digitalized then it can be easily manipulated and corrupted , then all humanity at same time can be destabilized , and that is what they desperately need to keep maintaining United Slaveowners operating system static .
  3. VIRGIN INTERGALACTIC : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7236725/Inside-Jeffrey-Epsteins-Lolita-Express-allegedly-flew-underage-girls.html
  4. United Slaveowners are genetically prior SS nazis , aroman empire vampires just like saudi harem pharao oligarch is spiritual leader of ISIS terrorists , .. as united criminal organization united slaveowners print money and then people have to live in bordered spaces as private slaves and gladiators serve their masters to get payed , and then when people do all the sweat & work and get payed , then united slaveowners say that people cannot use money because of Corona and basically they say to people to fuck off , .. now all people & children have to get united slavowners vaccine , digital id number and remotely controlled brain microchip. United Slaveowners live in Uckingthem Harems & Palaces , Padeophilian Vatican Cathedrals , and Virgin Islands Solomanic Temples .., Today , united slavowners carefully politically select psychos & psychopaths to install them into everyday public offices , political positions and services to torture citizens , create crises and conflicts and destabilize children peace
  5. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ship-seized-in-1-3-billion-cocaine-bust-is-owned-by-jp-morgan-chase/ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jan/13/kings-of-cocaine-albanian-mafia-uk-drugs-crime https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/kosovo/6481057/Bill-Clinton-unveils-statue-of-himself-in-Kosovo.html
  6. .. i think George Soros as Rothschilds & Rockafellers dirty capital operations agent had lot of investment losses with Clintons and Obama Osama financing ISIS in middleast and SS nazis in Europe , then he lost investments in Hillarys elections ,..... so he and all around him warcriminal oligarchy elite tried to get their losses back with running climate project with Greta Thunberg , and they got 750 billions just same amount as Bush needed for Iraw war when he lost elections , and it was also Obama who needed 750 billions so they invented greek crises packages and europeans were paying and still NATO wanted Europe to pay more , and then with all that other peoples money they financed ISIS terrorists to fight for rothshcild private oil company , and they financed SS nazis to destabilize peace and economy in Europe ....
  7. you are right , but you have to understand the wide subatomic metaphysic reptilian brain picture and corporation of the few business infrastructure political surfing concept ,.... you are right whites will be angry ... or blacks will be angry ... or yellows and reds and browns and whatever colours flowers will be angry ,... and then there will come extraterrestrials green aliens and pink and grey and they will be angry ,..... because they all will be made angry ,...... and that anger is the exactly the CODE , private swiss business empire concept patent , ...... United Slaveowners are swiss banksters , brusselian genetic saud solomanic paedophilians & lolita express fucksters , international monetary printing fraudsters , to run their business as usual they need conflict, they have to keep attacking humanity with crises and conflicts so they keep creating crises and conflicts , nazis, terrorists , viruses ,.... if you still dont understand why , then scientifically speaking , guess why they create particle conflicts inside swiss Large Hadron Collider , ... they are crashing particles against particles inside boredered space and spaces and then they will privately surf upon energy waves created out of particle conflicts and crash ,..... and thats their secret code of business smash ,... so they are politically programming and crashing humanity against each other , and there is no better programming business operating system than racism , nazism , terrorism , system of borders , classes and social differences between humans and then those genetically prior solomanic aroman empire vampire banksters can trigger political conflicts and wars ,runaway with stolen gold and money , and sell weapons , military oil ,...... and then return to power providing postwar society reconstruction credits to people that they have robbed and drove them into wars in first place ,...... Jerusalem is Operating System Code , .. and code is THE CONFLICT and continuous peace economy destabilizations around the world ,.... its always united slavowners rich criminal oligarchy design of mad dogs , viruses and nazis terrorists attack on poor and exploited working classs , .. all wars are about that same thing , .. everything else is political interpretation charade masquerade to disinform and misnavigate humanity senses ,........ United Slaveowners Union private business is genetically prior reptilian industry profits made by programming humanity as gladiators fights into WORLDWIDE WAR CORPORATION ......
  8. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ship-seized-in-1-3-billion-cocaine-bust-is-owned-by-jp-morgan-chase/
  9. ... its not only George Floyd killed by those american KuKlux ,.... there is much more .... , ....... aroman empire american banksters NATO gangsters design nazis terrorists and corona viruses , brusselian leopoldian warcriminal oligarchy have engineered vatican puppet criminal and illegal state Nazi Croatia to be president council of EU in 2020 ,... SS Nazi Croatia is the product just like ISIS terrorists Eurabia ... ,.... its not only George Floyd killed by american KuKlux ,.... there is much more ,.... its Khashoggy , Asange , Kennedy Diana Milosevich , John Lennon , Malcolm , Sadam , Martin Luther , Gadafi , Michael Jackson , Jim Morrison , Christopher Gesus Yes Us , ...... and there is all the time more and more , and much more than before .........
  10. .... cosmic infinity of space is where you are , its the place .... and there is something you should know , ........ united slaveowners union private business show ,........ imperial olympia entertainment and captured enslaved gladiators in the row ,...... you and all people are bordered not because your borders are great nation ,....... just like with every product , to make private profit they will sell you crap and low quality in great package and advertise that as patriotism ,.... you and all humanity is interrupted with borders and thats how you are limited ,......... thats how innocent and nice good lambs are captured , limited and bordered to be used , exploited and slaughtered while wolfstreets and other criminals are politically doing private business uninterrupted , unlimited , unbordered and free , ...... and thats how they will always do quicker and bigger business than you , dont you see ,.... ........ ask Julian Asange why he is limited and bordered ,... and whos world that is ordered , .... somebody interrupted journalist Khashoggy too ,.... even Alex Jones or David Icke is interrupted , limited and bordered by same dictate few ,........ they also put limits to stop and border Jesus , and now they came for me and you ....
  11. ... same here , ... blocked messaging ,.. its been now for many days .
  12. Elon Musk space rockets from sky will shoot innocent people and protesters in Minneapolis , United Slaveowners Union SS & ISIS Nato nazi kuklux forces will protect killers and criminals just as usually NATO is protecting Epstein - Weinstein Andrew coalition Aroman Lolypope paedophilians .
  13. ... after Epstein- clintonian Lolitas Express , and savilian Virgin Islands Intergalactic , ... there comes Elon Musks Space Sex ,.... its all about robbery and politically organized project to robb people and all nations more and more , dont you see ,... they are making money by moneypulation , brainwash and political interpretations , thats how todays elite and their criminal oligarchy Texas Saudi Oil Company lifestyle prosper . ,... everyday carefully preselected politicians create a national bills and debts and then all nations working class will have to work to pay . Its a United Slaveowners Corporation . ... when Bush lost elections and couldnt get money from congress for Iraq war , they invented swineflue and birdflue , and then Bush & Rumsfelds Glaxo Smith Company rightaway sold a bird flue & swineflue vaccines to Europe and then got 750 billions through Goldman Sachs accounts , and then right after that Obama Osama needed cash to financs ISIS and there became Greek Crises , and then again through greek crises package EU payed 750 billions to Goldman Sach accounts , and then littlebit of Gretas Climate Project got 750 billions , then Bezos space program needs 750 billions , and then rightaway after Gretas Climate 750 billions into Goldman Sachs accounts , suddenly there was Corona Virus Project which needs another 750 billions .... and so on ... business just goes on ,.... now again Elon Musk has project and its another 750 billions ,... they make bills and and people will pay , working class will work for United Slaveowners Unions and then saudi prince Soloman Hurry will have new castle and buy new villa in Canada and be always genetically prior over other peoples races .
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