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  1. https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/ ^^^every time you click the link above a new person that does not exist pops up, a totally digital creation. And yet if you saw the same creations any other place, you would automatically assume they were photographs of real people. Therefore, it of course follows, that technology has made it just as easy to digitally clone "real living" political figures and every other type of "real living" personage of authority and widespread influence in the media and place them in as many manufactured situations as needed (even in animation), to push agendas without so much as having to have them physically show up in a studio or at some specified public place. And it goes without saying that all of these influential media figures, being already part of the club, will never spill the beans about what is going on. It further follows, that in light of the above realities at this stage of the game, "real life" live-action lookalikes or so-called "clones," (fancy "mask-wearing" or not) which it is fair to assume all truly powerful people must have employed in the past and would be wise to still keep in their duper's delight arsenal of media-fakery weapons of mass deception, become far less useful. Click 3 times to enlarge:
  2. click 3 times to enlarge: click 3 times to enlarge click 3 times to enlarge:
  3. aajonus vonderplanitz lecture 2005 part 1 - notes Can you imagine having a childbirth with only two contractions? On the Raw Animals Foods diet it's a common occurence. Diet and biochemistry has everything to do with ability, behavior and intelligence. Every time you eat carbs, whether cooked or raw, you store 70 to 90% of the advanced glycation end-product, which is always there when you utilize carbohydrates in your body, for a lifetime. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_glycation_end-product What does it do? It turns into an acid with a similar chemical structure to muriatic acid (used in pool cleaner, removing iron and rust from steel, etc.) and starts eating away your body. According to a study in Sweden that went on for 15 years, 60% of fluids in all cancers come from cooked carbs, especially cooking and frying foods in vegetable oils which is very common. How many billions of dollars are in chips and cereals and french fries in the world? What does protein do in the body? Every cell and system in the body builds from protein. It's an important substance. What happens when it's cooked? Well it produces by-products and carcinogens. But even with cooked red meat, the tribes that eat only meat and cook it all have no hardening of the arteries. Who started the whole red meat causes hardening of the arteries fear-mongering? Again, the vegetable oil industry in the 1950s, to get people to start eating vegetable oils instead of lard and guess what vegetable oils turn into in the body? Resins. They harden and crystalize in the body. So what causes hardening of the arteries and heart disease? Vegetable oils, especially hydrogenated vegetable oils which have the same molecular structure as plastic. So-called herbivores have the high body temperature to keep these oils liquid in the body but not humans. Animal fats give you the fat soluble vitamins, lubricate, the body makes solvents with them to dissolve toxicity, the protect the body, arrest toxins and contain them. And they give you the strongest amount of energy that you can have. Compare the energy and lifting ability of weight-lifters who are all above 20% body fat to body-builders who are always below 10%. Even if it's "bad fat" bad fat protects you. People think that blood system is the most important in the body, it isn't. The main purpose of the red blood cells is to transport oxygen to other cells. You can live 6 minutes without oxygen, but after that there is nerve damage. However you can't live without some nutrients in the body such as potassium or phosphorous for more than about 3 minutes. The white blood cells also act as fat cells and combine with toxins in the system to clean it out of the system. The body uses the lymph system more than any other system in the body. The lymph system is more complex than the nervous system and the bloodstream. The lymph system is connected to the lacteal system which is a web network attached to the intestine. When you absorb nutrients through the intestine, it's always a milky substance, that's why it's called lacteal. It moves into the lymph system which distributes the food to every cell in the body except for the blood cells. Plus it's responsible for removing the toxins, wastes and by-products in the system. It has to take those, it has to neutralize them, it has to dissolve them, then neutralize them again and send them out of one or more passages of the body, you whole body being a bowel. Anybody calls you an asshole, say thank you, that's exactly what I am, since your skin is a major bowel, you discharge most of the poisons out through the skin, then tear ducts, ear wax, tongue, gums, salivary gland, built into the hair and nails, mucus and vaginal discharge, urinary tract, bowels. The body sends it out everywhere it can. Women are said to live 20% longer than men which is equal to the 20% greater mucus discharge out of the vaginal cavity. So the body uses the lymph system more than any other system in the body. It is the most important system. When the lymph system gets congested, the body can neither feed itself properly nor remove wastes properly and problems arise. The nervous system transports information - light is transported. How? By metals. By metallic minerals in the body, but minerals that are bonded or joined, chelated you might call it, with other nutrients in the body, not "free radicals." There are never free radicals working in the brain if the brain is functioning properly. A free radical is a heavy metal that isn't conjoined with another nutrient, whether it's a Vitamin A, Vitamin E, another mineral, or other fluids and fats. Any bioactive substance is always in combination of substances and is not a free radical, does not operate on its own. Any of those that are isolated and on their own, they are contaminants, "free radicals," a caustic substance that can cause damage. Most of them gravitate to the nervous system because the nervous system needs heavy metals, all kinds of metals, metallic minerals to do its job of transmitting information and light. When people have rotting teeth, why do you think that is? Do you think it's from bacteria, like you're told? No, bacteria comes in response to the heavy metals drained from the brain going out the gums, causing plaque around the gums, the metal hangs around there. Battery acid will eat a hole in your skin because of very heavy metals. Mercury will contaminate and turn your skin grey and then black and then rot. When those kinds of metals come in contact with your teeth, they destroy the enamel cells. Once it gets damaged, it begins to decay. The bacteria is just there to get rid of the decaying tissue. It doesn't cause the cavity. The heavy toxic substances leaking out from your brain into your gums and hanging on your teeth, that's what causes the problem. That's why attacking the body with fluoride, which is heavy metals, causes even more decay. The only way fluoride can be said to "reduce cavities" is because people's teeth fall out. Certainly they have less cavities, since they have less teeth! So the neurological system has the attraction to almost all the heavy metals that there are in the body. About 80% of the heavy metals consumed in the body every day go to the brain. Next they go to the bones (marrow) and some of the glands that are high in fat. The liver's not terribly high in fat, it's concentrated in protein, blood and urine. Pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, prostate, gonads, ovaries. All those places are reservoirs for toxins because of high fat content. Where do these toxins come from? From all food. Even from herbs. You can get them from herbal teas. Do you know why? Because there is heavy metals in all food. You've got iron, you've got lead, you've got all the minerals that are in the earth in every food that you eat. When you cook them, you break the link. Then they become free radicals. And if your pancreas in your system isn't extremely resourceful to be able to leech nutrients from your body to re-couple them while they're still in the digestive tract, yes they're going to be running around in your body: free radicals damaging everything and everywhere. That's why people get "old" and deteriorate, when there should be no synonymy between aging and deterioration. The glands are responsible for keeping energy levels up. They produce hormones. They keep certain levels of functionality going. If any of these systems break down then chronic fatigue will settle down in a gland, many glands and then the whole body. Anytime anything malfunctions in the body, it's either from starvation, malnutrition or contamination. A lot of people say, nah it's all in your head. That's is absolute bullshit. There is nothing that happens in the head that doesn't happen in the physiology first. When the body is able to be smart and intelligent and not flooded with cooked substances, it knows and identifies, it can take the time to discern: well we want this and we don't want that, etc. But when you inundate it with something cooked and you set all those poisons free, you're just filling it with toxicity, it's got to make too many decisions with little nutrients. People have different levels of glandular activity, different hormone levels. It's how much physical activity of fluids you produce in your body. The more glandular activity you have, the more you need to exercise. And if you don't, guess what? Your body is going to burn those hormones through emotional energy and that's worry, anxiety. Exercise or anxiety/worry, what do you want to do? Depends on the person. Some people like drama. So for actors, don't exercise, get out there and get in the show, drive all your friends and everybody else crazy. Transcend Your Life Story, It Isn’t True - Peter Ralston Our life stories are not “us” but just a dramatic (traumatic) and very biased interpretation of what we’ve chosen to include or exclude as constituting "us" out of a vast amount of experiences, because we think that version of us, that particular acting job, will get us what we want in life. click 3 times to enlarge:
  4. the51project the51project 4 months ago This is the new current-sea for the Age of Aquarius, an age of Air(waves): Crypt-o- where the dead sleep. Block - a square block upon which slaves stand for sale. Chain - the bindings for the sold slave. Cell - A phone needed to use crypt-o-current-sea. A cage for the prisoners. Bars - A visual indication of the signal strength to a Cell. The bars on the cage. 121 Chiron Last - The Unknown
  5. Kate Sugak interviews Dr. Stefan Lanka - June 25th, 2021 https://odysee.com/@DeansDanes:1/Stefan-Dean-and-Kate:8?r=CSdnV99Ro5N5Kf1h1m1gCsPHpXr1c1GT
  6. Kate Sugak interviews Dr. Stefan Lanka - June 25th, 2021 https://odysee.com/@DeansDanes:1/Stefan-Dean-and-Kate:8?r=CSdnV99Ro5N5Kf1h1m1gCsPHpXr1c1GT click 3 times to enlarge click 3 times to enlarge: https://ia802603.us.archive.org/7/items/NietzscheOnTruthAndLying/nietzsche on truth and lying.pdf click 3 times to enlarge
  7. click 3 times to enlarge click 3 times to enlarge click 3 times to enlarge click 3 times to enlarge click 3 times to enlarge: click 3 times to enlarge: click 3 times to enlarge: click 3 times to enlarge: click 3 times to enlarge:
  8. https://frankiesfreerangemeat.com/ https://rawfarmusa.com/ https://rawfarmusa.com/blog/can-you-freeze-raw-dairy-products https://uddermilk.com/shop If in other areas, depending on your state, you can still get raw dairy but you might have to contact a farm directly: https://www.farmtoconsumer.org/raw-milk-nation-interactive-map/ If in England, there are many farmer’s markets that sell raw dairy. If you click on the red placement markers on this map https://westonaprice.london/uk-raw-milk-map/ it will give you the address of the farmer’s markets. To find Raw Dairy in the USA, put your zip code in here https://getrawmilk.com/search/
  9. https://tombarnett.tv/2021/05/19/ask-the-nurses-why-cant-we-catch-a-virus-mind-emotional-viruses-bioenergetics/ https://tombarnett.tv/2021/05/29/circumcision-trauma-healing-anti-men-agenda/ https://tombarnett.tv/2021/06/09/aliens-frequency-losing-friends-in-more-ways-than-one/ HUGE FAKE SPACE NEWS: NASA & SPACEX TEAM UP https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyIhHTLqM1noQbdFuX45EaA/videos Blonde in the Belly of the Beast / Black Pilled (Devon Stack) on Government, Propaganda & Tyranny
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