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  1. Meanwhile: Zombie Apocalypse (The Covid Fraud Summarised in under 17 Minutes) https://brandnewtube.com/watch/zombie-apocalypse-the-covid-fraud-summarised-in-under-17-minutes_dOn3C8qpoFWeQtt.html
  2. Okay. Now wait for a response. They are always very busy.. BC
  3. Can you not grab a screen shot ? BC
  4. Hello and welcome. You will get a response somewhere in the main sections of this forum. Not all members come and look in the New Members section. BC :0)
  5. Keep the message as short and to the point as possible. Try again.. BC
  6. When Yasmina is online next she'll see this.. BC
  7. No-one can deny Jewish people died in the camps. The question is how many and how / why.. Asking these questions qualifies you as a Holocaust Revisionist which is seen to be the same as a flat out denier. Either way you will be hounded / hunted down / persecuted and censored and even imprisoned if you find yourself in the wrong country. 'Sabbatean Frankists' is much more accurate if you want to point fingers at the World's problems. If you look, the general population of Israel are having a hard time with vaxxine passports. So who is the real problem
  8. Not exactly today's news :0) Moving to General.. BC
  9. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/forum/53-5g/
  10. You don't need to be mad to join here... But it certainly helps. Welcome BC :O)
  11. I'm going to seemingly random write Not apparently saying anything Knowing that he is watching In a bestie jokey manner. Still aware he might miss it And wonder WTF I'm doing Tricky or not Which one is it All will be revealed This coming next phone call :0)
  12. "CERTIFICATE OF BOLLOCKS" nurse speaks out against constant PCR testing and calls out the use of ETHYLENE OXIDE to sterilise the swabs.
  13. The Humour Section is further down the board.. BC
  14. Bollox. Just because it's a gas doesn't mean it doesn't hang around and stay within the fibers. Does it just magically float away somewhere safe ? They sterilise the swabs with this gas (Ethylene Oxide) and then immediately put them into sealed packets. What 'gas' is within the fibers of your clothes ? Within bed clothes / curtains and other such fabrics ? Nitrogen and Oxygen. It may well be a very small amount but when people are being tested several times a week for the foreseeable future then it's definitely going to be
  15. Just had a visit by a maskless man.... l informed him l'd sent it off. He was happy with that and went on his way. :O)
  16. 3...IS my lucky number.
  17. It's the same video - different link BC
  18. I added another link that's live still but it won't last long. Can you upload it to Bitchute or Brandnewtube and post a link ? (if I was on my laptop I'd do it myself) BC Edit; Bitchute link for when this is removed - https://www.bitchute.com/video/4PT9sy8ljY0p/
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