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  1. @Anam Chara There were some issues last year with 'rules' about masks on the ferry. Brian Rose visited the Isle of Wight for an interview at one point. But David was at several Demonstrations last year so I'm guessing that he's not stuck.. BC :0)
  2. You can multi quote by clicking on the ' + ' sign. Click on as many as you want, even from different threads and sections. BC
  3. The moderators on his page are a nightmare. The forum behind the blog is controlled by the same team. It stinks in there.. :0( But again - some real stuff is disclosed by Craig. Important stuff. BC
  4. @oddsnsods This is the post I messed up first time around. I revisited it on my laptop and presented it in a clearer way. Still a long read though :0)
  5. I'm surprised that no one has noticed and mentioned this already... I'll get back when I have more information. BC
  6. @oddsnsods This is the info on the Dr Mike Yeadon bullshit in the comments section.. BC
  7. I'll go have a look dude. He gives some 100% accurate info that no one else is sharing. The Sturgeon / Salmond shitfest he reported on has got him into a whole heap of trouble. And he has a unique perspective being 'in the system' at one point. I totally agree that he has it 100% wrong on the virus and vaxxine.. BC
  8. Sorry Eve but this is completely fake news. I have BBC 24hr News on permanently and I haven't seen or heard anything about this.. BC
  9. Yeah I know.. Remember the long post I did a few weeks ago when his moderators wouldn't let me mention or discuss Dr Mike Yeadon in the comments section ? I highlighted a post by someone in the comments section who was in the industry but called Craig Murray out on his stance. Craig may well be a shill or someone who is very mistaken and under an awful lot of pressure. He's waiting for a hearing on his coming sentence for being found guilty for contempt of court. . Shill or not, some of the information he provides is still very valuable. BC
  10. Barnard Castle Revisited I was pretty diffident a year ago in suggesting corrupt backhanders as a potential motive for Dominic Cummings to visit GSK in Barnard Castle, because part of me resisted the idea that even the Tories would seek to make personal profit from a pandemic. Since then, of course, we have learnt of the quarter of a billion pounds (yes, £250,000,000) given to family investment firm Ayanda Capital for PPE procurement for which Ayanda was utterly unqualified and unsuited, numerous other examples of closed bids and completely inappropriate awards. The UK seems not jus
  11. AND FOR OUR NEXT COVID BACKFLIP... https://www.bitchute.com/video/CwS0wBBNewtC/ US Teachers Union Rep Fights For Mask Wearing Whilst Fighting To Breath.... Simply Breathtaking https://www.bitchute.com/video/zvCiNPBY3aF8/ Experts Call for Mandatory Use of Victoria’s QR App to Streamline Contact Tracing https://www.theepochtimes.com/experts-call-for-mandatory-use-of-victorias-qr-app-to-streamline-contact-tracing_3734661.html Brisbane COVID cluster grows, but no lockdown for now https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/brisbane-
  12. No worries. I was just clarifying.. :0)
  13. I haven't mentioned anything about such things.. BC
  14. I'm sure it's here, but this is a reminder of what the WHO were recommending about masks a year ago. Nothing like now.. W. H.O ON FACE MASKS, UPLOADED TO THEIR YOU TUBE CHANNEL ON 10 MARCH, 2020 (NOW AN UNLISTED VIDEO)
  15. There was. Whether it is still active or not is another question. I will have a look tomorrow.
  16. Cool :O) Sheer numbers help, as seen in the London demo on the 20th. Even though there were more police in the area than l've ever seen anywhere before , they were still vastly outnumbered and the demonstrators easily pushed through blocks / police lines several times. lndeed , their situation is immediately life threatening and hence the action / reaction.. Likewise. lt was good to see demonstrators at London grabbing people back from the police. No violence but just protecting other fellow demonstrators. BC
  17. Something for @Truthspoon to have a look at?
  18. Which demonstrations have you been to in the UK recently and what sort of behaviour did you witness ?
  19. ...and the daily news - videos - lckonic - interviews etc... BC
  20. Prosecuting the Police. Rob wins one and loses one..
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