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  1. Yep. That'd be a big problem. Would you trust clipping onto a zip wire ? You can watch the clips being attached and check them yourself. Zip lining is becoming a huge past time / hobby. Next best thing to freefall / paragliding.. l was up in Wales zip lining old slate mines last year.
  2. My UK mates went to the USA skydive school called LODI to train. Cheaper than Europe. https://skydivelodiparachutecenter.com/ (what's TI ? )
  3. l'm not trying to be hostile. l was directing you to parts of the forum you might enjoy more. This thread is gnarly...it's about the current violent conflicts acting out everywhere, driven by the agenda that you're aware of. You didn't seem to be enjoying being in this part. l was merely pointing out that there's calmer, more peaceful parts of the forum looking into the things you were mentioning, about Davids work and ideas. Peace :O)
  4. l used to hangglide, paraglide and microlight. My mates still freefall, wingsuit and base-jump :O) Do it.
  5. For anyone interested, this is the most beautiful full solar eclipse video l have ever seen. 8 minutes of an authentic first hand video recorded experience of a solo paramotor pilot at around 3,000 ft. Truly awesome footage.
  6. l'm still on the forum, but really busy with a couple of small problems. l will come back to this later tomorrow.. BC
  7. Are you suggesting we don't look at these sort of videos and so hope in doing that, every problem will just go away ? The long standing members/posters here are falling for no tricks whatsoever and dancing to no tune. The posters here are looking AT the people falling for the agenda and discussing the agenda and sharing instances of violence in recorded videos caused by the agenda. You may direct posters to David Ickes books. Here is the Book section; https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/forum/58-recommended-reading-viewing-and-audio/ And here is the David Icke section; https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/forum/33-david-icke-discussion/ BC :O)
  8. Look at the Mod option on the top of the first page and look at history to see what this thread was originally called :O)
  9. l'd guess the point of that video is to show people who don't have a TV and don't follow MSM (like me) what is happening in LA - California. The mindless violence and chaos being caused by Antifa and BLM protesters blindly following their given agendas.. Very informative. Does every single posts here have to be uplifting ? ls that in the T&Cs ? (There are more uplifting and less troubling sections of this forum if you look) Yes the 'Illuminati' and all the other given names for the Controllers are trying to set us all against each other, aren't they ? l don't see EnigmaticWorld doing their job for 'them'. Who exactly is 'them'. Do YOU know 'them' ? Yes, it is a low frequency video, but an authentic and very real video of real events happening right now in OUR world. The behaviour in the video is rather shameful. We all should thank Enigmaticworld for bringing it to OUR attention.
  10. 'obvious to young children' is getting very close to being very insulting. l have not been rude to you and expect the same. l did not delete your thread as l already explained to you, l merged it with your own thread because it was going over the same stuff.....gravity / density etc... (this might not be to obvious or clear to see now, as when the forum re-emerged it was missing about 7 or 8 days due to a 2nd hack. But before the forum going offline and the hack l definitely informed you l had merged (added together) both of YOUR threads) Nothing was deleted by me. No-one posted any evidence of real anti-gravity tech other than your photos of balloons ????? You showed 2 images of 2 sealed containers. o Only if other factors allow. lf other factors are stronger, then no.. No, not BS....2 different models. You clearly presented 2 sealed containers. Space isn't in a sealed container, nor is Earth in a sealed container. Fact.
  11. Yep.....l'm seeing a misunderstanding and confusion now too, especially after reading ItsTheTruthThough post after yours. l apologise for my part in this confusion. The first thing is despite it taking 2 to create, it becomes 1 persons sole responsibility. You cannot lay claim to control over a woman's body once you have 'successfully impregnated her'. She is still a Sovereign being, impregnated or not. Secondly - There is no onus on 'us' to speak up for something that isn't born , alive or separate from the 'pregnant woman'. Thirdly - The only situation acceptable for an abortion is where the woman says. "l don't want this pregnancy". Fourthly - l agree that abortion up to the point of birth is totally abhorrent. Within 2 months of conception, ideally , 3 months absolute maximum in my opinion. Last point - l did end that relationship. l still loved her. lt broke my heart but I respected her right to make her choice. But l didn't agree with or like her choice. l should have the right to say no to anyone wanting to put something into my body. (vaccines etc..) Just as l should have the right to put anything into it that l wish to. (so called illegal substances etc..) l own my own body and anything in it, if nothing else... So does a woman.
  12. Trolling While David welcomes discussions on his research and doesn’t expect everyone will necessarily agree with every aspect of his work, anyone who joins this forum with the sole intention of flaming David Icke on his own forum will find their account suspended without warning. Please do not flame others or deliberately disrupt users who wish to seriously discuss aspects of David’s work. While it is perfectly fine to discuss aspects of David’s work you disagree with or do not understand, posters who habitually criticize David’s work while offering little or nothing constructive to other forum discussions will not be allowed to dominate this forum.
  13. So.......RealTruth. (aka LondonFake) Bearing in mind the sign up T&Cs, can you tell us all why you joined this DAVID ICKE forum please ?
  14. That's a question for the Mod TEAM here... :O)
  15. Aha. l do believe you have identified yourself then. l've connected some dots. You're the member banned by Bean over on Max Igans 'CrowHouse' forum for constant anti Icke posts and these same London Fake videos. You and Sun God were both banned and l was blamed for reporting you, which l didn't. (contact Bean on CrowHouse) You were RealTruth over there wasn't you.. lt's a small world, innit :O)
  16. Consider this; How long did it take to make that and other videos ? You wasted 90 seconds but someone else has wasted days and days...
  17. Inter forum comments / issues goes against terms and agreements you agreed to when signing up.
  18. Which is clearly against the guidelines everyone agrees to when signing up..
  19. Referring / quoting none DIF forum interactions on a public thread in this forum is not a good idea. lt also shows you have come here with a clear agenda..
  20. While this is true for 2 seal containers, space is not in a sealed container and earth is not in a sealed container. Earth is a blob of matter within the middle of a limitless empty space. 2 completely different models.
  21. lf we're spiritual beings we come here over and over and maybe to other places over and over. The spirit never dies... All bodies always die, sooner or later. lf we're here for ever and repeat different experiences over and over, then every single permutation is valid and valuable. In eternities scale of things, what's the difference between living for 300 years, 30 years, 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours ? (other than the emotional effects on others) And when exactly does the spirit / soul enter the given / chosen body ? lf you believe in Spirit then the possibilities are infinite..
  22. You don't have the right to make such assumptions and ask such pointed invasive questions. You also don't have the right to try to assign blame and guilt either.. Lucky you, if you never found yourself in such a difficult position with such a serious decision to make. . . l'm a male. l don't agree with abortion. l was with a partner who became unintentionally pregnant. She decided that she didn't want it. (for many reasons which are none of anyone's business) l did want her to have it. She had an abortion. l respected her decision because it's her body. l explained my position, but l had no right to try to persuade her any further. No government, no religion or anyone has any right to tell a woman what to do with something in HER body, which is attached and PART of her body. l agree on a humane and practical timescale. lt must be done as quickly as possible. 3 months absolute maximum in my opinion. Any later and the baby that eventually gets born should then be safely adopted. .
  23. London Flake When you post something funny can you tag me ? Ta :O)
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