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  1. Here too, on BitChute. https://www.bitchute.com/video/0kRMuWL5vwtz/
  2. Snowden and Bradley / Chelsea Manning don't seem to have gotten the general public off of their asses to act. l can't see this being any different unless it just comes down to votes for this coming USA election. People, technology and ideas migrated wholesale from Germany to the USA after WW2. Why is that sort of thing important now ? Who really benefits doesn't depend on popular narrative. Someone / some collective is clearly actually going to benefit from this. BC :O)
  3. Hiya. Evil is indeed trying to grow. So it's an open quote, to everyone..? Everyone on the Forum, everyone in the World ? l won't be able to watch the films until later tomorrow. Will the quote mean more then ? BC :O)
  4. Hello Jex, thanks for the 2 films. Are those words a quote from someone to do with the films ? BC :O)
  5. Good points. Either way is very possible. lt certainly didn't stop the release, but did increase it's publicity massively. Who benefits ? The documentary is out there now.....not stopped. Millie Weaver has nearly $150K......probably nearer $300K+ by the time it slows down......all to deal with a minor domestic law case ? As for the political shit storm caused by this documentary.....who do you think benefits ? BC :O)
  6. l think most Thai Ladies are Lady Ladies and not Lady Boys. Not that you could tell until it was too late
  7. His family keep a tight lid on the situation. They have him on life support at home with doctors an nurses attending 24hrs.. Very strange and very sad :O(
  8. Mine go straight into my spam folder. That's a lot of people. Many more to watch the recording in the next few weeks too. Nothing really new to us forumites, but good for people that don't look into this stuff so much.
  9. She claimed to not know why she was being arrested.....hinting at and making people believe it was all over the documentary and hence people jumping in to help with her defence. (Now well over $100K......heading for $150K.) She did in fact know exactly why she was arrested and was expecting it. lt was about a domestic at her Mums house.....burglary, assault and something else. Big argument and stuff over content on a mobile phone. The documentary was finished before this incident. And was released immediately upon her arrest. Big set-up drama advertising tactics.....IMO.
  10. Come on Bamboozle.....unbamboozle us, what's your take on all this ?
  11. Politically in the USA this is huge.......how many people are there in America who speak English/American ?
  12. Millie Weaver / Info Wars etc ? Not a UK English term. "Calls Out "Grifters" If there's one type of person you don't want to trust, it's a grifter: someone who cheats others out of money. Grifters are also known as chiselers, defrauders, gougers, scammers, swindlers, and flim-flam men. Selling a bridge and starting a Ponzi scheme are things a grifter might do."
  13. l thought Thai culture was pretty chilled in regards to Men and Womens equality and that ? Unlike a lot of male dominant cultures. Not as free and easy as l thought then ?
  14. Isle of Man is a strange place. Different tax laws and stuff. Sort of UK but not.
  15. Whoops. So hows it going with your Thai bride ?
  16. Yep. Everyone is free to go race there or not. Freedom of choice. TT is an anomaly in the West. Thankfully..
  17. Do people wear masks for their dating app pictures ? ls that a 'thing' now ? What with it being a fashion statement for some.
  18. His eyes. He's got that '1000 mile stare' going on... In a head space / zone that normal mortals never experience.
  19. l guess that would pique the interest of the right sort of person and would be a great conversation opening topic. How unconventional ? And in what way ?
  20. 21st century Gladiators, mate. Proper Gladiators.
  21. Does anyone think having 'PLANDEMIC' or 'KILL BILL' , written across their forehead in their profile photo would help on dating sites ?
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