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  1. What, the Con-19 that doesn't exist ? Nah....
  2. l found out he occasionally posts on another forum. l found his profile page. He's posted there 2016 - 2020. Last post was 18th Feb 2020, nothing since (l stumbled across you too, in the same forum ) Come on Muir, let us know you're okay..
  3. There's freedom of speech.....and then there's 'barging into threads / conversations and sidetracking them'. (in the name of free speech) But only nearly every single time
  4. Muir was a Mod. He also had the highest post count. And the highest reaction count.
  5. But Muir couldn't delete himself ??
  6. Eh ? Where did that come from ?
  7. You're right it won't be the same. Threads might actually be more coherent and calm without his rabid ability to derail every subject he touches
  8. l'm guessing he would then contact / email the Ickes directly ? Have they heard from him ? ls he okay ?
  9. A little reminder of why we are here in this forum..
  10. See next post; (l couldn't start a thread WITH a video for some reason - guess it'll get fixed sometime soon)
  11. Basket Case


    Where is he ? ls he okay ? Have Admin heard from him ? Why hasn't he signed back up to comment ?
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