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  1. One of our members here got arrested for NO reason at all at Hyde Park a few weeks back. Piers Corbyn gets arrested nearly every fucking day... But this spill over from the US has become the next GLOBAL plandemic. Fuck the 'agenda' of the po-Lice and their satanic paymasters.
  2. Morpheus.......run !!!!!!! He's on his way
  3. lt goes to show they've been told how to behave, to who and when... Cunts
  4. Random off topic post; . When I was dead (short story) by Vincent O'Sullivan (a very good friend of Oscar Wilde) read aloud..
  5. Iain Banks used fiction as a tool to present and play with ideas. He was an incredibly intelligent man with high integrity. He was one of the group of people who tried to get Tony Blair impeached over Iraq
  6. One of the many questions and ideas brought up through this 'story'..
  7. PROOF: Agent Provocateurs INITIATE VIOLENCE At Riots To Gain ORDER OUT OF CHAOS!!!
  8. Out of reactions. +1 No sense at all when it's all looked at carefully and slowly. George Floyd is not dead if the total footage is from 2 different times ( 2 different vests - both black vests but one totally black and one with light 'edged piping' ) Yet another high level fake event designed to create a reaction.
  9. Vancouver, Canada - live stream Antifa protest Dan Dicks from 'Press for Truth youtube channel is falsely accused of racism, surrounded and ATTACKED By ANTIFA. Anti-fascists behaving like fascists. lnverted much ?
  10. Chris ain't stupid. "However, if you watch the NBC News video (found HERE) that I am taking these screenshots from, you will notice that the yellow/beige vest trim comes and goes – which to me suggests that the video has been edited… Now why would they do that?" 'found here link' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiSm0Nuqomg&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1ZFHVWMkJhmIGu73NLLk6td1AJYf6815ANmxaLNRRVdgajiioj2Wi7EM4
  11. l almost swallowed the Q thing. lt was getting big on general social media. l've noticed it's lost its momentum. Lots of nasty truths but also lots of empty promises..
  12. You don't think this is part of all the theatre..? (hateful that it is.........and how much of the theatre isn't hateful?) Martial law looks to be the very next step in Murica..
  13. A large majority of comments / responses to that tweet are negative.. (but he's still a cunt)
  14. Someone earlier said he's not a real activist unless he then runs out with a TV under his arm...
  15. And unaccountable victimless mindless violence through 'fucked up console games'.. (edit; And fucked up violent films)
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