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  1. That almost made me fall off my seat Is for real or some clever CGI ?
  2. A basic description does help us to decide if we want to watch a 20 minute video. And lets us all know if it's on topic
  3. Wow !! l've watched the film a few times just to remind myself how utterly grim it is. There seems to be no hint or suggestion of this level of manipulation and control in the film. l know that films can never cover the depth of a book but this is a big omission. Looks like l've got to make a bit more room on my overstuffed book shelf..
  4. There's this recent video about people cancelling their licences (and why);
  5. l skimmed past these 2 days ago but something has compelled me to come back and address this complete misunderstanding /misinformation. l've flown on and off over the years in a wide variety of light aircraft. l almost went for and still might go through training for a UK PPL - private pilots licence. l already hold a basic glider pilots licence. l have hundreds of air hours. Pilots do not simply fly at a certain level by holding the controls still, nor does auto-pilot maintain level flight by holding the controls still. All flights and routes are planned and controlled by airspace co
  6. lf you agree, then how about you stop using the word 'retard' ?
  7. l'm just starting page 15 and now about to go get some ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs. l will keep going and catch up.
  8. l'm working my way slowly through this huge thread. l've spent most of my life in the south of England. From the age of around 8 or 9 l was keen on the night sky and had my own telescope. l'm no expert , just interested. l spent nearly 2 years in Australia / NZ / Fiji over a decade ago, travelling extensively. The night sky (which was vastly more clearer that the UK / Europe) was completely alien to me. l recognised no stars / constellations at all.. Can this be explained in your model of our physical plane ? Thanks
  9. Even though Craig Murray is busy defending himself against the corrupt Scottish law system, he still has the time and energy to produce work for his superb blog. Banana Republic Corruption 8 Jul, 2020 The Ayanda Capital contract to supply £250 million of PPE to the NHS has not caused anything like the stir it should, because UK citizens appear to have come to accept that we live in a country with a Banana Republic system of capitalism. I suppose when you have a Prime Minister who handed out £60 million of public money for a Garden Bridge that there was no chance would ever b
  10. There is 1......yes, only 1 redeeming feature of the BBC. l don't watch TV......don't have a licence...l will never give them my money...and despise everything the BBC stands for (except one very little known thing) BBC 6 radio. l have it on most of the day. lt's digital only. lt's my guilty pleasure. lt's the most enjoyable and eclectic music station l have ever found. lt's almost been shut down / defunded a few times due to low listener numbers, but has somehow survived. (l still agree with defunding / shutting down the Beeb though.....l'll survive )
  11. Not everything is black and white. l know you know that. She's dug deep and hard in the Maddy case....and high level pedophilia. She has almost finished her Con-19 documentary. l look forward to watching it.
  12. l agree with you about phone zombies. But.....if 'we here' can catch the attention of some of those young phone zombies by being easily accessible to them, then that should be a good thing. Fingers crossed and all..
  13. Hopefully that'll be in the virtual 3D room in the new forum
  14. Keir Stamer was head of prosecutions investigating Jimmy Saville while he was still alive. Starmer deemed that there was insufficient evidence to move forward He has also refused to act on the recent Labour Party inquiry findings about right wing factions of the party helping to stop Corbyn becoming PM. The Dorset Eye had a great article recently explaining how Labour Members have submitted official complaints against Starmer and 5 of his cronies for - Antisemitism - LOL The article laid out exactly how the complaint was submitted in great detail and invited other Labo
  15. We could give this condition a name - 'The Normie Virus'. The only cure is this forum
  16. Coming here to this forum should be enjoyable in my opinion. There are many deep dark subjects among many that are looked into here. A full 360 degree of subjects and opinions including some real serious shit. Somehow there has to be an enjoyable forum community spirit that should draw people in, despite differing opinions. Not everyone will see eye to eye on all things, but we need to find common ground and respect that creates a good 'vibe' here.. That's my goal. And l know l'm not the only one who feels this
  17. Hiya. l was frustrated and disappointed with how things turned out here and retired. l kept in touch with some members through other forums, email and phone. The new forum will be live fairly soon and l was asked to assist with its running and protection. Gareth made me a Mod l'm here to keep the peace and keep the alternative information flowing (and have fun as well )
  18. l'm hot and cold with Jonathan Pie, but l love his take on censorship of jokes and comedy..
  19. Rewinding quite a few years ago, this is the first person l noticed being hounded and censored. David Irving. All his research and writings were based on actual historical documents which he traveled extensively to examine, held by European governments after WW2. At first he was an award winning writer, then as he unearthed increasingly embarrassing information he became reviled. He's been imprisoned (maybe twice ?), had his life ruined by being dragged through the Courts by plaintiffs with huge resources, had a Hollywood (misinformation) film made about the court case etc, etc... ln
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