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  1. Meanwhile.......during those 22 hours Gareth has somehow found the time to TWEET / COMMENT / POST over 30 times n his friggin Twatter account ?????? 30 times ??????? Busy ????? Really ???????????? l am so fucked off right now. l'm going offline. https://twitter.com/garethicke
  2. Who (who actually use this forum) was asked what platform might be best.........what type of platform would we prefer ? Answer - NO-ONE
  3. THIS THIS THIS.........and THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. This is obviously so so so very very wrong from the DIF Admin.....
  5. They don't seem interested in communicating or feedback. (Also- discussions split / splinter if you reply to one comment in the middle of a 'thread'. lt doesn't take a quote and place it at the bottom. Threads turn into something like tree roots and are impossible to follow all the branches / splits properly)
  6. Exactly. Worst planetary crisis conspiracy after WW2 and the most famous and well known forum is delayed, delayed. delayed and then miss managed. Great huh ?
  7. But saying this...it isn't all about how it looks. Beneath the 'shit exterior' is an even shitter way of interacting..
  8. That looks great......just like you'd expect from professionals after 9 weeks. This is exactly why l've got the ball ache. 4 of us wasted a whole frustrating day on something someone hasn't spent more than 2 hours on.
  9. We need suggestions of decent forums to escape to. Max Igans Crowhouse being one.
  10. Gareth and his 'webmaster' (LOL) have a much better header than you and it only took 9 weeks... Can you see what this suggests for the rest of the 'new forum' ? Can you guess the level of attention and care that has gone into 'the guts of it' ?? This is why l wasted over 1o hours of my time, because no time has really been spent setting this up. Saying it is a half-hearted effort is being very very generous..
  11. Being on the site for 10 hours with ink, Eve and Screaming, l found it to be like a maze of mirrors trying to navigate around and follow anything anyone else was posting. There are 'Newsfeeds'.......there are 'Feeds'....there are 'Discussions'.....each in each different 'box' or 'subject'. Too many different places to input. Too many options and possibilities. Some you can only add text, some you can add text and / or pictures. lt's disjointed and clumsy. lt will not promote and help healthy flowing discussion. lt a massive backwards step from where we are right now in this compr
  12. Neither will l. lt's the death of DIF staring us all in the face. Not from 'Bots'......not from 'Hackers', but from Admins shortsightedness and indifference
  13. Everyone needs to message 'someone' from the Admin team and explain how you feel... Now,
  14. A picture paints a thousand words ??? Ladies and Gentlemen (and inbetweeners)......l give you the new platform 'header title image'. Amateur, amateur or amateur........which one is it ? A perfect example of the time, effort and care that has gone into this 8 / 9 week 'project'.....
  15. There will be no 'lesson' here for anyone, least of all Gareth.......the forum will simply die....everyone will go their seperate ways...end of. lt'll be good for Gareth though, as he won't keep getting annoying messages and emails , so he can spend more time on Twatter.
  16. Which is basically shit. lt's not a forum as we know it,even though it has 'a forum add-on'. lt';s a fucked up pile of shit that no-one is going to like. This is a MASSIVE backwards step.........a dumbing down of DIF
  17. lt's more than odd. lt's downright fucking rude and disrespectful......
  18. Wrong thread GR.....the humour thread is further down
  19. There's also David Irving's free to read 'Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden' available here; http://www.fpp.co.uk/books/Dresden/index.html
  20. l have NEVER used a telephone for that long in one day in my WHOLE LIFE .......
  21. No problem. l'm just letting the forum know that some people got next to no sleep. The 'new' place ain't happening anytime soon. Total mess with no admin communication / response to feedback and findings. l am disappointed in the extreme. Unless something significant happens very quickly today as far as admin communication goes, l don't think we'll ever see ink back here - ever
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