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  1. And...........doesn't want to talk about any of it
  2. You're not the only one sending twitter messages to come to the forum (l've been told there's several)
  3. Comes on the forum out of nowhere......no post count nothing........smooth and confident as you like, reels off all the other known forums.And he's saying like it or fuck off to any of the forums he just reeled off. Who else would it be ?
  4. Wrong. And l don't want to discuss it. PM me if you must..
  5. I'm one of 3 people so far who very quickly worked it out.. You're getting old TS
  6. Yeah, exactly.....l wonder who that could've been ?
  7. Do you really think we're stupid ? And do you really think we should just fuck off ?
  8. Did you notice my question marks ? lt was a question.
  9. l've got a strong gut feeling - 6th sense - socky kinda thing going on. "Just Fuck Off" ??
  10. Gone looking for a forum with a more concrete future ?
  11. Still early days and a bit quiet but - Max Igan forum
  12. According to Gareth......'everything' is still being moved over' to the new (terrible) platform tomorrow, so this one goes offline....unless he starts listening to the members here.
  13. Good idea...who's got a twitter account ? Anyone ? Nudge him or whatever you do there. Tell him why his ears are burning..
  14. Someone should tell his Dad that Gareth is following Government 'Social Distancing' guidelines to an unhealthy extreme..
  15. l forgot to tell you, l think l stumbled across my old original forum name - Dexter Morgan.
  16. Maybe call it - 'NOT the David Icke Forum' ? Then Ickers can find it .....and it states it's NOT lcke so distances David from it ?
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