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  1. Every one of those posts you highlighted by quoting ALSO contained discussion. "Does <thread> mean you're going to stop posting dribble?" does not contain or continue the discussion. Please take this as a gentle friendly hint. Thanks.
  2. "Does <thread> mean you're going to stop posting dribble ?" is not discussing topic. You are all close to the line, but as long as you are still discussing the topic and no-one flags a particular post, then carry on..
  3. From what l can work out, Bill Maloney has tried to use Brian to discredit David Icke. Perhaps others could expand ? BC
  4. MOD NOTE ; Are you going to keep to the discussion or provoke discord ?
  5. l've watched all his videos and don't remember him saying this. Which 'BitChute' videos have been deleted..? AFAIK the only videos of his being deleted are by Yewtube..
  6. @screamingeagle @Grumpy Owl @GarethIcke Thoughts on this thread please... Thanks. BC
  7. The video that Fluke posted is 8 HOURS OLD. It may well have first been put together in 2010, but you asked him why he'd posted it. Perhaps Fluke wasn't aware that it originated 10 years ago. . Am l wrong in stating that Brian believes Bill Maloney was trying to spread malicious lies about David Icke ? Brian trusts David Icke has done no wrong ? lf this video is current again, then it is relevant now and needs highlighting again, now, and to show David Icke has done nothing wrong. Where better to show David Icke was falsely accused by Bill Maloney than on this forum..? Deleting this thread and ignoring Brians RECENT and CURRENT videos would look suspicious....no ? BC
  8. Brian is 'on a mission'. Bill Maloney has obviously pissed him off with his manipulations and lies..
  9. Brian released this particular video only 8 hour ago. He has released several videos these past few days. Brian obviously thinks this and other issues needs highlighting now for some reason. Look at his recent videos; https://www.youtube.com/c/BrianHarveyE17Official/videos
  10. lf you can't be bothered, then you're not interested enough, so why even comment ?
  11. Brian is trying to highlight an effort by Bill Maloney to discredit David Icke, from what l can work out..
  12. For starters; 5G at 60hz is being questioned because of its effect on O2 molecules. David Icke clearly repeats DO NOT ACQUIESCE
  13. MOD NOTE; Please stop throwing baseless accusations about members being former members. lf you have real concerns please PM one of the Mods or Admin. Thanks.. BC
  14. No probs :O) l believe this consultation is just the Government going through the motions before rolling out draconian rules, regulations and laws on the vaccines. They are not going to be reasonable.. Worrying times
  15. As far as 911 goes, you're in at the deep end here...
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