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  1. Max Igan - Australian protests update and - "Have You Realised the Lockdown is Here to Stay Yet ?"
  2. LOL.....still at odds l never got to see the Roses but l've seen Ian on a Solo tour. His autobiography 'Already in Me' is a good read. A real cool dude.
  3. #researchanddestroy is a great play on an Iggy Pop and the Stooges song Search and Destroy..
  4. He still does this song at his solo gigs. Brixton went mental when this started..
  5. Awesome. Love the Roses and Ian. Saw the lil monkey man live at Brixton. Superb night
  6. What a great way to treat a 73 year old man....regardless of point of view
  7. Everyone has their own personal vocabulary... Comrade - Friend - Mate - Matey - Pal - Fellow -Chum - Dude - Man....and on and on. Comrade is an older term often used by union members and Labour Party members. lsn't that enough until proven otherwise..? The guy is getting on now...and he spends his energy travelling around protesting where-ever and when-ever he can, despite getting repeatedly arrested and fined. IMO , he is on side.
  8. And l'm going to add; Disagree all you like, even though you get frustrated, keep it respectful... Thanks :O)
  9. Wow.... l haven't had time to watch the videos. l did catch bits of Cali and then the suicide attempt last week. As you say......deeply inappropriate. l am really shocked. l wonder how this is going to affect his subscribers ?
  10. Cool. Do as you wish. There is no wrong or right, is there..? Just different opinions and tactics. l believe the video addresses the Population of the Earth as a whole in regards to how far do we let 'it' go.. BC
  11. Ann Drogyne seems like a very unpleasant person IMO. Shaun said he'd been ignoring Ann Drogynes trolling but got so annoyed he decided to troll the troll....
  12. He came to the UKs attention with his accusations of his sexual abuse when he was young and placed into a UK Council run Home. His siblings were put into homes too. l believe one of his siblings committed suicide. There is a lot of information on this if you look.
  13. You're correct, it's not a laughing matter, but in a discussion on the phone l would guess David was trying to say the accusation was so ridiculous that it was laughable. Brian seems to be stuck in the middle and conveys the feeling of being used.. Bill Maloney tried to use Brians fame / naivety / good intentions for Bills own dodgy agenda.
  14. So the title is a question, rather than a statement ? l can insert a sentence into the OP explaining that these are not your words. Would you like to give me the sentence you want to put at the beginning of your original post ? BC
  15. l'd be interested if anyone can confirm this. Link anyone ? BC
  16. The original opening post in this thread are not your words ? They are all your Brothers words ? lt appears to be YOUR words. You didn't think it would be a good idea to state that in the OP ? . What are YOUR thoughts about your Brothers words ?
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