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      Basket Case

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  2. The Numbers

    It holds us like a phantom
    The touch is like a breeze
    It shines its understanding
    See the moon smiling
    Open on all channels
    Ready to receive
    And we're not at the mercy
    Of your shimmers or spells
    Your shimmers or spells
    We are of the earth
    To her we do return
    The future is inside us
    It's not somewhere else
    It's not somewhere else
    It's not somewhere else
    One day at a time
    We call upon the people
    People have this power
    The numbers don't decide
    Your system is a lie
    The river running dry
    The wings of a butterfly
    And you may pour us away like soup
    Like we're pretty broken flowers
    But we'll take back what is ours
    We'll take back what is ours
    One day at a time...
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