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  1. Documentary That Investigates the Shocking Truth Behind a Deadly Israeli Attack on a US Naval Vessel.. https://www.bitchute.com/video/qt0r1iJDmjvE/
  2. I contributed somewhat... sorry. Couldn't help but address what was said.. BC
  3. I can only really go by my own experience. I live in SW London. I have never worn a mask (haven't even touched one to look at) I've been everywhere you would imagine, shops, big supermarkets, public transport, generally out and about including the Trafalgar Square demos with 35K+ people.. And never had a sniffle. I've never had a Flu vaxxine. I have a reasonably good diet, hydrate well and take vitamin supplements every day (as I have been for many years - including a large dose of Vit D) How come I haven't caught it yet ?
  4. So if this is true then people need to resist the vaxxine AND rebel..
  5. Watch David Icke Videos at: Bitchute.com/davidicke Banned.video/davidicke Lbry/@davidickeofficial Follow David Icke on Social Media at: Parler.com/davidicke Onstellar.com/davidickeofficial Minds.com/davidickeofficial Gab.com/davidicke VK.com/davidicke
  6. No. It's part of the Great Reset Plan Lies..
  7. Hiya @facere arbitrium Great idea but please post in this Section.. Thanks BC :0)
  8. Hello and welcome. I missed your introduction somehow. You're already helping by doing that translation. Enjoy the rest of the forum.. BC :0)
  9. Hello and welcome.. Hope you're having a good day too. BC :0)
  10. l've read some crazy stuff about what the arc is and what it can do - and Moses 'escaping' from Egypt with it...
  11. Cool, no problem :O) There's also the mask issue; Not scientifically proven to 'work' in the way we're being told...... And masks are actually stopping the wearers from exhaling toxins properly and then developing respiratory problems / illnesses which are being diagnosed as 'Convid'... :O( BC
  12. Can you 'report' your own comments that have attachments you want removing ? With a small explanation. Much easier for us to hep that way.. BC
  13. Only the Portuguese one as far as l know so far..
  14. Sorry to appear negative. I don't want to dump on your idea and efforts... but. A big But too.. 1) When have the Government EVER paid attention to any petitions ? 2) Everyone signing that is giving the Government an easy list of dissenters.. BC
  15. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the single step of finding your motorbike keys.. 

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    2. Basket Case

      Basket Case

      Ghost Rider's Suzuki GSXR 1300 R Turbo was the most insane road bike ever  :O)

    3. screamingeagle


      yes and his Upsala run is just nuts,pure skill.....

    4. Basket Case

      Basket Case

      Proper 'Viking Style'... Road Warrior.
      (Upsala features in Viking Myths)

  16. Nope. Thanks for posting. Gonna look further when I get time.. BC :0)
  17. Please see Grumpy Owl's post above. BC
  18. Hiya Gary. Where to start ? Have you had time to look through some of the Mega Thread ? It's very big and long but I'd suggest jumping in at around page 700 or so and reading through. There is much evidence that this is merely this years Flu. Flu kills many thousands every year. (Flu numbers for 2020 have virtually disappeared) The PCR that is being used as a test ISN'T a test. Not only is it being used for the wrong reason but it is also being used at a widely accepted over amplification. Hence the massive number of false pos
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