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  1. Hi

    I'm with SSE. They are pressuring me to get a smart meter. What's the way out. Can you give me any advice. Much appreciated.


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    2. Voyager1


      Your post shocked me!


      How are they pressuring you?


      I get emails and letters every month but just unsubscribe the emails and throw the letters in the bin.


      It's your choice if you want a smart meter or not (surely!?), just don't reply. They can't make you have one and if they refuse to supply power (whether its water, gas or electricity) go to another provider. Tell them you are going to go to another provider... they'll soon change their tune if they think they're going to lose some money!


      It's only ever about money with these commercial bods. Plus the smart meter requires power anyway, by the time you have three, for your three primary sources, well, that's putting the electricity bill up anyway!


      They operate on 2G signals too, which is further detriment to health and lastly, not sure about others, but I don't need a company to tell me when I need to turn the lights off or close the window if I have the heating on... we've all got brains last time I checked!


      Take care.

    3. Oxide


      The simple word "no" should suffice, I'd think.

    4. DarianF


      They don't ask you. They make it mandatory.


      "All homes in Victoria now have a smart meter, and the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) now requires that all new and replacement meters in NSW, ACT, Qld, Vic, SA and Tas are smart meters."


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