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  1. BC........


    This morning i received a msg from a old mate and a link......it just said.....


    Lets over turn this...............(then a link)

    then it was posted on a telegraph group



    The link was a poll on iheart radio, iv never heard of it. but the poll was ''do you think their should be a vaccine passport rollout'' when i clicked on the link it was 52% yes 48% no......later it was 25% yes 75% no.


    it got me thinking....that on this site their should be a thread or its own section titled Polls or Votes minor and major. Everybody should be encouraged to follow it and anybody should be able to add links to different votes small or large...regardless of how important it is.


    recently i got given a link on the governments proposals to share personal data etc, one of these where they put it up and you have your say...but when i went into the depths of it...i didnt have a clue what even some of the words ment, but if we had a section for them, things could be discussed regarding them,knowing we all share the same common goal.....it could be become extremely important and a good tool. iv got no idea how many use this site but i think we could atleast cause the occasional ripple. 


    i dont know how to go about or if your in contact with the makers of the site......but i really think it would be a really good addition........


    let me know what you think. 


    cheers buddy....hope ur well too.top man

    1. Basket Case

      Basket Case


      Thanks for the idea. 

      There's a couple of sub sections that have been suggested lately. 

      If I don't get back to you in a few days, then poke me.. 

      BC :0)

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