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  1. Da Fuck ??? 


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    2. Oakwise


      There's an original? Got the link?


      Cheers, man.

    3. Basket Case
    4. Oakwise




      Looks like a mish-mash of tropes and motifs loosely derived from some of the mystery school traditions. Not sure what to make of it. The creator says it's an extended metaphor of the 'quest for inner' peace. 


      Many of the commenters seem to think it was a prediction. But I don't think they get it - it's same shit different day. The video was published in 2013 and references the first decade of the century: war on terror etc. Imagine how an ordinary Iraqi family would feel about their country being invaded? Seeing all the killing and destruction etc.? For them the traumatic upheaval began long ago. 


      Now it's the war on microbes. Same template but with certain modifications and strategic objectives. 


      So the video wasn't so much predicting the future but commenting on the current pattern which still continues. 


      Hope that makes sense lol



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