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  1. Documentary That Investigates the Shocking Truth Behind a Deadly Israeli Attack on a US Naval Vessel.. https://www.bitchute.com/video/qt0r1iJDmjvE/
  2. I contributed somewhat... sorry. Couldn't help but address what was said.. BC
  3. I can only really go by my own experience. I live in SW London. I have never worn a mask (haven't even touched one to look at) I've been everywhere you would imagine, shops, big supermarkets, public transport, generally out and about including the Trafalgar Square demos with 35K+ people.. And never had a sniffle. I've never had a Flu vaxxine. I have a reasonably good diet, hydrate well and take vitamin supplements every day (as I have been for many years - including a large dose of Vit D) How come I haven't caught it yet ?
  4. So if this is true then people need to resist the vaxxine AND rebel..
  5. Watch David Icke Videos at: Bitchute.com/davidicke Banned.video/davidicke Lbry/@davidickeofficial Follow David Icke on Social Media at: Parler.com/davidicke Onstellar.com/davidickeofficial Minds.com/davidickeofficial Gab.com/davidicke VK.com/davidicke
  6. Why cant i comment on your reply


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    2. Basket Case

      Basket Case

      The forum is busier during the European day time. 

      Plenty to talk about and plenty of member to interact with and debate. 

      If you want to arse around then there's the entertainment section of the forum. 

      I am no Morpheus. 

      Just another member like all the other members. 

      Just that I was asked to help keep this place on track and peaceful so people can come and easily find the information that they need. 

      There's a global information war going on. 

      Promote and help the forum or hold it back.. 

      Choose your side. 

      You asked me what I was serious about. 



    3. Justguessing


      I thank you for your sincerity 

    4. Basket Case
  7. No. It's part of the Great Reset Plan Lies..
  8. Hiya @facere arbitrium Great idea but please post in this Section.. Thanks BC :0)
  9. Hello and welcome. I missed your introduction somehow. You're already helping by doing that translation. Enjoy the rest of the forum.. BC :0)
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