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  1. It needs to open with an obvious question... "Have you stopped and asked yourself why XYZ is doing / saying / like / has to be XYZ...?"
  2. l have been pondering this. Many videos made by Americans tend to talk too fast. Delivery, pace, tone, pauses....all important for engagement.
  3. You're repeating yourself.. Then why wait this long to present contrary information..? A TRANSLATION of the Tweet would be very helpful for the forum members BTW.. BC :0)
  4. Max Igan's latest from the Crowhouse:
  5. THE SECRET WAR https://www.bitchute.com/video/hvO0TesAoTzH/ Christian Eriksen Heart Attack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2wDvaPjh_k WHAT’S COMING IN 3 YEARS FOR VAXXINATED? https://philosophers-stone.info/2021/06/12/whats-coming-in-3-years-for-vaxxinated-batmans-great-grandfather-founded-skull-and-bones/ VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 5/28/2021 http://vaersanalysis.byethost3.com/2021/06/04/weekly-summary-5-28-2021/?i=1 Skull and crossbones sign given to unvaccinated in rural India https://www.re
  6. Nice to see him smiling for once.. :0)
  7. Hiya. Yep, I added a clear link to your post. I would suggest the Covid Section as it's the most pressing issue. Your call.. BC :0)
  8. Hiya, can you post future links so members can see where it leads please ? Also this should be in the Covid Section or Child Abuse Section, please choose one and l'll move it. Thanks....BC
  9. l never asked you to do any work for me. Do it for yourself and the other forum members. l don't need to explain why l didn't check it. And l will carry on sharing things l believe to be true, in good faith. lf l get some incorrect information, then so be it. l'll then retract and correct, no biggie.. Ego ? Where's the ego issue ? l have no problem with being wrong. lnstead of focusing on me, why don't you post a Tweet / Link that corrects my mistake and shows the forum what is correct ? BC
  10. Forum Talent or Solutions Sections would be fine.. BC
  11. l shared it in good faith after seeing it on Twitter. Give me a reference or link that disproves it instead of berating people for maybe accidentally sharing something that turns out to be incorrect. BC
  12. That wasn't my words in the quote you highlighted...not sure how that happened. l agree with your distrust of the official story though. BC
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