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  1. Like you once said, the only way to make money is by destroying things. This is true
  2. Yes intermittent fasting is good I’ve tried it a couple of times, but sometimes give in to the sugar/carb cravings at night. The three day fast recommended by Makis was amazing, I lost a ton of weight, eyes sparkling, felt light as a feather, it’s just you have to get in a particular mind frame to complete the whole three days, and it also doesn’t meld well with extreme outdoor physical activity/work which is what I usually have to do. Defo agree going to bed on an empty stomach is the best thing to do, I find I can’t sleep with a belly full of food sloshing around. I also have minimal contact with processed food, the most processed things I eat are bread flour, butter, Greek youghurt, but sometimes the cravings get the better of me and I’ll buy a pack of bourbons. Naughty! I read somewhere that humans aren’t supposed to have three big square meals a day, we’re used to eating a load of meat and veg (from a kill) then going hungry for a day or two whilst we hunt the next meal. The digestive system isn’t meant to be working non stop 24hrs a day, it needs a break, otherwise bad fermentation and rot will happen, which is what you see nowadays with obese people stuffing denatured junk food into their mouths non stop-but they’re always hungry-because there is no electrical activity in the cells and molecules of ‘dead’ beige junk food, so the body needs to expend massive amounts of energy producing gastric juices/enzymes so electrical conductivity can occur in solution, which is how the body absorbs nutrients and minerals through the gut by osmosis. The cells in fruit and veg are still alive, bustling with electrical activity/conductivity, so the body needs to produce minimal enzymes to digest them as all the nutrients are instantly bio available, they’re ready to go as is. Ive known plenty of people who were obese, constantly eating junk but were malnourished. They just didn’t get it. And yes there is definitely an addiction factor to this processed garbage
  3. Probably. Don’t they want to unlive those people?
  4. Yup I’m like this, it’s like a rollercoaster. I’ll eat really healthily for three or four days, just fruit, veg, pulses and grains like quinoa, lentils and buckwheat etc no sugar no bread and I’ll lose weight, start feeling super active and fit, then I’ll get cravings for fat and sugar so I knock up a big batch of bread to fry then marinade and flour up a couple of chicken breasts then fry them for a crispy chicken sandwich (my signature) which I’ll over eat, especially with mayo and ketchup, usually with shaved Parmesan and fried onions and mushrooms in the sandwich, plus coriander and rocket, if I want to get particularly fat I’ll fry up some garlic potatoes in butter too. It’s a fast food craving from the past- the smell of maccy Ds and watching cooking shows usually trigger it too, but sometimes you just need that fatty goodness. After that I’ll balloon up for four or five days, then go back to the healthy regime. It’s difficult to eat super healthy all the time, finding a middle ground is something I need to work on. Tonight I’m having curried cauliflower cheese with buckwheat and quinoa added to the mix. Should be scrummy
  5. Yes and the remnants of those vaccines end up in our bellies. I’ve seen some shit on farms over the years-you’d gasp in disbelief.
  6. The funny thing is- it’s everything to do with him- how many people died. Sunak invested heavily in mRNA tech back in 2013. He has and continues to profit from it. It’s his baby. He’s watched it grow and bloom into a highly lucrative genocidal business model. One of the ‘big boys’ now, like hitler, Stalin, and other recent mass murderers of humanity. I get the feeling the more people you kill- and get away with it- the higher up you go in their ranks.
  7. This is spot on. You can feel someone pulling at your spirit just by having a face to face conversation. It’s all going on in an unseen realm. Sometimes you meet really nice people, who don’t tug at your spirit, not trying to download or attach stuff for their own gain. These are the best people to be around, and are few and far between.
  8. Cos they were made that way. They can be unmade, but it’s dangerous on many levels
  9. Well this large swathe of warm air will be with us in the next couple of weeks if north easterly winds don’t push it back. This is the tail end of El Niño. Maybe one or two more years of warmish weather, then back to normal, maybe a mini ice age for a year or two. Watch food prices go beserk. You can see this thin pale line of cold water forming in the middle of the ocean. This wasn’t here last year. This is the beginning of La Niña. The water and associated air moves east, always. Bring on the cold! I personally saw the northern lights last Friday night, it was like slow pulsating shards of red light right over the house. Something has allowed that energy to make its way south, could be unatural meddling or could be the changing of the guard with respect to El Niño/ La Niña, the cold forming in the equator sucking electromagnetic energy down, pulling ions further south than normal. It’s an enclosed system after all, one tiny change anywhere affects everything everywhere eventually. It’s a strange time no doubt.
  10. Sounds like another ‘shooter on a shelf’ jobbie. Must have activated him after decades and decades of MK. Artistic? Poems?- Creative right brain driven, easier to hypnotise. Private security service too? Alarm bells are ringing. This guy was just waiting to go. Good to be back on the coronavirus mega chippy (ran out of data two weeks ago-too much youtube) cheers
  11. Maybe, it just freaked me out a little. ‘Just seeing what we’re up to’ is basically seeing if there are any angles to work on so they can begin taking again. Even thinking about them gives them energy and sets off little chains of thoughtforms which result in their links to you being re established. Yes it’s weird how I didn’t, and you didn’t, actually realise energy was being harvested and drained. I think their paralleling of our skills and interests is evidence of this. Every now and then things start going wrong, until I realise what it is and start cleansing and reviewing what permissions are incoming/outgoing. Things always get better after I do this
  12. So it is real then. If this was me I’d be in full defence mode. There are no coincidences. Buckle up bro…. I know you’ll come out on top! PS. I have to mention something similar happened to me a couple of years ago. My family were trying to sell a small patch of land for development. A conservation officer came out to check the land for species/biodiversity etc. After speaking to him it turned out his mum was working for my ex at the business she was managing. Alarm bells rang. We didn’t get planning permission. Whether it’s related or not I don’t know, but it certainly made me very suspicious.
  13. Indeed, robin is right, you mentioned you were worried about a potential black magic attack- don’t be. This is self doubt working it’s way through the cracks. They rely on this doubt to gain a foothold. Let it all go and upgrade yourself. Shift your thinking out of those old well trodden paths
  14. Why oh why are they always absurdly over sexed? It’s their only thing. I’ve got to admit my ex was a fantastic shag. That’s how they get you!
  15. You’re ex already knows about your business and your address, this is her geeing up her partner, maybe convincing him to order from you, he may not even know it’s you or your business and is in the dark, and she’s using him to get to you which is ultimately her getting to you- he’s just the clueless proxy, but with this action she is saying ‘look, here he is, here I am, what you gonna do?’ Or he knows about it and is helping her motivated by jealousy because she is investing a lot of thought into this and wants your influence gone so he can have her to himself. Or it’s a massive coincidence and your out of the woods, but with this stuff it’s best to trust your gut and your spirit, if they’re telling you something isn’t right then it probably isn’t right. Ps, if it is her, and you respond to it in any way, even thinking it over and giving it too much thought, she’ll re-establish the link to you and begin feeding again. This is her offer to you. Any exchange, even thought, is seen as acceptance and permission for her to start again. Put it out of your mind, don’t even mull it. It’ll force her to try even harder, which will confirm your suspicions and give you power. She’ll weaken after that.
  16. A few, but they’re dropping like flies. My family come down with a ‘mystery’ cold flu thing every three weeks. They blame exposure to their baby grandson everytime they get ill. I told them it’s not the defenceless baby’s fault, it is theirs. I told them they have no immune system left because they took an experimental gene therapy injection which left them sub human genetically modified husks. They said nothing, and looked down in shame. Finally it’s starting to sink in
  17. Bill gates? The WHO? Boris? Dave? The UN? NATO? Ya mom?
  18. It’s got to be a combination of gangstalking, mind control and exotic EM signals. It’s gotta be
  19. Gangstalking? Suddenly they’ve just had enough and kill every fucker they can get to? Mind control. Witchcraft. Techno spell casting. Spirit body manipulation.
  20. Insect biodiversity plummeting as global food supply teeters toward collapse https://www.naturalnews.com/2024-04-29-insect-biodiversity-plummeting-global-food-supply-collapse.html
  21. Nip your premonitions are becoming disturbingly accurate. His sword was nearly 3 ft A foreseer of doom indeed Hainault: man arrested on suspicion of murder after 14-year-old boy dies in east London sword attack – as it happened https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/live/2024/apr/30/hainault-london-sword-attack-stabbing-latest-new-updates?filterKeyEvents=false&page=with:block-663141778f08351c23f7a68b
  22. It’s something to do with the past, that’s for sure. There are realms that are invisible to our eyes, ufos, cryptids, fairy folk and other civilisations live there, here I mean, we just cannot see them. It’s said these realms merge with our visible world when the world resets itself, it’s happened a few times. When it does happen again, all your questions, and mine, will be answered. We’ll then all die. That’s the best I can do I’m afraid!
  23. Yep true, it’s all about image. Like if you go out in designer clothes people coo and respect you, but that’s bollocks, if respect can be bought then it’s societies skewered view of respect which is wrong , hence everything being about image, to be seen as this or that. I know millionaires who dress like tramps, do they get respect if they go out looking like a hobo? Only if the people doing the looking know they’re a millionaire
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