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  1. Ben Shapiro is a verbose, arrogant, smug idiot, bit like Jordan Peterson. Not sure quite why anyone gives him the time of day.
  2. I'll comment on what I like and if you dont like it be an adult and scroll by.................
  3. Adverts are increasingly becoming spot the white person! I watch very little TV, haven't bothered much with it for years now as there is very little on worth watching. Creativity and originality seem to be things of the past and all they seem to be able to do is rehash the old stuff (much like the way the music industry has gone) and ruin it in the process. We only have one in the house as my husband watches some things. I would happily throw the TV out and wouldnt miss it at all.
  4. Im not a Christian so why would I celebrate Christmas? So many who 'celebrate' Christmas aren't even Christian either! Christians just stole the whole thing from older religions anyway; its not even authentically theirs! Like all religion, just another sop for the sheep. As for tradition, most of what is considered traditional only dates back to Victorian times and the practices of rich Victorians at that. The whole thing is a complete farce.
  5. It isnt getting worse; it is as it ever has been. Humans, when it comes down to it, are not very nice creatures at all.
  6. No, its not on the rise. It is nothing new as even a cursory review of history will show. Human nature really hasnt changed.
  7. Nuckles

    Merry Xmass

    "Stay safe"?! This has to be top of my list for phrases I have come to hate, spawned by the plandemic. Urgh!
  8. I absolutely hate it and have done ever since I can remember. People spending money they don't have on buying sh*t they don't need, bowing to the commercialisation pushed by the media; kids getting spoiled and not valuing what they have; people stressing over cooking what is simply a glorified roast dinner; crap music on the radio. Pees me off every year and I cant wait until the crap is over!
  9. Most men these days are weak twats. There arent many real men left anymore; few men of courage and honour. Whats to like about most modern men?
  10. Thats what we are trying to decide - what to do with it for the best. Not interested in crypto as I dont pretend to understand any of it. Property doesnt seem wise at the moment and we dont want to buy gold/silver. Thats why I asked the question, to get some ideas.......................
  11. Thank you :) We are completely debt free thankfully :)
  12. What is your problem Morpheus? Ive already said not interested in buying gold/silver.......
  13. If only we had that quite that kind of amount coming! Trust me, if I had the means I would get as far away from other humans as possible!
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