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  1. Thats what we are trying to decide - what to do with it for the best. Not interested in crypto as I dont pretend to understand any of it. Property doesnt seem wise at the moment and we dont want to buy gold/silver. Thats why I asked the question, to get some ideas.......................
  2. Thank you :) We are completely debt free thankfully :)
  3. What is your problem Morpheus? Ive already said not interested in buying gold/silver.......
  4. If only we had that quite that kind of amount coming! Trust me, if I had the means I would get as far away from other humans as possible!
  5. How is it being "churlish" to say we are not interested in investing in crypto currency?
  6. Thanks all. We're not interested in investing in crypto currency. I think getting it out of the bank will be the first hurdle from what I have been reading.
  7. My husband is due to receive a significant amount of money from his late mother. We don't want to keep in in the bank. Being "allowed" to get it out will be the first hurdle I know. Then what to do with it? Not interested in buying gold or silver. Not interested in debating this, it's our choice . What would you do with it?
  8. Exactly. You only have to look at how epileptics were and still are treated. Endemic abuse in the so called care system is nothing new.
  9. Exactly. It was no better decades ago despite some peoples determination to cling to their rose tinted glasses.
  10. I'll go and stand on the naughty step!
  11. An eminent psychologist who didnt know Benzos are addictive?! Sorry but are you seriously buying this?
  12. It is nostalgia. Go back 30+ years and you can find almost identical reports. I've worked in care and these reports are no shock. Its appalling and has been for decades but most just dont care until it touches them or someone they love.
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