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  1. Truth is a hard thing to swallow, especially if they have been hard wired with lies. An unhappy truth is better than a comfortable lie though... ;)
  2. Good point, but if we disclose all of their tactics, they need to think up another set. Buys us time?..
  3. It's always better to understand them, so we know when we are facing them.
  4. As much as I can see your point, I think that the Palestinians have more claim to their land than the Zionist invasion. The majority of the Jewish population are mostly innocent, but the minority Zionists should be held accountable for invading palestine.
  5. The tactics of psyOp shills. 1. Belittling valid points, that happen to be a soft spot for the subject they specialize in. 2. When they are losing an argument, they often resort to name calling to embarrass their target. 3. Selective omission, tailor making their arguments by missing out important facts, and emphasising other points that are in their favour. 4. Trying to disprove valid opinions similarly by cherrypicking the elements of their arguments. 5. Using well known dishonest sources (MSM) to make their points.
  6. The London live interview with icke would probably have something to do with this I would think. That's if the ptb had something to do with this...
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