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  1. The threat of nuclear war being pushed on us too. It's like predictive programming. It's mentioned so much, with Putin set up as the pantomime villain, that if one does get used, most people will be sick of hearing about it already. Social media also, I've never seen so much division before. All anyone wants to do is argue and filter their own selfie for likes. A serious plague of narcasism. No compassion, no empathy. The vast majority of humanity have lost their way imo. Herd species.
  2. That's an extremely clever idea!
  3. She can obviously see through us! As if the dog picked up on bad intentions or energy. Why would he say something so strange? That's extremely odd. These elite, they are really not who the majority think they are at all.
  4. There are now a few articles online saying that the mystery has been solved. The official explanation is that the voice belongs to a guest of the commentator and her microphone was picked up by accident. No explanation at all for why this person said the bizarre thing she said. But it's enough to make the majority drop the subject. Why would a guest who's there to observe have a microphone? Why is no one commenting on her actual words? This just becomes more strange to me but as usual, the majority believe everything they are told so blindly and are probably outraged/ offended by something else now.
  5. I was wondering the same. Whatever she died of hasn't even been made public either.
  6. But people want the real truth....Does she prefer X box or PlayStation?
  7. I'm learning towards ritual. The private ceremony no cameras were allowed into. I mean, everyone has a right to greive privately but considering who they are and tge fact the whole funeral had so much symbolism....I don't know. You make a great point, how is people believing she's trapped someplace going to help a nation heal from her death!
  8. It's a new day and I've listened to the broadcast another ten times! It's still as creepy in daylight. It seriously reminds me of the film They Live. I understand I may sound wildly mad but no matter. Saying 'The death is irreversible' implies that not at deaths are and of course, some deaths are reversible with medical help, but obviously not at a funeral. And trapped where? In the body? The coffin? Another realm? I appreciate all the replies and theories. This is the first post I made here, until yesterday I've only been lurking like a weirdo. It's great to find like minded people who know this absolutely means something.
  9. I'm not sure. Some people heard the word trapped, others thought it was travelling.
  10. Thank you. I appreciate the help
  11. No I don't think so. Just Itv. There must be a couple of hundred people who reported hearing it within minutes and they all tagged Itv.
  12. I didn't catch the words, but my sister did. I immediately went on twitter to check and saw many who heard it too
  13. Thank you very much for adding the link, I couldn't figure out how to do it
  14. Did anyone hear Itv news live broadcast of the funeral? Many clips are on Twitter. Lots of people heard it. A voice ( possible commentator) said...'The death is irreversible and she's trapped in the...' and then it cut off as she realised her mistake. The second commentator seemed to cut in. All very creepy and odd. I can't add the video sorry, but if you go to twitter and type in irreversible, it's easy to find.
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