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  1. I don't know about anyone else, and this just might be my own slanted perception, but, a few months ago, I reread The Biggest Secret. The intro really struck a chord with me, more so than usual. To remind anyone reading this, there was an option, a choice laid out. We can either open the doors of our minds, and escape the prison we are expected to remain in, or allow ourselves to be enslaved. Years ago, I believed we would not, as a whole, allow ourselves to become cattle. Now I look at the world and I see nothing but. I know sheep/ cattle/ herd are derogatory terms, but they do fit, sadly. I personally do not know a single person anymore with the ability to think in a critical way. My own friends and family are hooked on social media, soap operas, reality tv etc and do not care what happens in the world. My sister said it perfectly, 'if it doesn't effect me, why should I care?' And that seems to be the attitude of many. Empathy died. Materialism and greed, ego and vanity thrive instead. The only thing that rattles my friends is not getting enough followers. For me, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, it feels like Invasion of the body Snatches. No one notices or cares about what's happening anywhere, except ppl on this forum. No one can think for themselves and nobody questions a single thing they're told. I'm not saying everyone should think like me ( god forbid) but these ppl used to care. They all seem fully indoctrinated and looking forward to getting microchipped. In their words ' life will be easier.' I tried last night to mention the new film, the sound of freedom, at work. There were multiple people that all agreed child trafficking couldn't possibly be true because it would be on the news. These are the words of other psychiatric nurses that seriously should know better. Eyes wide shut. I've become an outsider, the weird one. I don't care about that part though. Anyone else utterly baffled by everyone around them? I've also noticed attention spans really dropping too, especially at work. Saying that, that might just be ppl zoning out whenever I speak The stupid hivemind of Twitter has become the real world, believe as you're told, question nothing. Consume, obey... Fu*k that.
  2. I made the mistake of looking through twitter regarding this and there's a huge witch hunt happening without any proof. Sheep acting out herd mentality and accusing innocent people. The BBC really need to release the name officially to stop it all. Just my opinion.
  3. This is still being pushed by mainstream news daily https://news.sky.com/story/new-satellite-images-show-unidentifiable-shapes-at-ukraines-zaporizhzhia-nuclear-plant-12916418
  4. Mainstream media is doing their absolute best to persuade the masses that ZPP power plant is rigged to blow, as is Zelensky. IDK, I'm no military expert but the moment mainstream news pushes an agenda and villain, it's likely time to worry. FF event? Theatre of war. It all just feels off and extremely set up.
  5. Ukrainian telegram channels just posted this for those in possible effected areas. They keep insisting Russia has planted explosives at the nuclear plant. Russia are insisting Ukraine has.
  6. Serious riots and looting are currently happening in parts of France. A huge library has been burned down, a bus depot, multiple shops on fire and looted because a man was shot by a police officer for failing to exit his car when pulled over in a bus lane. The person killed tried to drive away instead and died at the scene. https://news.sky.com/story/he-didnt-want-to-kill-him-officer-who-shot-teen-apologises-to-family-as-riots-spread-across-france-12912081
  7. Images I stole from Twitter. From a pride festival in America. I covered up the genitals in case it isn't allowed on here although they were actually on full display, with many children in attendance. Disgusting
  8. This situation is moving very quickly. Poland has gone onto alert and our useless UK government are having a cobra meeting. An oil depot has been blown up, allegedly by Russia to stop Wagner using it. I can't imagine what will happen if Wagner actually make it to Moscow.
  9. Wagner is 4 hours away from Moscow now. They keep shooting down attack helicopters according to a few news channels and Moscow has put anti terrorism measures in place, including machine guns on the outskirts. By all accounts, Wagner want complete control and want Putin out. Prigozian ( maybe spelt wrong) vows to win what's already being called The Battle of Moscow.
  10. Behaviour like this used to be classed as mental illness such as clinical lycanthropy. I used to work on psychiatric units and people who believed they were animals, including mythical animals, were treated for severe delusions. The opinion that a person can be ANYTHING, is literally being forced onto people. Dont agree and you're punished. I wonder if the school in question plans on giving this girl a litter tray https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/06/18/pupil-teacher-despicable-identifying-cat-transgender/
  11. You're right, so it probably won't make all that much difference. It just seems to be more powers and legal justification for anyone speaking out. Because of the news in Nottingham, the article hasn't got much attention at all
  12. I hope I'm putting this in the correct category. They passed the motion sneakily last night. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/derby-news/a-very-dangerous-agenda-new-8521514
  13. I'm personally sick of the trans agenda and the mutilation of children is absolutely unacceptable. What an adult male/ female does to his/her body is nothing to do with me but I will never accept a man as a woman or a woman as a man. These sick people with fetishes and delusions are stealing what it means to be a woman from all women in all ways. We're all supposed to say 'pregnant people' too. It's utter nonsense. Basic biology is now being overlooked. I was a psychiatric nurse for 10 years and we had all manner of mentally ill people on our wards. One particular guy truly believed he was Nero. A delusion. We did not pander to his wishes and refer to him as Nero. He was sick. He was treated. The same thing occurs with trans people imo except others are reinforcing a delusion by accepting a fetish or mental health issue. And what's up with the whole They/ Them movement? Wtf are those people meant to be? Interchangeable? No gender? Imo, it's a serious issue/ agenda being forced upon the population and of course, if you oppose it, you're phobic, wrong, vile etc.. The trans movement is literally everywhere and it's horrible. What is the end game with this? Apologies for the rant.
  14. I read that an NDA ends in July regarding the grooming and sexual abuse of a young man Philip Schofield has known since he was a boy. The person also became a runner on This Morning. There are court injunctions too, allegedly. There is lots of rumours flying around, as always, claims involving a sick video with a bicycle chain and an underage boy. Again, could be untrue? By all accounts, he isn't a particularly nice person. It wouldn't surprise me to learn he's a paedophile, the sick perverts are everywhere. Maybe ITV are giving him the boot before the truth comes out or its a witch hunt, seen as guilty by association to his brother.
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