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  1. As he says 'light' they show a card with a representation of light beams. Probably fits into George Bush's 1000 points of light speech in a way. Possibly lucifer, being of light type stuff. Katy perry possibly applied some water to her eyes while she had her hands on her face before speaking. She doesn't seem to be crying for real.
  2. Really? Could you please explain this concept to a child born into the sex trafficking trade?
  3. the zombie horde is off trying to consume others brains
  4. "The leader of the National opposition Chris Luxon said if he was in power, he would withdraw benefits from unvaccinated single mothers." wow, what a piece of shit chris luxon is. plus that right wing political commentator saying she's truly evil when the opposition leader said that above shows how the polarised can't grasp aspects about themselves only instead attacking the opposite, which is divide n conquer in action.
  5. was suprised by this. am wondering if she was blackmailed to quit
  6. ^^^^^ That's some low grade tabloid gossip. AKA a total waste of energy.
  7. whilst feel like ignoring them completely would be the best thing to do. Gotta say that him and meghan presenting a series on great leaders is exemplary of the archon led state of affairs. All the people they are talking about are mind controlled puppets that seek to influence other puppets. Obviously harry has something in him that requires a great deal of public attention, likely his wife too. And whatever energy is constantly seeking influence, attention and gratification. Whether good or bad, it doesn't care, as long as peoples energy are going towards it, there is still power. It allows Will and charles to keep getting their fix without having to put themselves forward to the public eye. Honestly this royal family bullcrap with their crowns, ridiculous wealth hording and people are still obsessing over them, and paying them attention, it's exactly what they want. They should be locked up in a oubliette and forgotten about. It's gotta be some sort of magick that needs to be maintained and as long as people still pay them creed in anyway then it continues. Other celebrities do it as well, however the old school royals have likely been doing this spell stuff for a while. All of it is bullshit. Never forget Jimmy Saville, Mountbatten and others of their circle were a bunch of foul beings as foul as any. Spitting on the royals would be a waste of saliva
  8. Plus on the risk side of things, it doesn't seem logical that iran would risk doing such a thing.
  9. there's talk of this sort of stuff every few years. Could be some sort of scare campaign to keep the plebs in line.
  10. there's a rumor too the bank foreclosed on their house and the police were there to evict. Possibly because their property was wanted for natural resource gathering. Although that term natural resource is a loaded one, it's assuming any mineral that exists on the planet is a resource and natural one. When will science come up with a better resource then just burning stuff?
  11. Missing person report possibly isn't true. There was a warrant for Nathaniel train and it involved him being reported for carrying weapons. So sending 4 young rookie cops to ask some questions and possibly arrest him is either gross incompetence or possibly something sinister.
  12. what if the story about the man leaving the city with his family and still getting sick was faked to ward off people doing that
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