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  1. in theory if there are megastorms about, sea won't be a very safe place, suppose you could try shelter in protected bays, however access to those might be over shallow water and a bit risky for mega yachts
  2. LGBTQ have no idea about themselves or what they could be a vehicle for. They definitely have no problem with early sexualisation of children
  3. Kanye had almost a million tweets last night. suppose when you think about worldwide that's not necessarily a lot
  4. great page 2, has not one single post to do with the OP . well done children
  5. if people can't see your face, they can't make faces back that undermine your state of being. People in the media do it all the time, they drop their face while another person is talking to shift them into a lower position. It actually stops fascism. He probably doesn't realise that and is just doing something that makes him feel safer
  6. if that his him, it's not just him losing his mind or being unwell. There's stuff going on at a subsonic level that affects people and makes staying in a centered space very hard.
  7. treating someone like crap for a period of time, saying bad things, then saying good things, is a good way to get part of them at least (childlike aspect) to react. It's insidious and whoever has developed and refined that method, deserves and endless kicking in the balls or tit punches. Although you don't know if a person doing it to you, is doing because they have had it done to them and part of them recognises that tactic as effective. eg. Abusee's becoming abusers
  8. Am wondering what are good sources or places to check to get an idea what's going on in Shanghai, re protests, potential mass suicides, police killing pets, starvation and other unrest?
  9. Western countries and education systems have the LQBTQ frenzy going on, this is just some more chunder for the vomit whirlpool
  10. try find a space which has low emf, under a bridge, a cave, underground car park, where can just rest occasionally and get a break. Or lie down on the ground with your spine to the ground and relax, breathing easily and constantly, if you feel like sleeping, sleep. Good luck!
  11. wonder if average emf per square meter is ever recorded in towns and cities
  12. could be paranoid, however seems like 'one love' 'love is love' type campaigns could open the door for pedophilia acceptance in the future
  13. he had a few earth excavators , has the island been searched for graves?
  14. Have experienced a 'bleed through' of seeing a pile of sticks piled in a garden while walking and then seeing them as a photographer. Making and talking sense was how got through to normality (plus stopping smoking cannabis, had been smoking an ounce a week for almost 20 years) In my opinion did a lot of learning about how mankind is divided or better term polarised and stopped from being a centered being. Actually just occured to my self that being self centered is good, if you take the term literally. If a person is polarised and self centered they end up being a 'jerk'. Ie they jerk you to a side of polarisation. p.s there was something inside myself that actually wanted to show me things that were going on inside this parralell world and was getting myself to bodyless travel to these places . am not sure if it's a world we all share or a self created world . it's possible too that other beings/entities can access this world
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