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  1. An unpopular opinion among truther light folks. They want the end of monarchy, and I can understand why, but so do the usual clique. It's all so tiresome. I won't be happy until I know what comes next is better.
  2. I don't pay a TV license, but I can imagine it in my head.
  3. Are we about to see the destruction of Christianity and our value system as we move further into the age of Aquarius? Not saying she was a legit Christian, that's besides the point. I'm just thinking about what she symbolizes in the eyes of the average Brit. Prince Charles taking Arabic lessons to read Koran https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/384372/Prince-Charles-taking-Arabic-lessons-to-read-Koran
  4. Yep, it ushered in the age of the surveillance state on steroids too. Patriot Act was a sign of things to come. Don't get me wrong, there has always been spying and surveillance, like in the Soviet Union, there was obviously spies everywhere, and basic tech in the sense that people used to feel under the tables in restaurants and cafes to see if microphones were listening and stuff. Now we have people willingly embracing spy devices that listen to them with.
  5. Yeah, I think the problem Gen Z has is that even the ones that were born in the mid to late 1990s, they don't have enough memory of the world before 9/11.
  6. Zoomers are strange. Some seem barely sentient like they're primed for transhumanism, and others are extremely anti-current thing. I don't envy them, especially with all the CRT crap. I'm happy to be a millennial. I still have the luxury of remembering a world before tech took over. Tech was obviously still part of my life as a kid, but it wasn't so intrusive. I can also remember there being more social cohesion in society.
  7. Coronation Street viewers advised not to go down rabbit holes looking into who owns the Weatherfield Gazette.
  8. See the following: https://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Runnymede_Trust
  9. Think what you like, but it's obviously not Nazis. Does Bidenist America have Socialist elements like Fascism and National Socialalism? Yes. It's Internationalism though. To learn Fascist theory, literally just read some Giovanni Gentile, Mussolini, or even just Mosley's 10 Points of Fascism. And Fascism and National Socialism, while similar, they are different. National Socialism puts more emphasis on race. LIterally just read some Mein Kampf, or don't, I don't care. It's a boring book anyway that's hard to read as Hitler kept repeating points. I would also advise reading up on Marxian Socialism too. There are very clear differences in all these.
  10. I'm not perfect. I need to do better. I don't see the point in lying about the core tenets of political doctrine though. Maybe I'm just too autistic, I don't know.
  11. Mussolini: the Fake Quote https://www.chipberlet.us/concept/fascism-neofascism/mussolini-fake-quote/ '(If you have a source for the quote based on an actual original document that you copy and mail us, please let us know, and you will receive a free 3-year subscription to the Public Eye magazine)' http://www.publiceye.org/fascist/corporatism.html
  12. 'A businessman named Moti Shniberg actually tried to trademark the term "September 11, 2001." And he wasted no time doing so — Shniberg filed his application on that very day, as the Twin Towers and Pentagon were still smoldering. ' https://gizmodo.com/someone-tried-to-trademark-the-term-september-11-2001-1606092222
  13. An older definition of Fascism before the woke started messing with definitions.
  14. I like the fact that he is now adopting dissident Right talking points by talking about the dangers of too much legal immigration, not just illegal. That being said, I believe that he is only acting as a pressure release valve because he senses that Brits are getting angry about Britain losing its identity. Ultimately, I don't trust him because of his stance on the vaxx, and because he shares some of Blair's views on digital IDs.
  15. Big Pharma & Russia unveil identical clot-shot scams https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/big-pharma-and-russia-unveil-identical
  16. Oh btw, the same people that are overrepresented in the West's vaxx industry are also overrepresented in Russia's. Not sure about China though.
  17. Not totally sure, but maybe Ed knows. Is there even any proof that Vlad took a shot? https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/the-perils-of-putin-tea-leaf-reading
  18. German Nationalists and Commies fighting in the street during a period when we're seeing alarming levels of inflation. Now where have I seen that before?
  19. No. If you're going to watch it then it's probably best to find a mirror online so you're at least not supporting them.
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