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  1. You make an interesting point, but isn't it stuff like language that seperates us from the animal kingdom? Surely words make it easier to communicate than grunts and clicking noises. Much of English just derives from other languages like old Norse, and I don't see what the issue is with being in touch with our ancestors. Some examples below: beserk comes from beserkr club comes from klubba ransack comes from rannsaka bylaw comes from bylög husband comes from húsbóndi litmus comes from lit-mosi skill comes from skil steak comes from steik dirt comes from drit rotten comes from rotinn People are welcome to disagree, but I think we should remember and protect our heritage.
  2. I feel like I can only rely on myself and those close to me these days, but I'm still just about old enough to remember more cohesion in the community. I can't speak for how things are/were in other nations though.
  3. Gone are the days where people leave their front doors open too.
  4. I remember walking in the countryside as a kid in Britain and seeing boxes with food inside that is for sale that worked on the honour system. I can't see that happening in future in a low trust society.
  5. Whatever side of the fence someone is on, I think it is safe to say that people on all sides are getting angrier and the government is losing it's grip on the country. God knows what kind of weapons some groups will unleash in our cities if SHTF too. I feel like this will be the fate of our children if something doesn't change.
  6. "In an abandoned 2020 London" How long until we're playing DB in real life? A video game that has a very diverse range of characters all fighting it out in LDN.
  7. A documentary that Nemuri Kyoshiro recommended in another thread about US censorship of Japanese film during the American occupation of Japan.
  8. Heard that before, I should get around to checking that out. I need to track down that 'Kurosawa and the Censors' first, that sounds very interesting.
  9. The account seems to be way too over the top to be real so it is probably a parody. Not sure why the tweets are protected though if it's for humour.
  10. Speaking of autonomous zones, it does actually make sense to live outside of the system by building our own system, but not in an ancom one.
  11. Was just looking for vids on it and Sargon is live streaming about it now. It started 80 mins ago, but you can watch from the beginning.
  12. I'm confused. They have already, haven't they? Although I'm not sure how autonomous it truly is. I agree that it won't last though if they just plunder each other.
  13. The hikikomori are "modern day" hermits, so it's not part the traditional Japanese way of life to my knowledge. They're probably just victims of a subverted and occupied society.
  14. Yeah it's a parody account, it has to be. Not far from the truth though. lol
  15. That being said, I could probably find faults in most things, but I agree that censoring isn't the answer, not unless it's promoting blatant filth anyway.
  16. I used to love Star Wars growing up and saw it as an epic space western, but as an adult I just see it as a Kabbalah saga.
  17. Seattle’s ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ already has a Wikipedia page, but it might not last https://www.fastcompany.com/90515143/seattles-capitol-hill-autonomous-zone-already-has-a-wikipedia-page-but-it-might-not-last lol
  18. People Just Do Nothing is another subversive show. In that all the white youths are portrayed as bloody idiots, while the black youth is portrayed as the voice of reason.
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