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  1. I'm not a Golding fan at all, but yeh, it's disgusting.
  2. South China Sea — not Taiwan — more likely spark of U.S.-China conflict, former Chinese colonel says https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2023/05/11/asia-pacific/zhou-bo-china-us-south-china-sea-conflict/
  3. GOAT Nintendo still killing it with outdated hardware.
  4. "Everything goes to the beginning of the anti-White pogroms on a planetary scale. Russia saved only by the fact that we are not pure White." - Dugin What happens if you're a Slavic person in Ukraine that identifies as white? It's already bad enough for them if they don't want to be part of Russia. This is the problem with Putin's third worldism. I understand that Russia is founded on multiculturalism, so you can't exactly hold it against them in that sense as it's a landmass made up of many different regions and peoples, but Putin needs to understand that things are different this side of the Urals. He totally ignores the cultural difference when he bangs on about racism in western Europe.
  5. Conspiracy theorists source all kinds of glowies that have links to Russian or Israeli press, but we should only ignore western press? Nah, I'm cool with thinking for myself. I'll look at both sides. It's a silly argument anyway, because the ones that tend to make that argument stay in their bubbles and don't consume as much Eurasianist press as Right-Wing anti-Kremlinists. Most of the f*cked up shit I have heard about the Eurasianists is from themselves, not from the West. Look for facts and ignore the spin. Too many contrarians stuck in a trap at the moment.
  6. And? Demographic replacement is happening there. They're shipping in Asiatatics. Have you listened to what Eurasianists say about Ukrainian identity?
  7. Russo-German “journalist” and propagandist: Alina Lipp https://russiavsworld.org/russo-german-journalist-and-propagandist-alina-lip/
  8. Everything has been going downhill since 1945, but it's because international Communism and Russia should have been dealt with after we dealt with the Nazis.
  9. Just reminds me of Trump banging on about his genes, and he also has the German J thing going on with his family.
  10. Levi was a German J, so I'm going with Levi.
  11. That's what I have been saying. I have literally made memes saying this: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1470843627499425793 They hate Edom/the West, yet prats still do their job for them by blaming eveything on the West.
  12. The problem is that Zerohedge is run by Bulgarian Daniel Ivandjiiski, whose father was a Soviet minister. They're known for pumping out Kremlinist propaganda for westerners. A lot of this hate crime thought policing crap came from Russia, but ZH will downplay censorship in Eurasia. And God forbid you try to expose this outfit if you're not anonymous, they are known to go after people.
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