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  1. Nobody is saying all of his actions were bad. He was obviously better than Biden, but that's not saying much. Always Trumpers often don't address the shady stuff he did, that's the issue.
  2. Brb, just going to tell someone that has been abused not to worry about their pain and trauma as it's just a dream, apparently. /s
  3. So just because Dems and other players do bad things we can't ever hold Trump accountable for his actions?
  4. Reading FC releases global warming awareness home shirt costing £52 https://www.gbnews.uk/news/reading-fc-releases-global-warming-awareness-home-shirt-costing-52/343168
  5. MassPrivateI Is Moving To Substack https://massprivatei.blogspot.com/2022/06/i-am-moving-to-substack.html "After 14 years of posting to Blogger (Blogspot), I simply cannot stand for Google's censorship of politically incorrect news of any type. So I will no longer be using Blogger." https://joecadillic.substack.com/
  6. Various US cities are pushing for the introduction of public facial recognition technology https://reclaimthenet.org/new-orleans-city-council-facial-recognition-technology/
  7. I think it existed at the cradle of the Occident, back in ancient Greece. I don't think democracy was ever intended to be used in a multicultural society though. There are people that say they want to conquer Europe with their wombs. If they outbreed us then they could just impose their system on us, and we will be second class citizens. I don't think we have had real democracy in the modern age though, and I do get annoyed when TPTB pretend we have any say.
  8. Can't say I disagree. As I said, fool me once...
  9. "Triggered" implies that we're some snowflakes that are offended by Trump like we're some SJWs. I'm not offended, I just think he is useless. I will happily eat my words if he ever proves me wrong.
  10. Nope. After being fooled once I'm not buying it. Draining the swamp means nothing if they're just going to be replaced with new swamp rats.
  11. Yup. African brain drain: '90% of my friends want to leave' https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-61795026
  12. Depends who I'm talking to. I'm not going to start shouting 'rootless internationalists' around normies. I don't see the lie though. The gap between these big social engineers and the average person gets bigger with each passing day. Calling them elites doesn't mean we support them.
  13. SCI-FI CITY Inside Saudi Arabia’s £800billion sideways skyscraper 75 miles long that desert kingdom claims will house 5m people https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/19299236/saudi-arabia-mirror-line-sideway-skyscraper/ Sounds like a soulless dystopian hellscape. Imagine being in the shadow of that monstrosity. Hopefully a vaporware project.
  14. Mostly just instrumental content these days. I'm not really interested in what mainstream pop culture golems have to say. Only thing I need to cut down on is electronic doomer music and focus on more uplifting content.
  15. Scapegoating the Anglosphere and the British crown is what the king makers want. Now obviously the "British" crown is bad news, but elites don't want it gone for our benefit. It's because they have used Britain as a base of operations to plunder the world, and now they need to dispose of the old system to bring in their new one. I don't think that will happen overnight, but I think we're heading in that direction.
  16. She seems to care about chosenites more than actual Brits. I doubt her wanting to abolish the monarchy would be for our benefit. It's just so they can move forward with their plans. They're all hypocrites anyway. If you support ethnoreligious supremacists that want a world monarch, you're not anti-monarchy.
  17. The anti-white hatred is relentless. There is absolutely nothing wrong with European teams looking European.
  18. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-62257103 Our capital? /s
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