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  1. Trump Republicans Are Becoming Communism Curious https://shepherdexpress.com/news/taking-liberties/trump-republicans-are-becoming-communism-curious/ lol
  2. Drones are watching 'at all times' and show just how 'scary' future wars will be, says a US Army officer focused on defeating them https://www.businessinsider.com/drones-watching-soldiers-shows-future-wars-scary-us-army-officer-2024-3?international=true&r=US&IR=T
  3. X Provides Premium Perks to Hezbollah, Other U.S.-Sanctioned Groups https://www.techtransparencyproject.org/articles/x-provides-premium-perks-to-hezbollah-other-us-sanctioned-groups
  4. Russia's highest-ranking military defector, Stanislav Lunev: "Almost anything the GRU wants from the United States can be obtained through Israel." #SovietIsrael
  5. The Kabbalists put Russia at the center of their plan...Bolsheviks-Leninists and Eurasians—they will win" —Soviet colonel Andrei Devyatov https://fitzinfo.net/forum/topic/the-kabbalists-put-russia-at-the-center-of-their-plan-bolsheviks-leninists-and-eurasians-they-will-win-soviet-colonel-andrei-devyatov/
  6. Maoist Macron glows, but It's not only the troop bit that's hypocritical, they're also moving their nukes closer to us. Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Are Now in Belarus https://foreignpolicy.com/2024/03/14/russia-nuclear-weapons-belarus-putin/
  7. "Putin was a KGB liaison to the sexually degenerate Stasi which was filled with pedophiles, and led by Marcus Wolf and Erich Mielke. Putin creates fake Neo-Nazi organizations around the world as a pretext for Denazification. It is an old Stasi trick." - Christopher Jon Bjerknes https://twitter.com/CJBbooks/status/1768758152789643400
  8. 60% of Germany's 5G network is Huawei, says Chinese embassy https://klse.i3investor.com/web/blog/detail/future_tech/2023-03-10-story-h-296296946-60_of_Germany_s_5G_network_is_Huawei_says_Chinese_embassy German 5G network ban said to loom for Huawei and ZTE https://www.theregister.com/2023/03/07/huawei_germany/
  9. How do conspiracy theorists view this development? Is this based?
  10. Genetic vaccines & PCR tests: Russia is ready for Disease X https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/genetic-vaccines-and-pcr-tests-russia
  11. China And Russia Have Run Controversial Experiments That Modified Earth's Atmosphere https://www.sciencealert.com/china-and-russia-conducted-controversial-experiments-that-modified-earth-s-atmosphere
  12. "after the Great Patriotic War, about which you have just spoken, part of these nationalists and Nazi elements that had collaborated with Hitler fled abroad – to the United States and Canada, and the opponent backed them." http://www.en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/73462 Putin seething about some Nazis that have no power, meanwhile he's an anti-white KGB/commie fuck that actually has power. Dude is out here acting like he's not the bigger threat.
  13. Russia: How Yevgeny Prigozhin funded Kemi Seba to serve his own African ambitions https://www.theafricareport.com/296849/russia-how-yevgeny-prigozhin-funded-kemi-seba-to-serve-his-own-african-ambitions/ Unfortunately paywalled.
  14. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/article-791654
  15. Resident Evil 5 Is Too Racist For A Remake https://www.thegamer.com/resident-evil-5-remake-racism-africa-capcom/
  16. I should clarify, that I don't think Reagan was an outright commie, just sharing some interesting links.
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