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  1. A black man starts talking about the war crimes against Germany, but it doesn't fit their agenda so he gets flack. Should have mentioned the mass rape of German women too and the bombing of the two most Christian cities in Japan.
  2. It's probably an unpopular opinion, but I will say it, Farage is still controlled like Trump, we need a better option than him.
  3. Greece, Italy Sign Agreement on Maritime Boundaries https://greece.greekreporter.com/2020/06/09/greece-italy-sign-agreement-on-maritime-boundaries/
  4. No prob. Technically every single flag on the pic is just another facade of a flag that shall not be named, especially if one wants to keep their FB account.
  5. KKK will probably be left until last as it's pretty much a fed operation and the elite need it as a boogeyman to scare minorities.
  6. This. Unfortunately most won't see it until they're sitting in a gulag.
  7. Yep. This is the quote, but I haven't verified it yet though.
  8. I hope it's just fearmongering. Isn't there a quote about UN troops on US streets by Kissinger? I shall have to look it up again to see if it is a legit quote with a source.
  9. Weimar 2020 https://www.zerohedge.com/political/weimar-2020
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