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  1. 38 minutes ago, Dagmar Gross said:

    Tom Hanks?! He has long since been arrested and executed for his paedophilia and Adrenochrome trafficking.

    See the lists on www.conspiracydailyupdate.com

    Here, to make it easier to find, is a part of the arrests list updated on September 6th 2020. Both George Soros and Tom Hanks and wife on it!:



    We wouldn't hear the end of it if these folks were arrested. especially Soros. They would be reporting it like it's a Shoah.

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  2. Just now, Macnamara said:


    I don't think that is entirely correct


    If you look at how things are playing out with sabbatean-jewish IDENTITY POLITICS the aim of the game seems to be to stir up a race war and I don't think the purpose of that is to simply divert attention


    So if you listen to obama as he does his tour around the states he's saying all kinds of things designed to make headlines and cause bad feeling for example he said trump was elected because people got spooked by a black man being elected president but that is clearly nonsense as for obama to be elected there must have been a substantial portion of his voters who were white


    That white vote then swung away from obama after 8 years of him eviscerating the middle class and sending jobs abroad whilst flooding immigrants into the country that would then undercut american workers (many of who were black)


    The other provocative thing he has said if that the right has created an idea among the minds of white people that they are victims but relentless IDENTITY POLITICS will have that effect because it along with critical race theory essentially demonises white people and paints a target on their back


    Now why would sabbatean-jewish marxist intellectuals do that?


    They'd do that to turn white and black people against each other but is that to 'divert' attention or is that simply part of a wider campaign of cultural marxism, which i would describe as death by a thousand cuts where as saul alinsky would put it western society is like a bear that is brought down by millions of fleas attacking it and because they are so small the bear is unable to fight back against them and yet they gradually drain it of its vitality


    So cultural marxism is aimed at degrading, demoralising and sabotaging western society in any way possible however big or small. By creating tensions between different ethnic groups they demoralise society, fracture it, weaken it and cause social ills to stir up all over the place


    It just one more in a whole host of different ways in which we are under attack



    They couldn't stir up a race war back then as demographics were not in TPTB's favour, but times are changing.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Dagmar Gross said:

    Brilliant! Yes, I had heard something, but you found the proof! Excellent. Of course, Soros needed to be jailed and he will most likely be executed, if he hasn't been already...


    Where is the proof? Am I missing something?


    Keep in mind that someone reported earlier this year that he was arrested on here, then Soros was writing pieces in the FT days after.


    Why would the elites arrest their own?

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