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  1. Flies lead the way to a greener future (paywalled) https://www.ft.com/content/aee2da57-d46d-4075-a479-783166cf3259
  2. Reddit is like an alternative reality.
  3. Coronavirus can survive for a MONTH on surfaces including banknotes, mobile phone screens and stainless steel, researchers find https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8828459/Coronavirus-survive-MONTH-surfaces-including-banknotes-mobile-phone-screens.html The cashless society narrative gets another boost.
  4. Don't get me wrong, we have become too hedonistic and complacent. I'm not saying we don't need to change our ways. I see it with my Muslim friends, Western life is poisoning them too once they settle.
  5. Propaganda and postmodernism. We shouldn't have to put ourselves in a breeding competition just because the elites see groups of people as assets that can be replaced either. It's all a load of horseshit. They told us we need foreign labour with the Empire Windrush, then encourage Brits to leave on the £10 pom scheme at the same time. Our leaders are total snakes. We were never asked, simple as.
  6. Fears of South African race war grow after farm murder https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/world/fears-of-south-african-race-war-grow-after-farm-murder-5ddr8hkkf Just bring these people back to Europa, ffs.
  7. Props to: https://www.instagram.com/worth__fighting__for/
  8. I guess this is my worry. If people hate me and my countrymen now, what the hell is it going to be like once things get bleak when people are fighting over scraps?
  9. 'Bands of shoplifters are terrorizing Soho’s high-end boutiques, lifting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of designer merchandise, and in some cases, threatening security guards to keep quiet — or be labeled racist, The Post has learned.' Stealing Soho: Luxury retailers terrorized by shoplifting mobs https://nypost.com/2020/10/10/grab-and-run-shoplifters-terrorize-luxury-nyc-boutiques/
  10. A freak show is a bit harsh on yourself. I'm sure a lot of us have confusing bloodlines. That being said, I got into a debate once with a friend that has Irish Jewish heritage. I can't remember how the conversation started, but Rothschild came up and I mentioned his Jewish ancestry. Next thing you know I'm educating my friend on different types of Jewish people, like Sephardim, Hasidic, Ashkenazim etc. It seemed like my firend wasn't 100% sure about his heritage, all he knows is that it's Celtic, Jewish and anglo. His fam might know more, be he didn't seem to care. He isn't religio
  11. I just find anthropology, history, geopolitics, demography, theology, and technology interesting. I guess this is where it has taken me, but I don't have the answer to our ills. I do wonder if I would be better if I followed the crowd and kept my head down, but I would only be buying myself time. I find it hard to bite me tongue and sell out my fellow humans too.
  12. The necon grifters yeah. Any real opposition and the press will ruin them with smear campaigns, and they won't be given a platform.
  13. "burn shit down" so we can "build back better" 2020 in a nutshell.
  14. Sounds like one of my grandfathers. He started out as an archaeologist & a historian, dug up some pagan artifacts, wrote some books, got into black magic, then became Christian in older age. Makes me wonder if he was looking for a way of out after dabbling in something dodgy.
  15. This is where we're currently at. Everyone has the right to embrace traditional values and wholesome families, but some fair-haired people probably feel like pushing back against the lunacy more because some people look at us like devils. Fortunately there are still some kind souls that give me hope like the lady above.
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