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  1. Police cordon on river path after rape reported in Hereford https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/20591119.police-cordon-river-path-rape-reported-hereford/ "The suspect is described as male, with tanned skin, of a slim build and around 6ft tall."
  2. I agree, but people should still dig a bit deeper. Dollar store anti-zios like George usually only complain about zio behaviour when it affects non-Europeans, they don't care about us, and they often lay the blame on western imperialism. A typical RT News subversive. Edit: Not that I don't sympathize with Palestinians, but I won't pretend that Communist ideology isn't rife in Palestine. Soviets have their tentacles all over Israel and Palestine.
  3. Kabbalist says Putin has a messianic task https://joshf731.substack.com/p/kabbalist-jew-says-putin-has-a-messianic
  4. I would buy all of DoA's drinks just to hear that beautiful diction.
  5. They're obsessed with trying to get minorities to indentify as English. Hats off to minorities that want to keep their own identity.
  6. Not much difference between the two sides, both look very Germanic, but it was Anglo energy that won the day, and now young girls all across the nation have some positive role models that will be household names. I am a tad bit concerned about possible reverse psychology in the media narrative regarding the Euros. They must know that a lot of ethnically English men feel alienated by the mens team, and maybe the seething about the womens teams whiteness is to get men to turn their backs on masculinity. That being said, I can't blame the lionesses, just the social engineers.
  7. Moscow to expand "safe & convenient" biometric payment system https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/moscow-to-expand-safe-and-convenient
  8. As for AJ, he's a funny entertainer, but a dishonest Judeo Eurasianist simp. Not sure why some people don't grow out of their AJ phase.
  9. There are anti-western dots that connect the two, but most will never notice.
  10. Doesn't matter what the muh papercliperino scientists wanted, they're just spoils of war. They're not disproportianately overrepresented in banking, government, media, and the entertainment industry. Most Europeans aren't being steered towards having in-group preference, they're duped into becoming deracinated hyperindividualists, and they're being tricked into outwoking the woke. Instead of actually standing up for their people and pointing out the blatant subversive behaviour of a disproportionately overrepresented group, they just shout "the Left are real racists". lmao
  11. https://theamericanreport.org/2022/04/30/soros-is-on-both-sides-of-russia-ukraine-war-soros-convicted-soviet-superspy-maxwell-and-bill-browders-partner-safra-accused-in-80s-insider-trading-case/
  12. The West needs to grow up "In the 50 years I have spent on earth, most of it in post-imperial Britain, that loss of faith has manifested everywhere. If you want to “get on” in Britain — which means to win the approval of the upper-middle class elite which runs the show — it has long been an unspoken rule that you cannot be seen to commit yourself to any of the pillars of the old orthodoxy which two World Wars fatally wounded and the Sixties counterculture decisively finished off." https://unherd.com/2022/07/the-west-needs-to-grow-up/
  13. Sorry, forgot to answer your question about the video. Yes there is truth to that. Germans supported Jewish Nationalism because they wanted them to go to Israel, and 150k Jews fought for Germany, probably anti-Communist Jews that Germans thought had earned their trust in the previous world war. To what extent the NSDAP supported Zionist ideology is another story that probably deserves a thread of it's own.
  14. Even if Putin really did do that, it means nothing to me because I think Perestroika Deception might be real. If the theory is true then Russia is obviously going to pretend to be trad to avoid suspicion while they help weaken that West.
  15. No idea, but as far as I'm aware he backs both sides of what is going on in Ukraine through his hedge funds.
  16. What are we supposed to take from this clip that isn't news to anybody, that he's a Nazi or something? His Soviet ties scare me more.
  17. Don't know what you're on about, but nobody is stopping you from being cattle if that's what you desire.
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