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  1. Jokes aside, she was even more traditional, she had a golden Wii.
  2. Xbox (western globalism) for the serfs, and Playstation (tradition) for the elites. Even though it's changing since they moved their HQ to Cali, Playstation still isn't as woke. lol Just like enforced diversity for us peasants, which conveniently stops at the palace gates.
  3. I'll just stick with Occam's razor. The country that calls itself the startup nation and global tech hub is probably more responsible for the beast system, it just seems more plausible, especially when it's the same demographic that are overrepresented in normalizing aliens in the entertainment industry. The work of men trying to play God. The transhumanist aspect is just to merge you with machine to take away your humanity, to make the perfect cattle. Imagine low IQ brutes , with just enough intelligence to work, man the machines and be footsoldiers for the elites, but not smart on enough to ask questions. Pop a brain implant in so the dumb cattle are policed in their own minds (thought policed), then you have the perfect slave race of golems. What ideology chips away at tradition? Cultural Marxism. What did Marx want? He wanted to rebel against God, place his throne above God, and to trample on God's creation. It's more likely that we're just dealing with evil people and the work of men.
  4. Either it's some ritual crap that elites need to do move towards the next stage of whatever their plans are, or it's some kind of intentional well poisoning from the controllers to make people that pick up on this stuff sound crazy perhaps? Where do they want people to think she's trapped?
  5. Still quite a few steps left yet before they can usher in the Antichrist, and I don't think Britain will be around to see the last days, at least not Britain as we know it. I can't go into much detail because I don't want the forum getting shutdown, but I hear you. I'm just waiting for chaos at this point.
  6. Not sure who started it, but it shouldn't be European peoples problem. Remember, no white saviours.
  7. Thought I would drop in to share this news as it shouldn't be ignored. Is Britbongland done? It's almost as if the elites intentionally destroyed social cohesion in this country to prevent us from uniting against the elites. Will Brits wake up in time? Will something big happen by Sept 24? Or will turbo normies just keep having a mothers meeting and gossiping about the Queen's funeral? Not taking sides by the way, I just feel sorry for people that get caught in the middle of this. The European Guardian: Stop Mass Immigration #SaveEurope https://www.bitchute.com/video/lchhUpy6JPya/ Mirror: https://archive.org/details/TheEuropeanGuardian-StopMassImmigration Seems like the above vid is going to become a reality. Get in shape and learn to take care of yourselves. Take care.
  8. Enough doomposting on the DIF for me. Time to find my Erika. Sorry to anyone that I have pissed off. I wish all well.
  9. Check the comments on this. People have had enough. I'm not against helping people, but we should help them in their ancestral homelands if they have a different value system. We don't have to worry about other Europeans destroying our social cohesion.
  10. They're not European and they often hate us. One of those groups is involved in a disproportionate amount of grooming too, and brags about taking over our countries. I literally could not give a fvck anymore.
  11. >terry a. davis enjoyer >g0ysl0p Autistic Anons revealing their power level around normies. Reminds me of the good old days.
  12. I hate the antichrist meme format meets the globohomo Alegria art style.
  13. They just needed to sell a war and the mass surveillance of westerners. >neocons start a war with the middle east >middle easterners start to resent westerners because of said war >let those middle easterners in the west >cultural marxists teach them to hate westerners as soon as they get of the boat >neocons and cultural marxists two sides of the same coin? I'll let the lurkers decide The elites that hate the West and Islam get to pit their enemies against each other. Meanwhile useful idiots on the internet are still arguing about how the towers came down instead of who was behind it and who benefits. Now who is it that says they they they will use Muslims as their broom to destroy the West? What do our most radical replacements think should happen to those those that won't submit to the will of Allah? Decapitation? What is the punishment for idolatrary in the Noahide laws? Could [email protected] be using their brothers Ishmael as useful idiots? It's not rocket science. They literally admit to using Islam as their broom.
  14. Why are chieftains okay? Some people look for leadership. Not all monarchy are equal either. Some monarchs used to risk dying with their tribe in battles, like Alexander for example. The monarchy that we have don't care about us. Monarchy doesn't have to mean that they're better than you, hence the "no man can can point to my riches - only the things I hold in trust for you all" And yes, I know the above speech is paraphrased, but the point still stands. Sometimes tribes are better with a fearless leader that is willing to fight with their people in battle. We can't say the same for modern monarchs. We have people that follow hedonistic pleasures, that are totally deracinated and won't fight for each other. They would rather follow bread and circus nonsense.
  15. Most people need more redpills. I'm not not necessarily pro or anti-monarchy, I would love a based royal family that cares about us, and I think most people are herd following golems anyway that look for leaders to follow. My issue isn't monarchy, it's the monarchy that we have. They hate us. I would be happy with an Alfred or Boudicca, someone that cares about Britons.
  16. I won't post the full thread because of the new forum rules and because it names THEM, but interesting.
  17. Soviet Israelism and Soviet Islam does play a part in Palestine, maybe not as big though. I'm still trying to explore that topic more. "Russian" provocateurs have also supported Nationalist Ukrainian groups to give Putin his casus beli. I don't believe our leaders are just incompetent idiots anyway, I think they have been a gift for Putin.
  18. Churchillian bulldog nationalist poison has infected peoples minds. They think our leaders have their best interests at heart because of muh WW2.
  19. The far-left and our replacements don't seem to like the royals much. Dissident right folks don't seem to like them much either, so it must just be normies and bulldog nationalists that support them.
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