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  1. Damn! We're screwed. I don't give archive.org long either.
  2. I doubt it's anything to do with zio docs like Fall of The Cabal. Didn't the Hitler was a Rothschild story only appear in 1972? Seems pretty suspect. I would say everyone that fought the banking class was some controlled op if I didn't want people to turn on the bankers again.
  3. European police in coordinated raids against online hate speech https://news.yahoo.com/european-police-coordinated-raids-against-112612854.html
  4. Coronavirus vaccine breakthrough as ‘NHS to be put on standby for December rollout’ https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1355643/coronavirus-news-vaccine-uk-nhs-rollout-gps-workers-december-uk-lockdown-latest Worst Christmas present ever.
  5. Putting the fear in people just as they need to start organizing a resistance.
  6. So true. Blue checkmarks are the modern day mark of Cain, I swear.
  7. Maybe they fear a backlash from Hungarians more considering they're not as divided and they're used to communism, unlike us in the West.
  8. Here we go. smh Movie Industry: VPNs and Tor Pose a Threat to Legitimate Streaming Platforms https://torrentfreak.com/movie-industry-vpns-and-tor-pose-a-threat-to-legitimate-streaming-platforms-201103/
  9. French politicians call for face biometrics and AI surveillance tools to tackle terrorism https://www.biometricupdate.com/202011/french-politicians-call-for-face-biometrics-and-ai-surveillance-tools-to-tackle-terrorism
  10. Probably an elite testing ground, given it's history as being the European capital of Transatlantic slave trade. High res: https://i.postimg.cc/Bq1Vjnmc/lfc-con.jpg
  11. Thanks. That's why I couldn't find much info, I wasn't using Ford as a keyword.
  12. The model is called 'The Guardian', made by a company called 'Jankel' I think. I posted an article a while back before the forum hack and it said they're going to roll out a lot in 2021, but I can't find it now.
  13. Paris machete horror: Man with bladed weapon sparks panic in Metro - police corner suspect https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1355493/paris-machete-Pere-Lachaise-metro-france-terror-attacks-nice-attack
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