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  1. How is that confusion? I'm saying plenty of us have disdain for him. We're not even allowed to discuss who that rat is or his phenotype.
  2. I don't like the Pope ffs. You can look up previous things I have said about that suspicious looking rat. Stop putting words in my mouth.
  3. So being anti-war and anti-exploitation means I'm evil. It's all so tiresome.
  4. Mate, I'm not providing cover for anyone. My beliefs don't encourage lying to outside groups. I'm not Catholic, but are you seriously telling me you haven't seen all the Catholics that are pissed with the Pope? How does he get a pass, we see their shenanigans all over the media? If you want to know where I stand on things then here:
  5. Possibly, that's something I'm going to figure out on my own, but I'm not harming anyone.
  6. I would say they're brainwashed animals, likely poisoned by Scofield shit. Their actions are clearly immoral. They hurt foreign people and create resentment for my people.
  7. Obviously not. What kind of question is that?
  8. Oh I don't see it happening either, but I'm just saying that these wars are not Christian.
  9. I'm not excusing the killing, I hate it, but muh Christian wars, am I right? Why don't we try and wake the zio Christians up to end the bloodshed?
  10. Are they following Christian doctrine or Christian zionism?
  11. Are there wars being fought in the name of Christianity these days? All I see is them admitting that they use Christians and white people as their pawns. Just look how they admit it with articles like 'The White Man's Burden'. Do you think I want people using Christians as golems to bomb brown people? Obviously not.
  12. But I'm the hateful one for being angry about people that have sold out America being pardoned. Makes no sense.
  13. I'm not going to throw all Jewish people under the bus as I personally know good Jews that I would fight in the trenches with. We're seeing a pattern all over the world though, with international definitions of anti-semitism with the bar being so low that everyone could be labelled a bigot, also all the Abraham Accord stuff. They have also struggled to get public opinion on their side to support an attack though. There are other ways to destroy a nation without going total war on them too.
  14. It's not that it no longer works, it's manufactured decline by design. America is a golden calf that has been milked dry, and they want it to blow away like dust so they can move on to the new golden calf.
  15. Ayy is just imageboard speak for aliens, anyone that has been on the darker parts of the net to look into aliens and black op projects should know this. As for America, do they have self-determination, or are they in the hands of lobby groups?
  16. Yep, and when one looks into those that push ayy stuff, one finds a pattern with the names. It's all so tiresome.
  17. American rolls out Daon health passport, digital ID from Evernym and IATA chosen by major airlines https://www.biometricupdate.com/202101/american-rolls-out-daon-health-passport-digital-id-from-evernym-and-iata-chosen-by-major-airlines
  18. > We just need to allow globalists total power so we can expose them... Oh wait. Listen to yourself.
  19. Yes, I have a hatred for traitors and liars, and that seems to be an issue with you. Leave Europeans alone.
  20. I just don't know how we get older folks to stop falling for dumb Q theories on social media. I understand that they weren't brought up with social media, but it's all going to come back to bite them in the arse.
  21. I just wish the well-poisoners would stay away from my people. All this Q shit does is exploit the fears of patriots and Christians, while pushing zio bs that points at Rome/Europe as the problem. Some of these Q nuts are even saying that we should embrace a reset, it's pathetic. Stop trying to dispossess us.
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