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  1. Not necessarily. It doesn't take much digging to see who financed the great leap backwards in China, or who has been giving them our tech. I think it would be a mistake to think they're not ruled by the same cabal. I think this is one of the reasons for the Golden Shield, so Westerners and the Chinese can't easily network and talk about who runs our nations.
  2. We fought for Kalergi's dream. At least we're not speaking German though. /s I'm just waiting for the real chaos to begin. That will be when the silly tatted up, lager lout, bulldog nationalists discover that our ancestors never fought for our interests. They fought so we could be conquered today.
  3. Because we're not moving into NatSoc world order, we're moving into a neoliberal one. National Socialists are history, but we will never be allowed to forget them because they are used as an example of why Europeans shouldn't fight for our own well-being again. We must not even contemplate turning on international hyenas by creating our own currency to bypass their usurious bs ever again because that would mean we're like muh eViL nAZis. We're trapped like caged animals, waiting for the modern day Genrikh Yagoda to feck us over. Peoples views of moustache man are a sensitive topic, but the average person back then was right to be scared of Bolshevism. The mass rape of Germany will look like amateur hour when they have finished with us. Thank Winston, the bloody degenerate drunk. No more brother wars!
  4. To be honest, my morale is pretty shattered, but I hear you. We can't just give up.
  5. The sperg begins. Imagine thinking that threatening people with violent terror and riots every time something happens in politics that you don’t like is a winning strategy.
  6. I'm convinced that was a test run to get the public used to the idea of hunting down targets, which will probably be fugitives/dissidents in future.
  7. Renters betrayed as new evictions approach after housing secretary 'tears up his pledge' to protect them https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8749585/Renters-betrayed-new-evictions-approach-housing-secretary-tears-pledge.html The consolidation of wealth accelerates.
  8. Pentagon’s Top Spy Agency Turns To AI for Targeting and Operations Planning https://www.mintpressnews.com/mars-dia-artificial-intelligence-targeting/271352/
  9. New Pentagon-Google Partnership Suggests AI Will Soon Be Used to Diagnose Covid-19 https://unlimitedhangout.com/2020/09/reports/new-pentagon-google-partnership-suggests-ai-will-soon-be-used-to-diagnose-covid-19/
  10. There needs to be more dialogue between Westerners and the Chinese to stop what is coming in my opinion. If there wasn't a Golden Shield in China then we could communicate with regular Chinese people easier and let them know that we're not their enemy. I say this because I fear that if the West wakes up, the controllers will just start a war with China. Samson option is another issue too if the masses decide to wake up. On another note, the French Revolution was a masonic revolution, and it's partly responsible for where we're currently at.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/post/UgxnMHKRcZeHCjASqZJ4AaABCQ
  12. Historic books worth £2.5 million found buried underground in rural Romania https://www.itv.com/news/london/2020-09-18/historic-books-worth-25-million-found-buried-underground-in-rural-romania
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