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  1. Bam thinks we think everything is about neocons, but ignores the bolshevik side of the dialectic. I'm not sure if it's just ignorance or feigned ignorance.
  2. Shying away from debate again when you have no argument. Keep throwing TDS bs around like we're still in 2016.
  3. Why do you have an issue with people noticing things, bam? The truth fears no investigation.
  4. It's just annoying how this book is surfacing 4 years too late.
  5. Coronavirus patients’ info given to Shin Bet without their knowledge https://www.timesofisrael.com/coronavirus-patients-info-given-to-shin-bet-without-their-knowledge/
  6. Never heard of it, but it might interest streamers.
  7. Holy copium. It will never end. They've already transitioned to infinite more weeks.
  8. I care about the West. Why wouldn't I want him to pull something out of the bag?
  9. 'Cliffe said that he heard the officers say that the man was under arrest for "failing to appear in court," but that when the man asked if he could retrieve his paperwork, the officers would not let him.' https://thepostmillennial.com/watch-guelph-police-officer-brutally-beats-elderly-man-during-arrest-at-his-home
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