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  1. > We just need to allow globalists total power so we can expose them... Oh wait. Listen to yourself.
  2. Yes, I have a hatred for traitors and liars, and that seems to be an issue with you. Leave Europeans alone.
  3. I just don't know how we get older folks to stop falling for dumb Q theories on social media. I understand that they weren't brought up with social media, but it's all going to come back to bite them in the arse.
  4. I just wish the well-poisoners would stay away from my people. All this Q shit does is exploit the fears of patriots and Christians, while pushing zio bs that points at Rome/Europe as the problem. Some of these Q nuts are even saying that we should embrace a reset, it's pathetic. Stop trying to dispossess us.
  5. If the cabal, in their own words, talked about genociding Germans long before WW2, I think people should be able to look into both sides of what happened back then without fear of being arrested. That's all I will say.
  6. Yeah it's totally that simple. /s You act like there aren't genocidal bolshevik freaks on the other side too.
  7. I still want to know happened to vast libraries in France that had the info that linked Judaism to freemasonry. Why do I stop hearing about them in history books after the 1920s? Seems like we're missing key info because of that, but we won't hear about it because it doesn't involve Christians.
  8. I think I shared this before the hack, but I was just reading more about this programmer that had a long struggle with mental health issues. He died on August 11, 2018. Pic related is a screenshot of a livestream of one of his programming sessions - the code in the middle of the screen contains the words "China, Virus, Election." Typing monkey theory or is there more to it? Worth noting that he created Temple OS, which he claimed was the third temple.
  9. It's not ridiculous, what an ignorant statement. They're a global tech hub and we're moving into the age of the technocrats.
  10. All I know from Cohen is this: "First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin"
  11. Exactly what I was thinking. I don't think it's just about the inauguration. It feels like a symbolic harbinger of a new age for the west. The dystopian police state is revealing itself for Agenda 21.
  12. I get that, but when I say by design, I mean is it in the elites interest for them to be that way? Like are they needed as pawns and therefore need to be more cohesive. If I wanted a populace that just worked hard but doesn't ask many questions, China is surely a better fit than most Western nations as they seem to value social harmony over the rights of the individual. Not that I blame Chinese people, I understand how dissent gets crushed there. I guess time will only tell if they truly have self-determination. They're pretty nationalist, but not ethnonationalist as far as I can tell, although they do have a lot of ethnonationalist citizens. That's the main difference I see. Russia is more multicultural than a lot of people realize.
  13. True. Russia is pretty nationalist, and China is pretty ethnonationalist, but I wonder if that's by design. Chabad boast about their influence over Putin, but I guess we don't see much of what is going on around Xi.
  14. This is how I see the future if things don't change, with them all sitting underground while us plebs are fighting over scraps outside, being bossed around by their compartmentalized police state goons. They'll be sitting in comfort watching. All the troops in DC are a blatant harbinger of this new dystopia that we're moving into. Curfews, emergency broadcasts, talk of lockdowns for more than just covid, it's getting like The Purge.
  15. Could be because they want to harvest more of your data so they can delete you later. Do banking apps get location data? I would have thought so for fraud prevention. I'm thinking about if people break lockdown rules for example.
  16. Why? Aren't things going in that direction with the Belt and Road Initiative? Who funded Mao? China is the new golden calf to be milked dry in my opinion. We're forgetting about Russia and the whole Soviet Israel connection too.
  17. On some imageboards and messageboards there are options to post without bumping the thread. I doubt Invision has this feature, but maybe some admins/mods might want to email them to see if it's something that could be included in an update.
  18. Just noticed after posting it's not him but someone else and his widow receiving it in his honour. Thanks for the correction. lol
  19. I have been down the archives and read his views on the failures of diversity, and assimilation, as well as other stuff. I thought you would have understood what I was talking about, but I probably should have given more context. Anyway, this is not productve. Peace
  20. Bloody hell. I was talking about Crowley and demographics, but there you go, back to Christianity. Told ya, rent free! Sage goes in all fields, I'm done with this thread.
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