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  1. Yep. They have definitely engineered a state of chaos in which people will now be begging for order.
  2. Thanks. I need to stop listening to redditors, I was going by this comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/gtya05/another_mouse_hitched_a_ride_on_elons_rocket/fsf14s6/
  3. I suspect most of us have some views that could be considered far-left or far-right by today's standards. The right have been in the crosshairs for years and now it's the left too, so now we're basically moving into a society where anyone can be considered a threat. People will either rebel more, or keep their mouths shut more. I agree that there isn't an easy solution now. People shouldn't have to stand there while their property is looted and destroyed, but at the same time I'm no fan of martial law. It's an absolutely terrible state of affairs. The people that are pushing the order out of chaos stuff should be exposed, but nobody in power wants to be the next JFK, assuming there are any good people in power.
  4. Also, I just want to point out In regards to the siza of the exhausts, I'm not actually sure how big they are to be honest, I just imagined they would be fairly big, but I could be wrong.
  5. If that is a mouse it would be the size of a German Shepard compared to the scale of the rocket, would it not? I think there is a lot of bs regarding what is happening in space, but I have seen quite a lot of ice on rockets that look similar.
  6. I wanted to like a few of your posts today, but had no reactions left. Well said.
  7. I could say the same about corporations being silent while people are stabbed and raped. When will these folks understand that tolerance needs to go both ways if society is going to heal?
  8. I thought the "protests" were about police brutality. WATCH: Rioters Call for Somali Cop Who Killed White Woman to Be Freed on CNN https://districtherald.com/rioters-call-for-somali-cop-who-killed-white-woman-to-be-freed-on-cnn/
  9. Libertà per l'Italia! Furious anti-EU protests erupt in Rome and Milan demanding Italy QUIT the eurozone https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1289454/EU-crisis-Italy-protest-Milan-Rome-Orange-Vests-eurozone-anti-EU-latest-news
  10. Not sure we need more rich philanthropists like the Dark Knight that use mass surveillance to spy on the citizens of Gotham. I think Joker went for the banks for a reason. Nice LARP though. Edit: Not that I approve of the Joker's methods, I'm just being silly.
  11. Yeah I should do that more in future, thanks for the tip. It was this bow guy.
  12. Obviously there are exceptions, but most people are tribal and the elites know this so they exploit it. Only whites get shamed for in group preference though. If people can't get on with each other then they should have the option to remove themselves from this deluded social experiment. Doesn't have to be by force, it can be totally voluntary. The ones that still want to live in the experiment can stay in it.
  13. Sounds good in theory, but it only takes one agent provocateur to do some crazy shit and it will get blamed on boog bois, then all whites immediately get the blame again.
  14. And... it's back to Gamergate. For context, Sophie has been filming a lot of the videos of the riots that various sources have been using, but she wrote about Anita Sarkeesian's radical feminist agenda that was aimed at the gaming community, so apparently that makes her a nazi.
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