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  1. That image with Al Sakhrah in the middle scares me too, it's like it's in the crosshairs.
  2. Would be crazy if true. While I can understand that people don't like the monarchy, people also need to be careful what they wish for. The monarchy do suck, but one monarch/Antichrist ruling the world seems far worse. Look at Megan and Harry's matchmaker, the Epstein and Prince Andrew scandal and it looks like a push towards one monarch to rule them all.
  3. I didn't really have an answer for this as I'm not that knowledgeable on that subject, but I'm bumping this for you in case someone else can answer you.
  4. I'm not as hardcore as I used to be and I mainly just play casually these days, I mean in the sense that I now mostly just play games that I can just pick up and play in short stints while I'm listening to something in the background. Like movies and music, I find it hard to concentrate on games to the point where I can sit and play them for hours as I feel like I'm wasting my life away. I'm a hobbyist developer that is mainly interested in how games are made these days. Unfortunately that is also what took the joy out of gaming a bit for me. Once you see the smoke and mirrors that are used to create games it's hard to get immersed in them again. I find myself being overly critical of them instead of having fun. I just sit there looking for flaws in the AI, models, textures and lighting etc. My favourite games from the last couple of generations in gaming have mainly been first person shooters, but not the mindless run and gun stuff like Call of Duty where you can be a one man army. I'm more into stuff that requires teamwork like Battlefield where each player has their unique role like medic, recon, assault and engineer etc. I have a soft spot for simple retro games too that put engaging gameplay over narrative. Too many games these days seem to focus on story over engaging gameplay and it does my head in. I also like strategic games like Command and Conquer and Civilization that require me to think. I like survival games like Rust too, but they require such a big time investment that I rarely play them now. Never really tried Destiny, but I did download Destiny 2 the other day as it's now free to play. I need to give that a try.
  5. https://www.engadget.com/fox-sports-virtual-181529869.html My disdain for Epic grows larger by the day.
  6. Just watched your vid and noticed Bromley's Splash Damage supporting it too, one of my favourite gaming studios. smh
  7. There won't even be voice acting job positions in the gaming industry soon. ffs
  8. Yeah, especially LARPers like Himmler. Did that involve any high ranking NatSocs or was it just the allies taking Germany's scientists, engineers, and technicians? Been a while since I looked into that to be honest. Agreed.
  9. Especially when testicles were being crushed, assuming that story is true. If someone did that to me I would confess to all kinds of stuff just to stop the pain.
  10. Bit hard to pull off an invasion if the tech doesn't look advanced to humans. What excuse would TPTB have to enslave the populace with sustainable development goals if cleaner energy solutions were available to all too? I think they have been deliberately suppressing cleaner energy solutions for years so they could further their goals. Maybe I'm paranoid, but these kinds of stories do make me wonder: The Strange Life and Stranger Death of Paul Brown: Is this a case of another smart guy doing a dumb thing, or something more sinister? https://www.autoweek.com/news/a2114036/strange-life-and-stranger-death-paul-brown-case-another-smart-guy-doing-dumb-thing/
  11. FDNY diversity official defends decision to exclude hero white veteran firefighter who was in iconic 9/11 photo from ceremonial color guard so all flag-bearers could be black https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8560689/FDNY-diversity-official-says-definitely-OK-exclude-white-firefighter-color-guard.html
  12. No prob. Still could be another reason why they're moving, but that adds a bit of context to why it's Greece.
  13. To people reading this thread, I just want to add that I'm not one of those folks that blame everything on China either. While they maybe the technocrats blueprint for the rest of the world, my aim of this thread was to highlight the actions of both sides.
  14. Wasn't really a debate, I was just sharing news in the temporary news thread as I wasn't sure if it warranted it's own thread, but someone suggested making a thread and I couldn't think what title to give it. That being said, a debate is welcome and you posted an interesting comment. You're right that both sides are problematic too.
  15. His wife is of Greek and Bulgarian descent. Him and his wife also produced 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'.
  16. The music industry was something that played a big part in my awakening. All the negativity, subversion and symbolism just didn't sit right with me. I know it's frowned upon by many here, but religion played a big part too. Ephesians 5:11 inspired me to search for truth.
  17. https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/strong-legal-basis-for-making-covid-19-vaccinations-mandatory-1.4313941?mode=sample&auth-failed=1&pw-origin=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.irishtimes.com%2Fopinion%2Fstrong-legal-basis-for-making-covid-19-vaccinations-mandatory-1.4313941
  18. IIT Madras Develops Technology To Remove Haze Impact In Surveillance Camera Images https://www.ndtv.com/education/iit-madras-develops-technology-remove-haze-impact-in-surveillance-camera-images
  19. Manchester tech firm behind pilot scheme that could see fans' safe return to stadiums https://www.business-live.co.uk/technology/manchester-tech-firm-behind-pilot-18667821 It's all so tiresome.
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