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  1. A scary thought, makes me want to commit seppuku just thinking about the possibility.
  2. I don't mind the microblogging thing, and it wouldn't be the same with giant walls of text every other tweet. It encourages good use of aphorisms and people can link to other platforms if they want to write more. It's just the censorship and those with the modern day mark of Cain (blue checkmarks) with their 2 faced behaviour and elitism that bothers me.
  3. Sure would be nice to get some of that freedom of expression back, but keep micro dosing all day instead of growing a spine, you little worm.
  4. Online extremism ‘cannot be policed’, says head of UK counter-terror police https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/extremism-online-police-definition-freedom-expression-basu-b1779631.html Assistant commissioner Neil Basu says hateful posts must be prevented to stop police being ‘overwhelmed’.
  5. I could on for hours about this rabbit hole and sleazy pornographers, but I will leave it here before I get called a bigot for noticing things.
  6. https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Antisemitism/Al-Jazeera-claims-Jews-created-control-porn-industry-hate-Jesus-Christ-606611
  7. There has been many oppositions, but it's hard to spot traitors that blend in unless you're used to their behaviour and how they operate.
  8. Just look at the top donors to both sides of the political spectrum. Look at leaders of nations and their ancestry. It's not difficult to find out what they believe or what they plan to do to us. People have been aware of this ongoing battle for millennia. It's only around the 1920s that history books started getting woke, which has caused our cultural amnesia.
  9. > Gets everything they want. > In full blown panic mode. Pick one. America goes to shit and what are they more concerned with? Pardoning traitors. I don't have anything against Trump supporters, but hold your guy accountable. ffs
  10. It's funny because people bring up the Daily Mail as an exception when people mention who owns the press, but they're completely zio too and don't hold back from deracinating and mocking white folks. What I would give to take back control of the press. Anyway, I better shut up because wanting journalism that isn't controlled by subversives is bigoted on clown planet.
  11. Panic mode? They're bloody milking this to further demonize white folks and they're loving it. To say it's just zionists is too simple too as you're leaving out the bolshevik side of the dialectic.
  12. 'Trump was raging because the poor white trash mob made him look bad. Melania was arranging porcelain for a photoshoot': White House insider gives a vivid account of the 'final hours of a deranged president in his bunker' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9130375/Trump-raging-white-trash-mob-look-bad-says-White-House-insider.html Mask off. Here comes the loxism.
  13. Hopefully just a rumour. Parler is cringe enough with all the neocon shills, they need to stay there.
  14. This. If a government paints a target on your peoples backs and if the police can't be relied on to protect you, then they're totally evil if they don't allow you to defend yourself.
  15. Twitter bans Sci-Hub https://reclaimthenet.org/twitter-bans-sci-hub/ Hong Kong citizens struggle to get onto pro-Democracy protest website HKChronicles, IP blocking suspected https://reclaimthenet.org/hkchronicles-blocking/
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