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  1. I just want to know where a Western Christian region is so I can pack up and move there to get out of this hedonistic cesspit.
  2. So you think they would be able to roll this ID2020 stuff out in a place where the majority think that is wrong. Okay...
  3. Is this the Christian region OP is talking about, one where you're arrested for quoting scriptures?
  4. I believe that organized religion is problematic, at least these days. I still think Jesus is a good role model though and I don't think they could pull all of this digital ID crap off if most Westerners were still united under Christendom. Only Icke book I own is 'Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told'. What others do you recommend?
  5. There are places like r/atheism which should just be renamed to r/f*ckchristians because most of the cowards on those big tech sites never bash other religions. Maybe OP will expand on what he means and will post other topics not related to Christianity too, I dunno.
  6. Who is saying we can't discuss it here? Look at all the threads discussing Christianity, nobody has an issue with them. I just thought it was weird for a first post, that's all.
  7. Only Christianity? In one of his recent vids on London Real he also said that even though he isn't Christian, he agrees with Christians in regards to some of the stuff that is taking place at the moment. I'm paraphrasing and I can't remember the exact quote, but it was something like that.
  8. The younger meme war generation on the edgier parts of the web definitely helped wake me up. I don't like using the term 'weaponized autist', but anons seem to possess a certain kind of pattern recognition that many older folks don't.
  9. Most likely and possibly propaganda aimed at people that might consider fleeing populated cities if SHTF.
  10. @Terence vasa Forgive my banter and I'm not a fan of organized religion, but can you explain what you mean? I have no issue with people talking about their issues with religion, it just seems a bit strange for a first post on an alternative site like this. Most of the big tech sites welcome criticism of Christianity with open arms so I'm confused why someone would feel the need to come here to say that. Not saying you just came here to criticize Christianity, but your post is a bit vague.
  11. > Most regions all working in lockstep to enslave people with marks. > Christian regions. Pick one.
  12. Shouldn't this stunning and brave post be in the religion section?
  13. Patrols set up to prevent wild camping as police crack down on ‘illegal’ staycations 'Rangers have noticed a “sharp increase” in illegal wild camping during the pandemic at historic sites including Bronze Age barrows, he said.' https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/07/27/patrols-set-prevent-wild-camping-patrols-police-crack-illegal/ Just let them connect with their ancestors. smh
  14. Obviously many of us Christians are used to this at this point, but I wonder what Muslims think when they see Isa disrespected like this.
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