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  1. Doesn't anyone find it strange how Duginists often promote Peterson? "Unleash Afro-American racists on white America." - Aleksandr Dugin Does Peterson agree with that? Someone should pull him up on it. Didn't Jordan speak at a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration?
  2. How is it preconceived opinions if some of us conservative types used to trust him? I don't know anyone that was against Jordan when he first started going viral. The past? These tweets are recent.
  3. Compares the happening to the Kristallnacht, meanwhile normies are clueless about the likes of Susan Rosenberg blowing shit up. Clown planet.
  4. Out of reactions. I remember you sharing info on this before, but I totally forgot about it. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Andrew Yang’s anti-circumcision stance cuts deep: Jewish leaders https://nypost.com/2021/01/09/andrew-yangs-anti-circumcision-stance-cuts-deep-jewish-leaders/ Someone waited years to write that headline.
  6. I remember reading some long dot connecting thread that connected lots of films. Not sure if it was the same person, but I remember being impressed by the pattern recognition on display, especially the Angela Dorothea Merkel bits. I wasn't a member on the legacy forum, but I remember sharing that thread with people.
  7. I was just having a read about him mocking illuminati hysteria. Sounds subversive already, but I can't find an Early Life page for Arthur Goldwag.
  8. True to a certain extent, but you could give some folks all the context in the world and they'll still scream at you like they have been programmed to by the long march through the institutions. I have seen more political dialogue on Twitter than Facebook so I don't think the character limit is a big issue, and you can always make a tweet thread for longer tweets.
  9. Japs going in on Twitter. They must understand that the incoming admin will be heavily influenced by China.
  10. Yeah be careful though. I got death threats for mentioning that word at r/worldnews years ago. I was reported, told that I should watch my back and not to travel much.
  11. Makes sense. Switzerland (the sisters of Isis) is full of elites. At least Swiss citizens might catch a break though.
  12. I'm torn on this, but I hear you. Social media seems like the only practical way to reach normal folks while we're in lockdowns, but I also understand the power of the Streisand effect.
  13. Plebbit users downvoting perfectly reasonable comments as usual.
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