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  1. Feds say Yale discriminates against Asian, white applicants https://apnews.com/e97f08eb935989840bda430bb7a32e15
  2. Lol. Sounds like me with music. You're an artist too though, just a different medium.
  3. I have dabbled in motion graphics, but I'm a graphic designer. I have a similar story to you. When I left education as a youngster I worked in warehouses, but I did my back in. Fortunately I was always pretty creative so I started to study print design. I got into it in the Myspace days and used that platform to network with musicians and started getting gigs designing CD covers and flyers and I just grew from there. Most of my clients were rappers and DJs, but I'm not really into hip hop these days so now I just work with small local businesses. The last few years I have been focusing on 3D modeling and game development, but that is more a hobbyist thing. Graphic design is still my bread and butter.
  4. Government Cameras Hidden on Private Property? Welcome to Open Fields https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/77722/government-cameras-hidden-on-private-property-welcome-to-open.html
  5. Ex-Israel MK declares Lebanon blast as 'gift from God’ www.blacklistednews.com/article/77665/exisrael-mk-declares-lebanon-blast-as-gift-from.html The original middleeastmonitor.com article that blacklisted news sourced from seems to be gone. hmmm...
  6. Same, and yeah Zio neocons and marxists are both different sides of the same coin in my opinion.
  7. I haven't used Facebook seriously for years, but a while back I made a throwaway Facebook account to talk to some old friends about the Talpiot program. Maybe the algorithms have changed now, I dunno, but Facebook wouldn't even let me type that in a comment. The moment I started talking about about Israel Facebook asked me for my phone number to verify my account too. Talk about Orwellian.
  8. @MatchaLove Fair play, Matcha. At least you're aware of what I'm on about without me having to spell it out. To be fair there might be some fake right wingers that are really leftists that criticize Trump, but there are many on the right that have legitimate concerns that aren't secret Dems. Leftists will criticize Trump because of totally exaggerated issues like "kids in cages", "peeing on hookers" etc. People on the right criticize him for totally different reasons. For example he will say he will crack down on illegal immigration, but then shortly after he says that he wants more legal immigration than ever. The next election will be interesting. It will basically be a choice of those that blame everything on Russiagate or Chinagate.
  9. See this is where I have to bite my tongue because I don't want to get this site shut down. Wiki Early Life isn't just a meme. Maybe check out theenoticer or something. What do the following people all have in common? AOC Biden Bernie Clinton Trump Johnson Starmer These are people from both sides of the political spectrum and from the two most powerful western nations. They all have a heritage that people can get in trouble for noticing, or their kids have married people with this heritage. Why can't other people without this heritage get a shot at being the President or Prime Minister? And no it doesn't mean I hate all people with that heritage before people call me a damn bigot, but people shouldn't get cancelled for simply noticing things.
  10. Absolute bs. Dems hate Trump because he isn't politically correct. The right don't like him because MAGA was a lie. Totally different reasons. People are having their lives ruined because of cancel culture, but don't worry because that orange cuck is "monitoring the situation". Edit: Imagine still trusting a president that threatens people with the death penalty for criticizing those that shall not be named.
  11. Work in progress. I will update when I finish the scenery, lighting and animation.
  12. The Kamala Harris development is interesting given the fact that Trump and Ivanka donated to her.
  13. Yeah the official story is that the logo is called Ghostface Chillah, based on Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan, and just like a ghost, you can only see the Snapchat images briefly before they disappear. I'm not buying that though, but maybe I'm just being paranoid. lol
  14. The zio propaganda flick? The dystopian aspects might be relevant, the way it inverts reality isn't though. V For Vendetta: Reality Inverted https://nwioqeqkdf.blogspot.com/2015/04/v-for-vendetta-reality-inverted.html
  15. No reactions left, but I hear you. Not sure who said that, but it's bang on.
  16. Good point, especially with that 25 hour battery life.
  17. In built up areas you could surely escape up some stairs or something, but something like that rolling towards you in the wild would be worrying.
  18. It's crazy how so many people are willing to trade their biometrics for some stupid gimmicky filters, especially when the app has a spook as a logo.
  19. It's a fair question. It's Lukashenko's 6th term in power and it's hard to trust a guy that was an All-Union Leninist, but I don't trust Pompeo either.
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